"The most animals? ? ?”

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Although I don’t know what Gu Qingshan means, Zhang Yinghao still seriously thought about it and replied.
"The world of argot is a pig at most."
"It’s pigs everywhere."
Gu Qingshan got up and started walking towards the edge of the deck.
He read, "I’ll get a pig back and put the order in it and then give it to the soul squealer-so I’ll be safe."
The boss lay there and heard him mumbling, so he couldn’t help glancing at him with his eyes open a crack.
He waited for the characters to listen casually and then got a general idea.
Gu Qingshan’s interesting words seem to be deliberately told to others.
But there’s no one else around
That is Gu Qingshan’s dialogue with that final order.
Does he threaten order in this way?
….. wonderful work
Boss closed his eyes again.
Gu Qingshan walked step by step to the deck and was about to leap-
A line of blood-colored fine print appears quickly, so let him stop where he is.
"Please don’t put me in a pig."
"eh? What? " Gu Qingshan curious to ask
"I have a sacred mission."
"Do you have a mission, that is, to let the devil come?"
"No, I have another mission, which is to help you awaken his order," the demon king ordered.
Gu Qingshan gave a thumbs-up and praised, "You really deserve the name of the demon king."
The demon king’s preface then said, "But before that, you must find an order before I can awaken it."
This turn Gu Qingshan alpha males.
Find an order?
If you can’t find an order, talk about waking it up?
Gu Qingshan lost in thought.
"Looking for order … well, how can we find an order?"
Gu Qingshan silently chanting
He couldn’t help looking at the boss.
Boss Thorn Kingdom has sent Anna, Su Xueer, Ning Yuechan and Lin out to prepare for the chaos.
The boss is mysterious and his rescuer.
Will he know where to find order?
Gu Qingshan immediately asked the boss
The boss replied slowly with his eyes closed, "Don’t look at me. I used to live in a remote place. I haven’t dealt with order and naturally I don’t know where they are hidden."
Gu Qingshan wants to find a way for himself.
In ancient times, in order to help him return to the water god, he was stripped off by the creator of the earth and completely lost the news from then on.
Where would the earth creator put this sleeping card?
Chapter nine hundred and nineteen Mysterious Seeker!
Gu Qingshan broke everything he knew, thinking bit by bit and inferring bit by bit.
Finally, he gave a long sigh.
There is too little information.
Water god sleeps a card.
The creator stripped the card and sent himself directly into the long river of time.
-I don’t know where the creator will put the water god
What should I do if I really can’t find the water god card?
Well, I’ve been exposed to another order myself
Preface to the gods
But the divine order is the mortal enemy of the devil’s order, and even if you can find it again, the devil’s order will perish together when it touches it.
-you can only go to the huge body when you have advanced.
I can’t go now
Moreover, the order of the gods and the order of the demons are hostile to each other, and I am afraid that the strength is not comparable to that of the water god.
So we still have to find the water god
Gu Qingshan shook his head and slowly sat on the edge of the deck to seriously think about how to find the water god.
The Thorn Queen flew straight ahead through the void.
Time goes by slowly
Gu Qingshan didn’t find a way.
Lola had specifically asked several times where the Thorn Queen should fly.

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