"Elder brother, you don’t say" Shen Yue charming face rain or shine.

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On the one hand, she really can’t bear to part with Tang Renxian, his identity, his family affairs, and on the other hand, it’s like this. Others have problems, but if they just abandon him, wouldn’t they also have problems?
Be swayed by considerations of gain and loss for a moment, it is really difficult for her to decide which kind of harm is less for her.
"What do you say?"
Although what Tang Renxian did was disgusting enough, the magistrate still had to ask. After all, according to Tang Renxian, it was just his bragging and betting.
It’s like he said he gambled on heaven and earth … Isn’t there something wrong with the gambler?
"What shall we say? Of course, we are going to take back our war interests. "Cao Jinhua blinked and she just wanted to ignore that bastard Hu said.
"But the racecourse isn’t him. This is a butler racecourse …" The magistrate tried to persuade the matter to just forget it.
Cao Jinhua wanted to talk about Shen Shi, but Cao Jinhua had done enough. Then he didn’t want her to participate.
"Adult" Shen Shi stopped Cao Jinhua from taking the initiative.
"Oh, what do you want to say?"
The magistrate was relieved to see Shen Shi. He didn’t know Shen Shi, but even if he did, it would never be more difficult than Cao Jinhua.
The most annoying thing about being an official is that these consorts are offended. Few people really suffer from the pillow wind.
It seems to him that if it weren’t for my consorts and my uncle’s house, what should everyone do in front of them?
However, the magistrate’s wishful thinking obviously failed. Shen Shi said to the magistrate, "My Lord, what if the butler knows about this?"
Shen Shi knew that Zhao Zhen was the emperor of Zhao, and he knew from the very beginning that the racecourse was not a Tang Dynasty sage. If he didn’t show up, he wouldn’t show up …
Why are you polite to him when the parties can’t even tell him? White horse farm. Why not?
"What? The butler already knows? "
"Ouch …"
Ugh! This time, the magistrate didn’t caress Hu but didn’t cut himself off. Why does Hu hurt so much?
"Have you informed the butler?" The magistrate kept an eye on Cao Jinhua. He thought it was nothing but a consort pillow wind!
"Mo Gong also asked you to ask what was going on?"
Well, well, how did it involve the butler Tang Renxian? He had a bad feeling and asked the magistrate to help him inquire about it.
"Okay, wait for me."
Should the magistrate ask his father directly or find a tout? Master will ask the magistrate.
Mo magistrate, look at them. They finally said it was obvious that his ass was sitting askew.
When the magistrate got the message, he immediately told Tang Renxian them.
A bunch of male elder brothers were very angry after hearing Mo Magistrate’s judgment. "What? He actually notified the butler? This is really irritating! "
Cao Jinhua, the consort in Mo magistrate’s eyes, must have blown the pillow wind. That’s what he thought and told Tang Renxian them.
"They are digging a hole for us to jump."
"Mothers of the country are moths!"
Angry, they hate to strangle Cao Jinhua.
But none of them thought it was before they provoked, and they didn’t think that they were betting on Ma Gen as Emperor Zhao Zhen.
That is to say, the consort pillow wind is wrong.
But they don’t know what it is, so it’s a tragedy. "My Lord, the butler knows that this racecourse is not a student. If they want the racecourse, let them ask the butler for it."
Tang Renxian was also very angry.
Can you not be angry? He is still praised by several people. It is because of his talent and wisdom that he plays tricks on local people. It is because they often play tricks on fools. But now he realizes that he has never played tricks on others, but he has been played by others.
An upright and intelligent man should be greatly humiliated by this!
Aren’t you consorts? Don’t you have access to the harem? Ok! The racecourse is right there. If you have something to do with the butler, go!
He’s not playing tricks on him. He’s being set up.
"Very good! My dear, if you are not angry, the government will handle it. "
Consorts are never pleasing. As soon as this happened today, Mo Zhifu realized that it was Cao Jinhua who bullied others.
He really thought that Cao Fu had deliberately acted in the Tang Dynasty when he saw the racecourse. They were a group of poor unlucky children who were trapped in routines.
The idea of good and evil has been divided, and the magistrate must say, "Tang Gong’s joke is a little too big. It is better to stop here and let both sides take a step back, or to say that the government will play in the butler and ask the butler to make a decision."
It sounds like Mo Zhifu is trying to persuade both of them to take a step back, but if you don’t be stupid, you can hear his threat.
Like this, the second generation is most afraid that others will inform their families about what they have done, let alone let the government know.
"Ha!" Cao Jinhua almost smiled.
Notify the government?
The butler is here, okay? The butler just …
Cao Jinhua searched Zhao Zhen, but Zhao Zhen couldn’t.
It was Zhao Zhen in the magistrate’s lobby. They were the last to enter, but no one noticed whether they came in or not.
"tso, my family member has gone back in advance" and left a bodyguard to inform Cao Jinhua.
"What?" Cao Jinhua’s face changed greatly.
Isn’t this cheat people? At the critical moment, he can’t be the key client.
"Hey … did you leave anything outside?" Cao Jinhua asked the guards
"No," replied the guard.
Cao Jinhua had a feeling on the spot that he was cheat people.
Cao Jinhua said again, "What shall we do? Why don’t you be a witness? "
"This Tsao Kung-hsiao isn’t unwilling to contribute to a small position. I’m afraid most people won’t necessarily listen to what he says."
He’s really modest, not that he doesn’t necessarily listen, but that he certainly won’t listen. Even if he says it’s an official family gambling with Mo Zhifu, it’s hard to believe because it’s not what a famous gentleman should do at all.
It’s not impossible to die if you are an emperor’s iron powder again, such as humiliating my subjects.
If you can’t say anything and pretend you don’t know, you’d better stop your errand or you’ll die knowing nothing.
The bodyguard said it politely, but he didn’t understand the emperor’s certificate. He would never do it.
"What about Shen Gongxian?"

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