"Good ha ha ….." Hsuanchan said with another fierce burst of laughter. When he finally became angry from embarrassment, he suddenly stopped laughing, but his face did not seem a little painful.

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For a long time, Hsuanchan’s face was almost as red as the epiphysis, but suddenly he put out his hand on the epiphysis shoulder and startled him. Then he stretched out his other hand and said, "How about the boss give me a few?" I don’t have much Dan medicine, and they are all ordinary Chinese and Dan medicines. Now we are in harmony. I think you don’t want me to hang up accidentally! Aren’t you in danger if I hang up? Besides, I now know your’ secret’ and you still won’t let me laugh … Should you give me a little when you add up the two items? "
When it comes to the end, Chen Xuan couldn’t help but burst into tears. Fortunately, he reacted abruptly and suppressed the smile behind him. His face turned red again.
Moving a few meters like epiphyseal flash is like seeing a ghost, glancing at Hsuanchan and grunting, "Will you have no Dan medicine? The dead won’t believe it! Then what’s that in your hand? Lingqi, yeah! I think your sect is fake, and I’m afraid it’s also the heir of a big sect! But it is strange that you are still dressed so shabby with a horcrux? " You look sick when you say that.
"Is it like to dress up as a pig to eat tiger? Or … have some special hobbies? " I shuddered at the thought of consciousness and felt cold.
Hsuanchan looked down at the eye body has broken a few crossings, and the law inside is almost about to collapse. Xiaoyao Brocade looked at it again to form a fresh contrast with the virtual evil sword. At the moment, he didn’t know what he had imagined as a face of wry smile. "Where am I a big school heir? Which big school heir will dress like me …"
"It’s not you!" Epiphyseal heart andao
"This sword is what I like. I picked it up in a abode of fairies and immortals left by a master of Mahayana. If I really have something else, why don’t I take it out and wear it? Is there nothing for me to die in this crisis? " Hsuanchan half-truths said that the virtual evil sword was indeed an unexpected gain, but it was not picked up but robbed.
"really?" You look like you’re in doubt
Hsuanchan immediately "rightfully" tunnel "of course it’s true. Is it necessary for me to lie to you?"
After thinking for a while, he nodded slowly and agreed to his words. There is really no need for Hsuanchan to lie to him. He came from the same planet among the millions of people who have entered the world of mortals, and the chances of knowing each other being separated are slim. After going out, everyone went their separate ways, and no one knew anyone and ignored anyone. There is no need to hide anything. It is for this reason that he was so generous in telling Hsuanchan his’ secret’.
Chapter 15 Extortion before the crisis
Chen Xuan dares to take out a sword that makes people covet at first sight, but he also has his own considerations. Otherwise, if he meets the purple dust star, he must be afraid of being found out after returning to the purple dust star. There is little risk. When this need is combined, he is not afraid that others will be jealous. What if he is jealous? Few people who can fix the truth are stupid. At this time, killing people will make their chances of life drop, and everyone will fix it almost. It is still unknown who wins or loses unless he has lost his mind. However, in the second fire and water test, Hsuanchan is absolutely afraid to take it out. His "small body" in this fit period is not enough for those Du Jie masters!
Why don’t you tell the true source of the virtual evil sword? I think it’s neither big nor white
Hsuanchan the cheek way "? Give me some! "
Actually, if he doesn’t want to ask others for something, it’s difficult and dangerous at present. He didn’t expect to add a little more chips himself. I’m afraid he will become a member of the world of mortals in Qian Qian.
Hate hate looking at his heart a fierce struggle, finally the last bite the bullet and take out four red pills from the ring, but quickly take them back and say, "Three is three, no more!" I have only a dozen left myself! "
"Bring it, why are you dawdling!" Chen Xuan grabbed the Dan medicine and put it in the Moyu ring. I don’t believe it at all. It would be strange if he didn’t leave twenty or thirty pills himself! However, he is satisfied to have three more life-saving Dan for no reason.
Looking at him, he moved quickly and swallowed his saliva. "You have to save some food, but if I take out one at the risk of being locked up by my legacy, I will lose one!" Don’t want to ask me again if it’s gone … "
"Go to get off my back and have a good rest. Let’s go to find someone to find someone and then it’s best to find a dead-end defense." Hsuanchan got Dan Yao’s face with a face of impatience and changed his tone. He also changed from Sun to Uncle.
"You, you ….." Stubby stare straight with anger and finally sit softly to have strength and say, "I’ll have a rest later."
"Still have a rest? How can you rest when those soldiers and figures look around from the back? " Hsuanchan quite a little hate iron not to produce training way "don’t take advantage of now sometimes find a few more people to wait for a while and be surrounded to see what you do! When you find someone, everyone will take turns to defend. Are you afraid of having a rest? "
You think it makes sense, so you get up quickly and say, "Why don’t you go? What are you waiting for?"
It seems that it is important to save your own life …
"Depend! Why are you more anxious than me? To go … and I’ll go first. "When it comes to half the sound, Chen Xuan has disappeared in situ.
"Hey, hey, wait for me! You Niang … "Xu quickly barked and cursed and then recovered.
Then, in the unchanging but complicated tunnel, the two men joined hands to look for others. When they met a few soldiers and figures, they rushed to the blockade and moved on. When they met a large group of soldiers and figures, they immediately took a detour.
Half an hour passed by, and soon there were more and more soldiers and figurines in the tunnel, but they still didn’t find a living person to fix the truth. Instead, they picked up some magic weapon fragments, but their owner was gone.
Even the magic weapon of the fix true person was broken, so it can be seen that the battle was fierce at that time, and its owner may have sacrificed, and I don’t know how many soldiers and figures’ he’ met at that time. A fix true person in a fitting period was so besieged! It’s a pity …
After destroying a soldier squad again, Hsuanchan leaned against the wall and gasped. "Let’s have a rest. I don’t think it’s the right way to go like this for so long. I’m afraid it’s better to just find a dead end for the two of us!"
Half an hour has passed, but they are still two people running around, which makes Hsuanchan very depressed. Hsuanchan knows that they can’t wait any longer. This is the real time of danger. Almost every tunnel is guarded by a squad of soldiers and figures. They still deliberately cleared the soldiers and figures inside this break before they stopped.
"good!" The word "good" popped out of his mouth, and there was no text. At this time, he was too tired to keep Zhenyuan in heavy traffic. He didn’t know how many soldiers and figures had been destroyed. This was much more tiring than consuming Zhenyuan. At this moment, he immediately sat down. Fortunately, he was lucky not to be trapped all the way before, otherwise the two would be miserable, but he couldn’t guarantee it when he came.
This is one of the crossroads, and they deliberately chose this place for fear of being accidentally surrounded. There are many ways to run.
They were panting together. Hsuanchan suddenly asked, "Hey, hoo … there’s a question I forgot to ask just now. Now he is sometimes. You should answer me!"
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
"What, what is it?" Epiphyseal strange way
"Hey hey ….." Hsuanchan a face of weird tunnel "you just seemed to say …’ you are also a big sect heir’ … hey hey what does that mean? Are you the contemporary heir of Changdao Pavilion and the owner of Changdao Pavilion? What floor are you on with the long knife marks? "
It is said that there are ten layers of powerful refining, and the highest peak of the tenth layer can be shattered, and the virtual soaring directly is higher than that of the celestial world. Even if it has just been refined to the tenth layer, it is also the top-ranking person in all circles.
However, in Qing Xu’s memory, Hsuanchan has never seen too long Dao Pavilion. It is said that they did not fly to the celestial world, let alone the underworld, but flew to a mysterious place, saying that it was a long Dao Pavilion ancestor who had soared higher than the celestial world.
"Uh …" Hsuanchan immediately interrupted him as soon as he opened his mouth. "Don’t answer first, and don’t deny that you are equipped with armor, long knives and rings … What is not a horoscope, but it’s almost a horoscope. Those who fix the truth in the fitting period can refine the horoscope, but they should also have enough materials to refine it. How many people who fix the truth in the fitting period can get a horoscope? If you are an ordinary elder brother with a long knife … can you have so many materials to refine? "
"Uh …" Hsuanchan interrupted him again when he opened his mouth again. "Don’t tell me what kind of elder you are, master disciple, or that this equipment was stolen from your master. I have already seen clearly that you are tailor-made to cheat me after you finish this equipment."
"Uh …" Hsuanchan didn’t interrupt him this time with a wry smile on his face. "Did I mention that I’m not the future owner of Long Daoge? If you hadn’t kept interrupting me, I would have admitted it. "

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