Yang Jinzhou nodded with expression.

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"Someone reported that you hid a lot of things in the process of targeting Qian’s family, so I asked someone to search your residence."
"I want to inform you."
He gently hum a continued
"But you can also search hard."
Zhou Jia squints back and forth to look at each other for a moment, and the atmosphere in the field becomes more and more depressed, and the international side slowly nods.
"Let’s just say that since the search has been finished, should I also return the creeping weed and black bamboo in my room?"
"Nie Cao Hei Xuan Zhu" Yang Jinzhou raises eyebrows
"I was just about to ask you, are there so many things in your room?"
"Although these spiritual objects are not uncommon, you don’t have too many in your room, do you?"
"explain?" Zhou Jia language is indifferent.
"Zhou wants to explain?"
His own room was rummaged and put in a dark room, and things were searched away. If it was not convenient for planting, he found another place to live.
I’m afraid all my things have been swept away.
Now I have to explain.
How about not being angry!
"that’s our stuff!" Yang Jinzhou was about to see two women breaking in. Xu Xiuzhi held his neck high and said,
"That’s what our Xu family wants."
"Xu family?" Yang Jinzhou squints
"Not bad!" Xu xiuzhi nodded
"My father is Xu. You should have heard of it. I’m doing business in Zhoujia now. Those things are what we want."
"Xu …" Yang Jinzhou’s face was thoughtful.
"Xu Jiawai is in charge of Xu?"
Xu Xiaojia’s position is not high, but he is in charge of trade and wealth. For outsiders, he is a real rich man.
He also heard about it.
"That’s right!" Xu Xiuzhi nodded heavily and stretched his hand forward.
"Now that you know, why don’t you hand it over?"
"Sorry" Yang Jinzhou shook his head.
"Things haven’t been verified yet, so I can’t give them to you, and this is the place of the Tianhu Sect. Can outsiders just come in?"
Said the big sleeve blows directly to catch people without giving an explanation.
Zhou Jia’s hand caressed the axe shield thoughtfully
It’s late at night, the stars are dim outside, the house is closed, and only he is still dressed in a strong suit and dressed for a long trip.
"Going …"
The subtle break is different from the wind blowing the leaves, which also makes his eyebrows look surprised.
Actually take the initiative to send the door?
The window sash was hit by juli and a black shadow suddenly came.
The shadow’s half-palm, serial slapping, roaring and screaming at one point, like a heavy hammer hitting the chest every other time.

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