Elder Yan came one by one.

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Not the kui is a monk who has lived for thousands of years and knows all kinds of forces in Jiuzhou very well.
Wang Mu nodded frequently.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound so easy to get.
as expected
"If you want your body to match each other, you can cultivate the elixir with the help of these special gods. Finally, the five elements of mixed fairy babies can be bred." Elder Yan Xu Xudaolai "I said that these two gods are hard to come by and need some effort."
"It’s up to you."
Elder Yan is Wang Mu who pointed a way.
But it’s really impossible to feed the rice into Wang Mu’s mouth … Well, I also fed it.
Kendo then is Elder Yan’s help to unite himself.
Anyway, this elixir was solidified after Elder Jian practiced sword together.
I still have to look at myself
Of course, Wang Mu is most curious about how to breed the fairy baby that Elder Yan said …
"According to my physical condition …" Wang Mu wanted to think, "Ten spiritual orifices can condense the elixir … Five elements of kendo then mixed yuan then add up to only seven."
"What about the remaining three?"
Elder Yan was silent.
"You play by yourself …" Elder Yan said, "This is your own way after all. I can interfere with some … I can’t help you completely."
She doesn’t know either
"Then I’ll start now?"
Wang Mu wanted to think, although he wanted to practice the sword for a few more days for Elder Yu Yan in the sea of clouds.
It’s a pity that she doesn’t want to be safe at all when she looks at the ethereal flocculant. She is no longer stronger and I don’t know what will happen later …
Elder Yan didn’t speak
Wang Mu suddenly remembered that he had promised Xiaojianling to help her rebuild the house …
If you leave like this, will the house be like a building?
Elder Gengkuangyan seems to be in a bad situation now …
"I said you need to take care of me …" Elder Yan was silent for a few seconds and seemed to know what Wang Mu was thinking. "Think more about yourself … The higher your realm … many things … will be smoother."
"Otherwise … is just a drop in the bucket"
Now she has more benefits in practicing sword, and she doesn’t get much help.
If you want to help Xiaojianling build a house, you must be strong enough, otherwise … the foundation will not be firmly laid.
Elder Yan’s personality makes such an implicit expression, and perhaps An Qixiu can spell it out.
"So … how much have you not recovered now?" Wang Mu pondered.
From just holding Elder Yan’s hand and fishing together, Wang Mu felt that Elder Yan’s body was still quite strong.
Although he knows all the details of the fantasy like the back of his hand
But the actual feeling is still a little different … Less he feels that he is breaking Elder Yan’s physical defense.
This kind of immortal-level monk’s body is a terrible treasure even if it falls.
In particular, she is also very strong in cultivating the body with a sword.
Even if you don’t survive the apocalypse and fall into the body of Elder Yan, even if you bomb it with fairy magic weapon for a few days and months, you may not have the slightest damage.
Elder Yan said nothing.
"You kendo then initial setting …" Come over for a while. Elder Yan said, "It needs to be stabilized for a while in the misty flocculant. She can’t afford to turn over the wind and waves for the time being. It’s not that simple to resurrect a remnant soul."
"Now is to want to unify the magic door … Jiuzhou cultivate immortality world new generation immortal strong also has some strength … her plan is not easy"
The summary meaning of this sentence is probably just don’t go out and stabilize the realm of kendo.
Speaking of it, Xuangong, a sword in the clouds, hasn’t been trained seriously since he broke the boundary … Elder Yan practiced sword-raising in dreamland.
Um … nothing for a while.
I’m afraid it’s easy to have problems for a long time
Wang Mu decided to sink his mind first, then practice for a while, then go out and look for these sacred objects that Elder Yan said, and then give birth to his own immortal baby.
In the next few months, Wang Mu closed his mind to cultivate Taixiao Sword, Xuangong Sword and Danjing.
At the same time, Jian Dan keeps sword stained with royal blood warm and nurtures him to become a magic weapon of life, and then he blooms like a peerless sword.
Interestingly, this sword can also perceive the situation of the green sword when it is warmed by the spirit.
Action point: The time of cultivation passes quickly for Wang Mu. It’s too small for the sword to be metaphysical. The sword Dan is shaped by the sword heart and the sword Dan.
What is your mark? Then you should practice the corresponding sword tactic along the mark to expand the mark.
For example, it’s best to have seven emotions, seven swords, and nine swords to cultivate feelings naturally.
And ….. Seven emotions mark all kinds of emotional entanglements. I’m afraid it’s not enough to cultivate feelings and nine swords, even if it’s not enough. You have to have strong emotional changes yourself before you can finally achieve great success and give birth to Yuan Jian Ying.
Sword Sect practices Tai Xiao Jian Xuan Gong Jian a lot, but each Jian Jian walks differently.
Even the final achievements of practicing the same achievement method are often very different.
For example, master elder brother Jiang Taixuan, who condensed the sword core, is extremely powerful. My sword core pays attention to forgetting myself. Too much kendo can destroy everything with one sword, but you only need external things, so you can’t have the slightest distractions. Otherwise, the sword core is fragile, and those who are not intelligent can’t practice.

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