This sound is completely different from peace and majesty, but with a hint of biting indifference, which makes people feel a cold heart and will never give birth to any doubts.

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After saying this, the mysterious Lord slowed down and walked into the ancient temple.
The remaining two messengers of heaven also whispered a few words to each other, and then immediately left here, just like this aura is a forbidden area for death, which is generally somewhat unpredictable.
However, at this time, the unfinished man, who was called Lord Wei, sat down in front of him shortly after he entered the ancient temple. He took out a jade table carved from fairy jade, and sketched the majestic brilliance at will. He has gradually faded, but he can vaguely see a trace of this person’s expression. Obviously, everything is under his control.
He sketched out the jade casually. It was simply that Guanghua recorded some, and there was an hourglass on the jade table with the stars and sand falling slowly.
All this is mysterious, or only when Chu Yun reappears can we answer everything.
Chapter one hundred and ten Mentoring conversation
It’s not just some people who secretly walk around the wasteland. Tragedy is going on.
The war between the land and the silent valley and the barren Kyushu has spread completely, and the mountains and rivers are broken and the fairies are crying together
In Yongzhou, several important places of Mu’s family were attacked by Alcatraz people, and a large number of magic masters appeared in Yongzhou, and it was suspected that there were soul people to help, which made Mu Lingyue’s desire for Nandu somewhat overwhelmed.
Thousands of snow purple sounds are called to the side by Mu Lingyue, and the fairy wars are revived. The family has a profound background and will never give up this experience opportunity because of some mistakes in the aristocratic family. It is also necessary to fight in life and death to cultivate kendo masters.
The original fairy war didn’t need the right path to do its best, but this time, the right path was created by several giants at the same time, which was extremely bad, and the evil faction had several excellent experts to help it, which already occupied the advantage in each battlefield.
The war situation is changing, but neither the three factions nor the Kyushu allies seem to realize the seriousness of the situation, but they are still dispatching monks to try to stabilize the situation
But this time, the fairy-magic war is really extraordinary, and the plot has gradually spread to the whole misty Kyushu.
Yangzhou Nangong Destroyer, Nangong Feiyu and Nangong Xiaowan went hand in hand. They were also sent by Nangong Xilie to attack the weak points of some evil monks.
At first, with the help of the assassination method of destroying Nangong Feiyu and the small mysterious technique, three people made outstanding achievements repeatedly, but a few days later, they attracted the attention of evil sects. The mysterious master who once took part in the kidnapping was buried in the moon and hit three people hard. If it weren’t for the fierce relatives of Nangong City, they would surely die.
Hualin Taishan was badly hurt and vaguely shaken the foundation. Although it has also played several times, it is a blessing to have a strong man sitting in it for a while
Only Xuanyu Tiangong is very different this time. The original Xuanyu Tiangong likes to fight against heterodox with Taikoo Gate. This time, it is to send a number of Taoist priests and Xuan Nv guild wars. Xuan Nv has several gates in the same realm. Almost no one is their opponent, especially the Taoist gathering spirit tactic. As he continues to fight and practice, the gathering spirit tactic becomes more and more profound, and even the silent master is unwilling to take it hard and would rather retreat.
On the other side, Lin Qian and others were ambushed by demon masters on their way back to the crystal cave, and there were many casualties in Tianmen, the crystal cave. Only ten people broke through.
Even the cultivation of immortals and the scattering of immortals have encountered a crisis. It took a lot of effort to leave when the middle boundary of scattered immortals encountered a siege by several mysterious masters. Those mysterious masters were all combined in the late fairy period, even if he was scattered, he could not resist it.
The worst situation in Kyushu today is Jingzhou!
Jingzhou is a bit chaotic, although it is the family honour of Nalan, but the fairy war broke out, all the aristocratic families are in danger. Besides, this time Kyushu Union did not send reinforcements to rescue Alcatraz’s army. The demon domain and the ghost world jointly shot Jingzhou, which has fallen for less than half of a thousand years. The immortal family has been uprooted, leaving only some small and medium-sized sects in the ancient family to unite and struggle and retreat.
Even so, the situation in Jingzhou is very bad. Although the three factions have also sent messengers, the chaos has intensified because of the delay in the arrival of war support experts from various States.
If Lu Li knows this, he will be anxious, because it is not too far from Jingzhou, and it is Nujiang River!
Pingxi Village is located in the Nujiang River waters, and few people in Pingxi Village have traveled here for generations.
Yun Tian Lu Yao’s imperial sword flies away. Her imperial sword is very fast, but this time she has no joy. There are concerns left in her eyes, both for the safety of Pingxi Village and for the land.
Yun Qingxian is also arrogant. Two people are returning to the Heron Mountain and going to Liu Yao. Both Yun Qingxian are slightly injured. This time, they returned to the Heron Mountain. They were also attacked by the Soul Sect. If they didn’t react quickly and feint, they would probably be surrounded by each other, and they would be doomed.
"Master Kyushu’s turmoil will even be affected by the barren land such as Lianxi Village. If we can get back smoothly this time, I want to stay in Pingxi Village for a period of time to guard the Lu clan." Lu Yao said softly.
Yun Qingxian said to this, "It’s better that the mysterious fairy array in Pingxi Village was spread by a strong person. It seems that there are still people who know people. Anyone who has no malice towards Pingxi Village can set foot in the middle. On the contrary, if he has evil thoughts towards Pingxi Village, I estimate that even a master of Ling Xu is hard to break the array. The array is definitely a powerful person who shocked the world. At first, I was a sage of Lu, but then this possibility was denied to Lu Yao. Do you think that the array will be separated?"
Speaking of Lu Li and Lu Yao, my heart trembled lightly. "If it’s true, as you said, the people in the formation have such great ability, I’m afraid that Xiu has gone beyond the fairy level. So strong people don’t come to the rescue when they are in crisis?"
It’s reasonable for Yun Qingxian to think of Lu Yao’s words. If that person is really far away from Mount Tai, he should make moves to such a strong person. The world of cultivating immortals is by no means a lonely celebrity. Words alone should have a very heavy weight.
But then she thought about it and said, "Lu Yao, when you and I left, the force of the fairy array was greatly weakened. Now that the fairy is in troubled times, do you think even the people in the array have suffered a great crisis and can’t take care of him?"
Lu Yao nodded and her heart was in a mess. When Mount Tai was in turmoil, it was where will you go. This time, the Kyushu War did not expect that the land was once again out of her sight.
There is no Baoyun Qingxian in the Heron Mountain, but her brother is very worried.
Yun Qingxian is very satisfied with Lu Yao’s cultivation today. Now she has been able to occupy a seat among the young masters in the fairy world and her appearance is getting more and more beautiful. The cold temperament is really like a fairy. Yun Qingxian once thought that if people in Pingxi Village could see Lu Yao today, she would not sacrifice the mountain god that day.
Chapter one hundred and eleven Curse evil force
When the time is pressing, Yunqingxian Liu Yao will step up his journey, and the fierce battle between Lingji Canyon and Lingming Ancient Religion is about to decide the outcome.
It is also under great pressure that the eyes swept across the four directions. It is possible that the seven spiritual emissaries have cast some taboo secrets. This time, perhaps the spiritual ancient religion also realized the threat of people and some discerning people judged that it was at the expense of a large number of religious brothers to complete such a killing potential.
The corners of the mouth are slightly elevated, and the evil spirits in the eyes are not reduced. The curse of Tao is even more active at this time. The blood lines in the bone marrow of Lu Li’s meridians are extremely active, but there is a faint intention to expand and grow again. Adding evil thoughts and curses, evil thoughts and curses constantly give birth to evil thoughts, leading Lu Li to be possessed, and such pain is even more painful to the bone marrow.
The look of the land is also a ferocious terror, and the sneer at the corners of the mouth can’t help but make the mysterious man a little discolored. I can’t figure out what medicine is sold in the gourd, but I guess that the land should be aggravated, so such a change will occur.
At this time, he is very clear that once he shows weakness at this time, the other party will inevitably try to strangle himself, but if the curse continues to spread, I don’t know what will happen at this time
So stressed that the body trembled and coughed up one mouthful blood. The mysterious man’s wild sorcery method and the Taoist priest’s blood method are somewhat similar. The resentment is a combination of resentment and resentment. This resentment curse is very powerful. It is said that the masters of good and evil are very difficult to resist and almost immortal.
Although the net soul tactic has played a certain role, this blood-weeping and soul-grabbing technique has been launched very quickly. At first, the injury caused by the land separation has deepened with time, and if the land separation body is added, there will be a curse. If it is really dragged on for a while, several forces will fight back, which may lead the land separation itself into the abyss of death.
Lingming seven made them completely trapped by the temporary delay of Lu Li, and they could not disperse their power.
The injury continued to spread, and with the severe pain coming from the outside of the land, the strength of the nine turns gradually weakened, and the destructive cyclone caused by the land separation finally disappeared in the rapid passage of strength.
On the other side, the mysterious man was also badly hurt, and the demon clan’s desire was marked, claiming to be the magic door stunt. Naturally, it was a veritable and crazy strong blow. The mysterious man was able to bear it forcibly and not die, which also showed a solid foundation.
On the realm of cultivation, he may be higher than Lu Li, but if the war of life and death breaks out, Lu Li will definitely be stronger than him. Although the man realized that Lu Li was extremely threatening, he did not expect that Lu Li had a slight carelessness and let him suffer no minor injuries.
Moreover, Lu Li is a crazy raid, and it is precisely when the mysterious man is unprepared that the demon clan’s desire mark can be described as pervasive. He protects his body, and the light world is slightly blocked. If it is not built on a solid foundation, the blow of Lu Li just now has a great possibility of destroying the central nervous system of the brain.
Nine turns also made Lingming Seven consume a lot. When the cyclone dissipated, it suddenly burst into a burst of strength. At this time, the seven mysterious men who fell to the ground also glared at each other. As a result, many younger brothers of Lingming Ancient Sect were annoyed, and the chill in their eyes kept surging. He stabilized his body and was analyzing countermeasures as quickly as possible.
The spirit of the seven spirits has weakened slightly, but the threat is still great. Although their real practice should be worse than that of the silent master, such taboo methods have also attracted attention. First of all, when they can be maintained, they have been persisting for a long time compared with some crash and burn methods in the cultivation of immortals
Staring at the mysterious man coldly, he snorted, "I didn’t expect that the frost-performing guest in the news would give up the fairy magic to practice the evil blood witchcraft or steal it, but you hide the deep cultivation of the fairy world and people know it’s really admirable!"
Lu Li’s words are full of provocation and sarcasm. At the same time, there is blood flowing from the middle ear of Lu Li’s mouth. Although the mysterious man’s forehead is also bloody, he still can’t see through the thoughts of Lu Li. He is angry. "You are right, I am a professional. If you don’t sneak into the seat this time, you will be torn apart!"
The conjectures of both sides are good. According to the heart-eating sword, the red shadow sword and the fairy sword, the frost-climbing guest saw the identity of the land, while according to the jade slips of the old man of Kyushu League, he guessed that this person may be a frost-climbing guest who has been closed by the ancient religion of Lingming.
Instead of paying attention to the experience, I took a look at Lingming Leader with another meaning. He smiled mysteriously and his tone was cold. "Lingming Leader just had an excellent opportunity, but you chose to sit back and watch. It really surprised me."
To his surprise, the leader of Lingming said indifferently, "I didn’t expect you to have a life to come here. The Kyushu Alliance, the three major factions, all want to kill you. Believe it or not, your life is not long now. If you come to kill me today, so many members of Lingming Ancient Church, how can I let you go?"
He said that at this time, his eyes suddenly burst into flames and shouted, "I taught more than 100 people to sacrifice their souls to arouse all souls to awaken Kyushu."

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