Miao Dajun fought back to see that the villain was black and blue, and he punched the horn. Suddenly Miao Dajun pulled out a sharp knife and stabbed Pi two dog in the stomach.

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Tian Huili Xiang was scared and shouted, "Boss Dao!"
Just at that moment, you will pierce two dog’s belly if you swing the blade.
Pi two dog’s body suddenly became indestructible when it was filled with five claws, and when the five claws met the sharp knife, the sharp knife was kneaded into a twist.
"Ghosts!" Miao second generation never dreamed that Pi two dog’s strength exploded enough to grasp a sharp knife, and he suddenly realized that he had underestimated Pi two dog!
God, isn’t this guy’s paw made of meat? How can he crush a steel knife with a pinch?
How does this end?
Begging for mercy? Joke: If the owner of Miao’s pharmaceutical factory kneels for a peasant from the countryside, how can he mix in nine planets after that?
Hard to carry?
He is no match!
In the face of Pi two dog’s fierce fist, he has no defense at all!
The dead skin two dog originally this ya has been dressed as a pig to eat tiger!
Miao dajun’s intestines are regretful!
"Meow a mi you are the ghost you are still a dog leg! You don’t know the pain if you don’t break your leg! " Pi two dog’s heart says Niang Xipi, a man on the ground in nine planets City, can’t be a face-to-face man, and he is destined to be bullied. Before the wicked, you are ten times worse than him to be invincible.
"The boss has a good bar to kill this dog leg!" Tian Huili Xiang saw that the boss was finally heavy-handed to Miao’s second generation, and his eyes were so excited that he let go of Hao Guang.
Bai Xing also clamored, "Brother Dog broke this king’s egg and made him remember it for a long time!"
"Come on, Miao Dajun, you should never shake the foundation of my life. If you don’t want you today, you will have to live on crutches!" With that, the mysterious energy of Pi two dog’s body comes and goes like the wind and flows into the palm of your hand in the blink of an eye.
Miao Dajun hasn’t reacted yet. Clap it to Miao Dajun’s left leg and knee!
Just listen to the card! After a bone fracture rumbling, Pi two dog’s one-thousand-pound palm suddenly clamped Miao Dajun’s calf!
The inflow of horrible gas broke the hamstring of this calf, and suddenly Miao’s second-generation left leg lost consciousness and the left leg was turned into a waste leg!
The second generation of Miao’s left leg bone broke and he lost consciousness. He didn’t feel any pain. After a while, the nerve endings in his legs led great pain to the brain. The second generation of Miao’s nerve screamed, and a big cold sweat broke out on his forehead. Suddenly, his eyes turned and he fainted in pain.
Xiao-ying Jiang see MiaoDaJun really waste a leg suddenly a face of meng than "skin two dog we all look down upon you, you are a first-class player! I’m sorry for the former army. He really went too far. You taught him a lesson to help him make a terrible crime! I thank you! " Then she immediately called several people to carry the second generation of Miao to the hospital for treatment.
Miao’s second generation was defeated. All the guests watched a bloody drama. Everyone looked at Pi two dog with satisfied eyes!
Someone in Taiwan is clamoring-
"two dog well done! You should fight this kind of person! "
"Pi two dog, you played a peasant brother down a peg or two!"
"Pi two dog, I love you!"
Picking up Miao’s second-generation skin, two dog turned the wolf’s eye to Taiwan. Xiao Shaoshao, he is poor and better bullied than farmers. Just now, he tried to humiliate him in front of everyone with great fanfare and make him notorious.
Never imagined that the situation had a big reversal in the blink of an eye!
Xiao Qianli looked shocked and said to the microphone, "Pi two dog has guts after the good play!"
"I’m afraid of you?" Leap skin two dog like a god every bash elbows LiMu with xiao less looked at each other for several minutes.
Xiao Shao coughed, "I’m going to wait for you!" Yelled, Xiao Shaoshao sprang to the pile-filling equipment behind him. As soon as he pressed it, he immediately lowered a lifter from the ceiling. This lifter is an actor’s performance prop. Xiao Shaoshao changed body double artifacts.
After a while, Xiao Shao’s violent body double came by elevator. This person not only dressed up, but also had facial features and looks different from Xiao Shao’s statue. Even his accent and every move were imitated in a decent way. People couldn’t see the flaw.
Pi two dog, of course, didn’t see that the only difference is that Xiao Shaoshao returned to the challenge and was full of murderous look!
"See what I want to do!" Pi two dog uncomfortable way
"Hey, just fight!"
The two men fought in front of so many people, but they didn’t do anything fancy. They just confronted each other with their heads on their shoulders.
Two Hans are like two hundred-yard speeding cars colliding with each other. After a loud noise, Xiao Deng Deng Deng took seven steps back, and then with great strength, he took him down, sat down and spat out one mouthful blood!
Look at Pi two dog’s goods in situ, motionless and slightly stunned. Look at Xiao Shao because he doesn’t know that it’s not Xiao Shaozun but his body double. At this moment, Pi two dog is very stunned, saying that he has a meow. This Xiao Shaoshao turned out to be a martial arts master. If ordinary people give him such a bump, it’s impossible to fly to Taiwan! At the very least, you have to break a few ribs to be worthy of his strength!
But Xiao Shao got up in good condition except vomiting one mouthful blood!
Two people actually punched each other in a roar!

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