"Cheng" Li Chu walked over and nodded. "Just as you said, I’ll help you find a hospital and talk about it, and then you will be left."

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"Well, don’t tell them yet."
"I see, mom. Go inside and play cards."
"OK" Ding Ma picked up an enamel bowl next to her and scooped up a bowl of peanuts. "I think the water seems to be fast. Please pay attention."
"Okay, you don’t care."
After Ding Ma went out, Li Chu sat down on a small stool by the fire and stared at the kettle. In a short time, he wandered into the sky.
There are still two years to go, and I don’t know if something will happen again. Over the years, he has done a lot of things by stealth. If this can’t be changed, then he has no choice.
The biggest change is that he takes good care of many masters, and it is much easier to solve many things with these anchors.
Many people think that Li Chu is getting close to these masters to find himself a big thick leg, which he never thought of.
Yes, these masters have helped him a lot more or less, but everyone has their own thoughts except uncle Wang who really takes him as his own child.
This is also because he has other benefits.
It’s hard to say. If he is an ordinary person like his sister, at best, he can have a round belly, which is more comfortable than the average person, and he wants to move on, even more.
Everyone is like this. If it weren’t for his own success, Shen Laogen would not have allowed his only grandson to marry Wen Hui.
Li Chu knows this very well. He has his own selfishness. Who doesn’t want to live a more comfortable life and who doesn’t want to enjoy a good life?
But he has his own selfishness, and at the same time, he also has a public desire to make this place better than ever!
"Woo …"
A whistle woke Li Chu in meditation.
The boiler water burned, he got up, poured it into the thermos bottle next to him, then took a pot of cold water and sat down in the furnace again, and walked into the house with two thermos bottles.
There are two stalls playing cards in the living room. Wang Wen and them smoke in the back garden.
The floor and sofa are everywhere. Little stinky treasure, when he sees grandpa coming in and running over, let him hug him and then point to the outside to indicate that he wants to go out to play in the cold weather. It is not easy to keep warm at home and wear less clothes. If he goes out, he will be armed.
As soon as he walked out of the living room, the little stinky treasure pointed to making a snowman early, "Grandpa Snow Snow …"
"Well that is a snowman! 」
"For snow ~ people! 」
"snow ~ people"
"That’s great! 」
"giggle ….." when grandpa praised his little smelly treasure, he was glad to clap his hands for himself.
There are children running around outside on a snowy day, and I don’t know where they come from.
Haohao and Kaikai saw him come out and rushed over. One called uncle, the other called uncle, and the gang played with them. Xiaoxiao followed. Some called grandpa and others called uncle.
He didn’t walk to the intersection with the stinky treasure until this help trotted away. After only a few steps, the grandfather and grandson fell under a layer of snow.
Chapter one hundred and ninety Arrangements
No one expected that the heavy snow did not stop from the early morning of the first day to the second day of the second day.
You can bury your feet when you step on the snow
Wen Hui called me early in the morning and said that she couldn’t come back today. The road and car were not easy to walk. Besides, she was pregnant and even wanted to come to Li Chu, she couldn’t agree.
That’s good. The snow has isolated everyone from their homes.
The second day should be the day when my daughter returns to her parents’ home. Now, if you are close, you can walk back in the snow and stop eating.
Today, my family and Jianguo stopped going to my mother-in-law’s house and went to the back garden to play cards.
Yesterday, Li Chu went out for a long time with smelly treasure in his arms, and both of them came back almost a snowman. The child had nothing to do with it. He was well cleaned up one after another, and he could still listen carefully. Who made him a little slippery?
So who can run out with a few children in their arms in the snow? It’s fun for children who don’t know shit. You’re a big man, both a grandfather and a doctor. Don’t you even know this?
I was taught a lesson yesterday, but he dare not go out today. Little stinky treasure didn’t know he wanted to go out today. It was noisy and noisy, and as a result, Wang Yueyue slapped his ass twice and sat on a blanket to play with building blocks.
While playing, I chatted with the dog next to me. I don’t know what he said, and I don’t know what the dog can understand. Anyway, I stayed there with him and said that it was quite energetic. I often giggled and sometimes I was excited. It was quite interesting to clap my hands. Those two little Hao Hao and Kai Kai didn’t let them go out crazy today. Yesterday, they both coughed a little after running outside all night. Today, neither of their parents allowed them to go out. They lived in that room and showed videos. They also watched with relish. It was boys who were interested in those martial arts films.
Li Chu is playing fast with her sister and Ding Ma today. What else are you doing?
Yu Shi? Last year, I showed a few trips to the West during the Chinese New Year, but it didn’t happen this year. It seems that I haven’t finished filming yet.
However, this year we can see a very classic TV drama Dream of Red Mansions, but it will be half a year.
Although watching at home, everyone in the living room plays cards. Li Qiaoyun will look at it if he has nothing to do.
If you don’t leave your relatives during the Spring Festival, it seems that there is really nothing to do except play cards.
This big family is happy to eat, play cards and chat.
On the third day, it was two days early, and the snow stopped at noon. The streets and alleys were full of snow sweepers.
This is not organized. Everyone has to work since the release day. If it is not cleaned up, it will be troublesome to get up early in the morning.
Don’t talk about riding a bike. Walking is always a slip and a slip.
Most of the time, the snow on the sidewalk was cleared into the roadside tree pit.
Our courtyard and the roof have also been cleaned up. A group of people are steaming and steaming, and they are all white, just like cultivating immortals. After lunch at noon, Ding Ma and they will go back. As a result, Kaikai cried and was reluctant to let him go, but he had to walk back to return to his winter vacation.
Xiao sun’s cry strengthened Ding Ma’s heart. Why are you crying? It’s not because there is no one to play with him when you go back.
Li Chu looked at the handlebars and sent them back to wait for him to come back. Wen Hui and Xiao Yi had already arrived home, and the home was still full of excitement. It seemed a little unhappy because of the lack of a playmate.
He came to the hospital early in the fourth day to meet regularly with New Year’s greetings, and then he asked Tian Junjun to come.
The car went home and took Wang Jun and Li Qiaoyun.
She’s about the same number of weeks pregnant. Take it over and let obstetrics and gynecology do the examination. Get ready before surgery. Do it right away. That guy Wang Jun is taking time off now, but if you are a soldier, no one can guarantee that you can finish your vacation smoothly.
Sending Tian Jun back to pick up Li Chu came to the special needs building. It is not suitable for Li Qiaoyun to have a baby and Wang Shu is the end of the department
It is more convenient to have all kinds of inspection instruments and operating rooms here in the special needs building.
After arranging the ward here, he went to the inpatient department of obstetrics and gynecology and met with Liu Zhu to communicate with him about the maternal base.
"Master Li, do you think this woman was born more than 20 years ago because of poor production and finally invited you into the delivery room for two stitches? 」
Li Chu really froze this time. In his impression, the doctors, midwives and nurses who gave birth to Li Qiaoyun in the past retired and transferred to other jobs and recovered. There should be no one in the hospital now.
"Don’t think about it, Master Li. I wasn’t an obstetrician at that time. I just came to our hospital for an internship and I was still a graduate. It’s also a coincidence that I heard from the old master."
It’s no wonder that Li Chu nodded. "The lying-in woman’s health is not good enough for her to give birth again. This time, it’s troublesome for Liu Zhu."
"Don’t worry, Master Li, when the person arrives, I will personally take someone there to examine her and make a good physical assessment so that we can determine the operation plan."
"Well, another thing is that the maternity status is quite special. She is not only a singer in our army, but also …"
Liu Zhu, this is white. Why would you give up the special needs building? Just now, she was the Li Zhuli in front of her and gave her identity to the back door.
At the same time, she also has some pressure in her heart. In recent years, she has given birth to many women with similar status, and all of them have caesarean sections, but to be honest, she is the first one at such an old age.
In recent years, the policy has made older women less and less.
"All right, Master Liu, I’ll go first. I’ll let you know when someone comes."
"Good Lord Li, I’ll see you off."
Just out of the inpatient building, Li Chu was blocked by a person head on. "Lord, I haven’t seen you for a long time." The standard salute sounded crisp.
"Little weeks ago, I was on a business trip and I didn’t congratulate you! 」
It was nurse Xiao Zhou who blocked others, not Dr. Xiao Zhou now, a doctor in obstetrics and gynecology
"Lord, thank you for your help. If it weren’t for you, I might have failed the exam."
"You little comrade, don’t deny your personal efforts. I can only help you a little." Li Chu smiled and waved his hand.
His help not only created a relatively quiet learning environment for the little girl, but also answered some questions. If he is not serious, his help is dispensable.

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