Hungry man jumped up again when he landed, but it was a pity that he blew up the Yin and Yang thunder in the middle of the forehead and directly blew it up again, followed by several dozen fried hungry men with black blood and abnormal stench.

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This guy was injured when he was struck by lightning of Yin and Yang, but when I lived in Yin and Yang, I pulled myself out and jumped up again.
But it’s also jumping up and just getting up, and something slams it into a pit with a hard snap.
At the same time, something fell beside it.
This thing looks like a ghost, too, but it looks like the muscles are horizontal, the palms are broken, the left and right wrists are broken, and there are big iron balls on each side, and a pair of eyes stare at me with blue light bones.
Of course, this is what I saw in the eyes of yin and yang. It seems that outsiders are a strong force, so they smashed this thing.
Hungry ghost’s arrogant face suddenly changed after seeing it, grinning at the ghost behind him, but it looked like a bully … Hungry ghost suddenly rose to the sky, not towards his opponent, but in the opposite direction.
"charting the seven stopped him Wang Xi on the way from the roof, but stopped as soon as he stepped-the hungry ghost jumped up less than three meters and smashed straight into the mud as well as the second time.
In the eyes of Yin and Yang, I saw the ghost named Bian Qi in vain. He flew out wrapped in poor black gas with a hammer in his hand, wrapped around the hungry bastard’s ankle, and pulled it hard … That idiot was so caught.
"Not bad, Bian Qi continued." Wang Xi seemed very satisfied with the performance and winked at me. "Do it again."
"You seem to be very heart-warming, my good brother." Sang Yuyin’s new bitterness suddenly sounded. "I really hope you like it!"
Wang Xi face a change hurriedly reckon "isn’t it I’m wrong-bian seven hurry up to kill this guy ya actually hurt my beautiful sister"
Bian Qi didn’t dawdle when he got the instruction, and with the other hand, a young hammer flew up and knocked on the hungry man’s foot, and then flew over and sat with the hungry man staring at his back with blue eyes waiting for the order.
"Run and hurt my sister’s dog, Ri Wang Xi, swearing." Bian Qi smashed this guy into mud. "Bian Qi didn’t answer, but raised his wrist and smashed the hungry ghost hand directly with a big iron ball.
Speaking of this guy, he is very competent, and he is much more serious than many people in reality. The iron ball in his hand is swung again and again, and then the trunk is the head. Every place is smashed for ten times, and it will be checked, if it is not a paste, it will be a dozen times.
I just hit the body part. I saw the hungry ghost’s hand slowly twisting and crawling, which is estimated to be recovery. Hey, it seems that this is really a hungry ghost’s limit to hell. The biggest feature has appeared, that is, it will never die and suffer.
"Come back ten times after that." When I rubbed medicine on Sang Yu’s wound, she said angrily, "Wang Xi told Bian seventy times before she was allowed to leave."
Wang Xi, repeat this. It’s called "Bian Seven Kid", which means white.
Hungry bastard tore his heart out and screamed like a sparrow. It almost sounded terrible. I closed my eyes and looked directly at it.
"Where did you come from?" I asked Wang Xi while beckoning that Riya to come over. "It looks a bit like ghost service. Is it borrowed?"
"It’s not by borrowing" Wang Xi knows that I can see it and doesn’t deceive me. "Real Bian Qi is the seventh little hell in the hands of the king of Biancheng, and the alternate ghost in the pulp prison can become a qualified ghost after several generations of training in our family."
It seems that it’s still a little mysterious to teach the martial arts to bend the gods, but although it looks like strength, it’s almost the same as a rookie who just entered jǐng school.
You can also be a muscle.
They don’t talk, I don’t ask, after all, it’s someone else’s sect secret. Sang Yu and I are going to ask the young man what this is all about while watching the hungry ghost turn into a paste and recover.
There is definitely a problem. I want to know everything. Isn’t it so coincidental that we will come to the door as soon as something goes wrong?
This guy crawled and bumped over and said something.
Although this hotel is not the back garden of the Wangs, it is considered a regular customer here because it likes the environment here. Now, after seeing such a frightening scene, I don’t think he will lie.
I don’t know the bad news, but the heart attack is true
Looking at his parents’ bed and breathing, this guy suddenly came up with an idea that if he delayed, they would all die of heart disease, so beautiful … of course, he thought so and did!
When I heard that, I dumped my face with a big mouth, followed by Wang Xi and Sang Yu, who kicked this and beast again!
ā! What goods are delivered from where!
Beating can’t be done, but we haven’t lost our minds after all, so to speak. Although we have a nosebleed and a bloody face, we can still tell the rest of the story.
The rest is simple. He hid his sister in the kitchen and moved his parents’ bodies. At this time, Mei also found a way to curb hunger, that is, stuffing food into the back mouth … this has become a mouth!
Things got out of hand, and these new guests expressed regret about it and then prepared to check out, but when he came back, he found that his sister and chef had been bitten to death!
Then it’s simple. This guy hides Beauty’s secret in the kitchen, and then feeds her with food and corpses to alleviate her hunger pain. I hope that one day she can become a different person again. Unfortunately, after eating human flesh, Beauty has lost interest in his food. Seeing that the corpse is almost eaten up, he takes over Wang Shang Bao and prepares for the whole hot spring soup hotel transaction … Do I need to say more?
And his biggest act of stealing luggage is to leave us unarmed and then take the opportunity to kill us.
This is the truth of the whole incident, which made us feel very sick, but in the end, I felt lucky-we didn’t eat the octopus hot pot!

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