As Emperor Chongzhen proudly walked into the hall and sat on the throne shouting "Long live", the hall sounded like thunder …

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"You love Qing to stand up …" His sharp eyes carefully scanned it again, and he was in a bad mood after kneeling in front of him full of Chao Wen Wu Dachen. Emperor Chongzhen shouted in a low voice as much as possible …
Then dozens of civil and military ministers rose from the ground quickly and slowly and stood in their own positions.
At this time, Wang Chengen, the eunuch around Emperor Chongzhen, slowly took two steps forward, and his own drake voice shouted, "Your adults have something to do early and leave the DPRK …"
Wang Chengen voice just fell a minister came out to chongzhen said.
"Pursuit minister Xiaohong Shang Zhongkui Tian can play the original mountain Shaanxi governor plus butch army at the head of Wei Zheng deceives you and deceives the pretty imperial court … please pursue Ma Zhi and hand it over to Xing Department for interrogation …"
As soon as the words sound fell, several officials came out of the ranking.
To their surprise, they are all participating in the David levy, which has regained the rule of Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces
Emperor Chongzhen, who had long held a grudge in his heart, quickly showed a heartfelt smile when he saw that there were so many ministers in the hall who agreed with him.
However, the emperor did not make a decision immediately, but smiled and asked, "So many Aiqing participated in the Wei Zheng together, so it can be seen that Wei Zheng really has ulterior motives … You Aiqing may not know that Sun Aiqing, the adult of Sun, is in such a hurry to return to Beijing, just to report to the court how to defend the Wei Zheng, and how the two provinces of Shaanxi and Shaanxi have ulterior motives."
"Sun Aiqing, why don’t you tell all of you Aiqing what this Wei Zheng did in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces?"
By this time, Sun Chengzong in the main hall was sure that Emperor Chongzhen had decided to take revenge on Wei Zheng by taking revenge on Wei Zheng …
At this time, it’s just adding fuel to the fire to tell what Weizheng, Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces have given …
But the imperial edict cannot be violated. If you want to be a minister one day, you must obey it.
After taking a deep breath, with a full face of Nai Sun Chengzong, I had to answer, "Your honor, this is the case …"
Sun Chengzong explained and analyzed the facial expressions of the courtiers, which had gradually changed from expectation at first to shock, and then from shock to final fear and worry.
In order to let these courtiers give up the idea of besieging Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces, except that most of the cases are true, they played a scheming game. Sun Chengzong deliberately exaggerated the military strength of the Tiger and Leopard Army by 30%, hoping that these courtiers could make a big move and retreat in front of the Tiger and Leopard Army.
But what Sun Chengzong didn’t think was that these courtiers were not shocked by the increasingly powerful fighting capacity of the tiger and leopard army, but by the huge wealth of Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces and the huge taxes of Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces
Sun Chengzong had just finished saying that the jealous civil and military officials of Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces jumped out.
Just like playing chicken blood, directly ignore Wei Zheng’s strong military strength and shout at Emperor Chongzhen.
Just the first opening Xiaohong Shang Zhong Tiankui is still the first to come out and say
"The pursuit of Wei Zheng so deceives the court and deceives you more than the Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces disregard the court’s law and discipline and wantonly win over the people and ignore the court … From these things, I can be sure that Wei Zheng must have an ulterior motive than directly rebelling against the court when the time is right …"
"I for such a traitor court not only can’t hand mercy should also make an example …"
"The position should announce to all the people that Wei Zheng and the commander-in-chief of Wei Zheng, Tiger and Leopard Army, are big rebels and mobilize all forces to spread the news that Wei Zheng is about to rebel against the imperial court to Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces."
"Ordinary people in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces may rebel with Wei Zheng, but in addition to the people, there are still a large number of officials, gentry and landlords in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces who are still sincerely loyal to the court civil and military officials."
"I believe that we should spread the news to Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces and encourage those civil and military officials and officials, gentry and landlords who are still sincerely loyal to the court to rebel against Weizheng. Even if these people can’t bring destruction to the rule of Weizheng and Shaanxi provinces, they will have a great impact and add some troubles to Weizheng and the Tiger and Leopard Army."
"When the time comes, in the face of these places, the people in Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces will surely become panic. Sincerely, tens of thousands of butch and leopard troops will be confused because of this …"
"Such a situation requires the court to send heavily troops to attack Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces suddenly …"
"So in the face of the high morale of the imperial court, Julian Waghann’s chaotic morale, the Tiger and Leopard Army has no way to stop the imperial attack even if it has strong fighting capacity …"
In the face of this seemingly perfect idea, Chongzhen’s face directly reveals a heart-warming expression.
Seeing that the face of Shang Zhongwenkui, the Ministry of Industry, who just spoke here, followed closely, revealed a heartfelt smirk.
Yeah, it’s a smirk …
If the Ministry of Industry is still in the early and middle stages of the university, it will certainly make a lot of money for this position, because at that time it was very rich and had a lot of infrastructure to build.
However, Zhong Wenkui was born at a bad time, and the Ministry of Industry still happened to catch up with this court without silver.
Even the border soldiers can’t be paid, what’s more, they can use the money to build some unnecessary infrastructure.
Although I have a high position in the imperial court during the career of the Ministry of Industry for several years, I don’t have much potential because the Ministry of Industry has no silver, so I am not looked down upon by the civil and military officials in the imperial court
However, when he learned that Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces actually had more than 10 million mu of wasteland, and the number of wasteland was further increased, he later decided that the Ministry of Industry should support the elderly, and he once again showed his desire for power and gold and silver
According to the division of the six functions of the imperial court, it is necessary for the imperial court to take back the rule of Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces, and the wasteland in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces will definitely be placed under the Ministry of Industry. Even if you get a penny from an acre of wasteland, so many Mitabe will add up to more than one million and two thousand …
Faced with such a huge temptation, there is no potential among the six departments, which is second only to the Ministry of Ritual. He directly jumped out first and encouraged Emperor Chongzhen to send troops to recover Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces.
No one noticed that after the smirk, the Ministry of Industry continued to talk about the interests of Emperor Chongzhen and further tempted him.
"Positions once we take shanshan provinces to recover all the taxes in shanshan provinces, according to Sun’s adult, the court can get thirty-two million silver tax less every year …"
"Thirty-two million will have this. I’m sure I’m older than the silver minister. I’m sure I’ll get ZTE in your hand again … and then you’ll be praised by the eternal sage …"

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