"Those who drop don’t kill!"

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Mountain calls and tsunami sounds come from all directions.
Hu Si, who has to distinguish between them, hurriedly threw away his weapon and begged for mercy.
In 1223, the morale of the Jin army had already collapsed, and soon the battlefield was full of surrenders.
There are many aristocratic brothers, Famai, who fled to the city when they saw that the situation was not good, but they were strangled by the Yan army fighters in a blink of an eye.
Gradually, the battlefield shouted and killed and gradually stopped.
Jianglincheng Wharf has already been crowded with people.
Defenders, aristocratic brothers, Jianghu people, and wealthy tourists … At the moment, everyone is scrambling for ships to escape.
In the chaos, some people were stabbed, some people used magic to provoke the riots to get out of themselves, and many people were squeezed into the water.
The Tianbao patrol boat stands quietly near the river.
At the moment, the Temple of the Lord God’s Mansion has been broken, and the large array of twelve earthly branches has dissipated, so we have taken precautions.
Of course, Wang Xuan did not attack.
The defenders in the city are so frightened that they dare not resist. Those who are very alert beat the city gate and surrender.
Wang Xuan, who escaped from the dock, didn’t expect that these people would naturally spread panic rumors to all directions, which would make it easier to attack the city after the people’s hearts and minds were disturbed.
The golden light flashed across the deck, and the Yang gods such as Zhen Jun of Guangyuan got up in succession.
"Did Cao Yuan leave a clue?"
Wang Xuan has learned the situation and asked.
Guangyuan Zhenjun shook his head slightly. "It is a disaster for Cao Yuan and the East China Sea Demon Island Master to escape after all. I will go back to the mountain to find the altar of the country."
"You can go with the army for the time being. Once you receive the old news, you will go to intercept and kill. Once the general trend of the southern expedition is settled, we will break the imperial tomb of the fairy dynasty!"
"As the leader said"
Several fairy nodded in agreement.
Guangyuan Zhenjun said, "Then he took out Qingwei Xuantianyin, and the golden light filled the air for a moment, but when he went to blink, he disappeared into the clouds …
Shendu huangcheng
Although the weather is still hot and the sun is a bit sinister after the summer heat in beginning of autumn, there is a cool breeze in the morning and evening.
"Jiangzhou triumph!"
"Jiangzhou triumph!"
Horseshoe passes along Tianjie.
The passers-by turned their heads and looked at the galloping horses, which made some people cheer and some people talk excitedly.
The royal family and all the aristocratic families have made joint efforts to soar, and the price has finally stabilized temporarily, and it is difficult to add nine twists and turns to the Tianhe River.
Good news comes frequently, even if there are contradictions, it is covered up.
Outside the imperial palace, the official came to the good news. TaiDuGuXi nodded slightly and was half delighted.
There is a royal Shinto, incense and belief in the southern expedition, and he naturally knows clearly that he has sent people to soothe the nerves of the people.
At this time, it was dusk, and Duguxi looked at the sky dyed red by the sunset, rain or shine, and then bit his teeth and pushed the door of the temple and went in.

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