"Second brother, I think Lin Sen Lin Hao is different. He should have other plans." Longyou opened the door and saw the mountain.

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Joe gave a faint smile to ease the cold mood. "Maybe you can accept Linsen, Longyou bro."
"Second brother is joking," Longyou said modestly.
He said with the wave, "No, don’t you think Lin Sen is a little similar to you? They all have their own strict thinking logic, and their loved ones are decisive and decisive. "
"second brother observation is very careful" longyou didn’t answer is light said 1.
Chapter 23 Calculation
Hearing this, Joe smiled and picked up two goblets on the table at hand. After putting one in front of himself and one in front of Longyou, he took out a bottle of old red wine. Please remember our address novel://Some was poured in one cup.
After taking a sip of a glass of red wine, Joe said, "It’s not careful observation, but I know how powerful you are!" “
"Maybe the second brother you overestimated me! "Longyou also grabbed the goblet of the table and lifted it to the’ lip’ side, then took a sip and put the cup on the luxury sofa behind it.
"Ha ha overestimate? You also underestimate your second brother. Although the theory is thoughtful, I am not as good as you. You can say that I am a judge of people. I am also a green gang Wang. I am still very accurate in judging people. "
Longyouyan changed to a more comfortable posture against the sofa and shrugged his shoulders to express his words.
Gulp a glass of red wine and pick up the glass to a full glass. Joe said again, "Although I said that Tomlinson is a little similar to you, it’s also similar. If I say that ability, I think it’s ten Tomlinson, and I don’t want you to travel!" “
When Joe looked at Longyou in the end, his eyes burst into a’ fine’ light. Looking at Longyou, he always felt that people like Longyou could not easily see through him. It was almost intuitive that Longyou was hiding many amazing secrets.
Although Longyou called him Brother One Two, Joe’s second heart was sincere. Peilongyou had no doubt about Longyou’s strength!
People who heard that Joe was so indifferent to Longyou couldn’t help but turn over a big white eye and put out his hand and said, "That’s enough, that’s enough, second brother, stop praising me … I’m almost immortal if you say that again …"
"Ha, ha, ha, good to say, let’s plan how to make a bank! "Joe two mouthful drink goblet red wine generous laughed after two said.
Hearing Joe nod his head and frown, he said, "Well, there are too many people and things involved in this bank, so we should make a good plan."
Nodded his head to express his agreement with Longyou. Joe Erdao said, "Yes, this trip is dangerous and unpredictable. We should have planned it earlier."
After saying this, Joe changed the subject and said, "What do you think about this matter?"
Longyou wrinkled up two knife-shaped eyebrows, determined and indifferent, with a thoughtful’ color’ arms and a’ chest’, stretched out a hand and rubbed a few green beards for a long time without answering Joe’s two words
Joe two see longyou always don’t talk heart is worried and frowned and asked "what? Do you see any problems? "
Now Joe is very convinced of Longyou. Although he says he is not obedient, Longyou will think it over before making a decision, because he knows that Longyou is logical and meticulous, and it is difficult for anyone to go all out!
Hear Joe two words longyou finally raised his head and corners of the mouth a curved’ dew’ out of a cold smile "this matter involves a lot, I think this time we are going to finish the blockade news, the less people know, the better, except green gang trust a few high-level others don’t leak! Leaking the wind is not good for us! "
Seriously nodded Joe two eyes’ dew’ dignified’ color’ way "you’re right, we really should block the news so that the fewer people know the news, the better! But this alone may not be enough to cope with Lin Sen … "
Say that finish Joe two paused and then said, "Lin Sen’s strength is not to be underestimated. He is as thoughtful and logical as you are. I’m afraid it’s not easy to deal with him. I’m afraid you should be more careful this time!"
Before I got up, the marble table passed through the goblet and the dragon swam with a calm expression and said, "I can’t pass Lin Sen naturally. It’s best if he doesn’t mess with me, otherwise I won’t even know how to die!" As he spoke, Longyouyan burst into a cold mountain, but it was fleeting.
Looking at Longyou, Joe was slightly shocked. He knew that Longyou said this sentence not because of arrogance, but because Longyou had this thing to say.
"Lin Sen is ruthless, but he is not worthy to be my enemy!" Smile, Longyou, cold sound, hotel room rings.
"What about Lin Hao? After all, he and Tomlinson are biological brothers. Although Lin Hao hates Tomlinson, they are related to each other. Do you think Lin Hao will defect because of this and join hands with his brother Tomlinson to deal with us? Although he promised me that he would not participate, it would be difficult to protect …" The dazzling lights in the hotel room made Joe’s face look more dignified and steady. At this time, this vicissitudes dignified face frowned and looked straight at Longyou with a dignified expression.
After all, he is not a fairy, and people are unpredictable. Who knows that Lin Sen and Lin Hao’s brothers will not collude with each other to deal with them? Although Longyou thinks that Lin Hao can’t be the kind of defector, Longyou is always vaguely worried about this establishment.
Heart thought for a long time before Longyou nodded to Joe 2 and said, "You’re right. Although I don’t think Lin Hao should get cold feet, they are brothers after all. I think it’s better to be more careful. After all, no one is alone. It’s hard to think of every idea of them! “
"That’s what I mean. It’s very bad for us to talk about the two brothers Lin Sen and Lin Hao. I hope you can get rid of the two brothers Lin Sen and Lin Hao quickly!"
Longyou heard that Joe didn’t say much nonsense, but nodded solemnly and said that he would do as Joe said.
After consulting with Longyou for some time and making some plans in Lixing, Joe II was a little worried and relieved at this time. Joe II felt a little tired by stretching out a hand and "rubbing" the sun several times.
Longyouma saw this and quickly said, "Brother, if there is nothing important, you should have a good rest first. I’ll go back to my room first!"
"Ha ha is a sister-in-law room waiting for you to go home." Joe Erhao smiled and waved his hand. "Go, go, go home quickly. I’m a little tired, too! “
"Well, good second brother, you go to bed early and set things straight and I don’t have to worry about everything! "Longyou mouth said again before he left.
"Well, go ahead. I’m relieved to have you! "Joe 2 with swing a few hands is not swing a few, then his neck tilted his arm down’ chest’ before closing his eyes and snoring slightly.
Longyou one leng obviously didn’t think Joe two would fall asleep directly and go to Joe two. Longyou took out a blanket and covered Joe two.
Frowning, Longyou opened the’ door’ of the room and went out. In fact, Longyou still had a lot of worries about this dangerous and involved matter. After all, he was injured now and his health was too much after many things recently …
Out of the room’ door’, two big, cold’ colored’ men with sunglasses bowed and bowed down and respectfully shouted to Longyou, "Hello, big brother Lin!"
"Uh-huh." Longyou freely responded to the two younger brothers who just took a few steps to leave with a wave, but suddenly it seemed as if he remembered something. He turned around and told the two younger brothers to say, "You keep here and nothing suspicious happened, right? “

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