Obviously, this young man is not a farmer, and he has given some knowledge to the old man Jia, saying that he is articulate.

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But the old man Jia consciously felt that something was wrong. His brow wrinkled tightly.
Chapter 94 The Wolf is coming!
It was Lao Jia who struggled for a long time and failed to see what was wrong.
He didn’t go home and consciously walked towards the manor.
Think hard while walking, but you can’t think about it.
But I can’t get rid of that feeling that something is wrong.
"Go and ask Zhuang Xiao …" Lao Jia felt his head and said.
Lao Jia is a proud old man.
It is because of his bad temper that he doesn’t like flattery and doesn’t like it. This is why a mayor has been dragged into the manor in the name of a consultant not far from Zhuang and has come to a ready-made regional manager (village head). This bad temper has not changed.
His usual attitude of not far from Zhuang is still very proud-of course, the servants in the manor often have all kinds of pride about not far from Zhuang-but in his heart, he is really angry with not far from Zhuang. It is not easy for a young guy to deal with the earth and the era of exile. He seems to have been very bad if he can do so well and not suffer anywhere.
Although his mouth is full of "Zhuang Xiao" and "smelly Xiao", once something happens in his heart, he thinks that the first person is not far from Zhuang.
"High-priced acquisition?" Zhuang not far frown.
It is a good thing for farmers to buy at a high price.
No farmer would say that your price is too high and I won’t sell it.
Of course, it is talk.an excellent idea that I sell and sell and earn more money.
It’s not a good thing to be paranoid about a high-priced acquisition.
But old man Jia has dealt with agriculture and farmers for a generation and has a keen sense of smell. He feels wrong, so there must be something wrong.
Not far from Zhuang, I was frowning and meditating. Dad Zhuang also came in with a frown.
"Xiaoyuan, I feel something is wrong."
Since the end of the exhibition, the fighting between hou zhuang’s father and Zhuang Ma has intensified recently.
Not far from Zhuang, every time I go back, I see two people smiling on the surface, P, all kinds of husband-and-wife drama.
Zhuang Dad has the first-Mover advantage and a large manor house, which still maintains the leading edge.
But Zhuang Ma also has the backing of the whole Weaver race, and these cheap and super efficient laborers are trying to catch up.
In order not to be caught head-on by Zhuang Ma, Zhuang Dad has tried his best recently. He not only desperately developed Zhuangji Winery, but also developed Dazhuang Winery. At the same time, he also acquired two poorly managed wineries, and planned to benefit himself. The advantage in cultivating fermented fungi is not based on high-end development to the middle reaches.
Of course, every decision he makes has to ask for advice from Zhuang. After all, this son has a broader vision now.
He doesn’t know if it’s Zhuang Ma, and he’s here all day to make Zhuang not far away.
The most troublesome thing is that both of them feel that Zhuang is not far away from their own camp! It’s not far from Zhuang, so it’s hard to be a playwright all day.
At this moment, Zhuang is not far away from seeing Zhuang’s father coming, and suddenly Naishou Jiaforehead is coming again!
One day he will be broken by the couple who find out the truth!
When the time comes, men and women will mix doubles, and maybe they will go to sprinkle dog food with kindness and love, leaving their legs interrupted and unable to take care of themselves. He will cry behind him.
And it seems that this day is not far away …
If I had known today would have happened!
But at the moment, you can’t reveal the truth. Zhuang quickly adjusted his face. "What’s wrong with Dad?"
"Alas," Zhuang Dad sat down. "Isn’t this a horse going to buy raw materials when the winter wheat harvest season is coming? Who would have thought that food was so expensive this year? The price of food around the virtual city has risen by three or four layers! "
Zhuang Dad patted his thigh. "I asked you, Uncle Mao, and your Uncle Mao also said that the grain has gone up strangely this year. It hasn’t been harvested yet, and the grain collectors have all arrived at the property. He has come to talk with several grain growers about the acquisition price …"
"What do you think this can do?" Dad Zhuang shook his head again and again. "No, when the time comes, our family will be weak, and the yin will flourish and the yang will decline. Where should our father face? Hurry up and think of a way for me!"
Not far from Zhuang "…"
At this moment, his mood is messy, his right hand is ready to move, and his heart is full of slots. If he is not worried about being slapped by Zhuang Dad, he will slap it out at this moment.
Excuse me, father, when did you have a "great shock" and "return of yin and yang" in our family, and you had the illusion of face?
He was just about to vomit a few words from his father when his heart suddenly moved.
"Hey, wait … you said that people in all parts of our virtual city are desperately buying food?"
And ….. Or international grain giant acquisition?
"It’s absolutely bad to involve international grain merchants …" Zhuang shook his head not far away.
Grain is the most special kind of all human businesses.
Other suppliers have no alternative to find, which can slow down the demand or even give up the demand.
However, it is impossible to give up when there is food. Once there is insufficient food, some people will suffer from malnutrition, the birth rate will decrease and the death rate will increase, and finally the population will balance.
It has been said that whoever controls oil controls all countries; Whoever has mastered the currency issue will control the world; Whoever has the grain will control mankind.
Some people also say that food is a war nuclear weapon, which can kill people without seeing blood.

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