From today on, Lin Jin will leave the university dormitory group and live off campus alone.

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When he was lying in bed and looking at the ceiling dormitory, he would sometimes dislike his roommates playing games, making too much noise. Students like to kick and dislike the balcony, which is narrow because two dormitories are public. However, Lin Jin, who just came to the rental house, thought that it was good before.
At least it’s lively enough, isn’t it?
Lin Jin doesn’t like to talk when he comes. If he doesn’t have a roommate, he will make the whole room deserted like a person living.
With a sigh, he turned over and looked at the braised pork that had been bathed and his flat bed was still sparse, and six neat boobs could be seen vaguely in his hair.
Well, male cats have so many boobs?
Lin Jin thought about it-since men have as many boobs as women, it seems quite normal for male cats to have so many boobs, right?
He just rolled over from the bed and went to the desk where he visited his brain, intending to set up this week’s framework first.
Well, let’s get an officially certified Weibo account first!
Lin Jin registered a Weibo named "Ladies’ Big Boss Elegance". Why did this name prefix "Ladies’ Big Boss" simply to attract attention, while the latter "Elegance" was his regular online name?
Anyway, on New Year’s Day, when the fire broke out, he estimated that the background was stripped away by the well-connected netizens. He was a man or a woman. Most of the netizens should also know that Weibo’s name said that there should be no problem with women’s clothing bosses
He has never been photographed in a group, but his elegant screen name has attracted the attention of many unmarried men who are in the reproductive period.
After registering, Lin Jin opened Baidu to find the official authentication method, only to find that not only a certain number of fans and even another friend with an official authentication account are needed to be authenticated.
Huh? In that case, it will be troublesome!
Frowning, Lin Jin temporarily ignores the so-called officially certified friends.
Since it is necessary to attract people’s attention, no matter how attractive the Weibo name is, it will not bring fans to Lin Jin. Therefore, Lin Jin needs to send a Weibo first and then attach her own women’s dress photo.
After thinking hard, Lin Jin was finally able to simply type and write that I was the guy who sang rainbows and sonorous roses on New Year’s Day and was recognized by the original singer.
Then attach the photo of wearing women’s clothes after being caught by the physical education teacher on New Year’s Day at that time, and the photo of wearing a shame skirt yesterday.
So that should be no problem?
Lin Jin didn’t intend to attack the online celebrity circle after all, but this is a black cat, and he can’t but try to finish it. I guess it is necessary to have a certain degree of attention to recognize a goddess.
He frowned and felt that the video was not so simple.
The black cat may still want him to attack the entertainment circle, otherwise he wouldn’t have been forced to perform on New Year’s Day.
At that time, after the performance network was hot, some entertainment companies did try to sign a contract with Lin Jin. After all, Lin Jin was not only hot at that time, but also the inferior camera shooting sound and singing skills could be recognized as top-notch and recognized by the original singer.
However, Lin Jin refused at all, and even did not accept an online interview.
Lin Jin, a salted fish, doesn’t want to be a busy goddess even if she is forced to be a goddess.
Isn’t it great to be a beautiful salted fish?
He kept refreshing himself with his chin in one hand, Weibo, but because of his lack of exposure, no one paid attention to Weibo at all, let alone fans.
Although I sent photos, the network is more beautiful than Lin Jin, and there are so many retouching software. Lin Jin’s photos have no advantage.
Eh, then it won’t be finished, will it?
Lin Jin thinks she may have to announce herself. Weibo, for example, go to the school post bar and send a post to announce herself? It seems that he still has a little popularity from the reaction of students in school these two days.
Although it’s posted by Xuan School, there shouldn’t be too many people paying attention to Weibo, but if this group of people announce themselves as tap water again, then Lin Jin’s index can be easily completed!
Yeah, I’m so smart!
Send the post quickly, and then Weibo updated a dynamic. Although he is not very concerned about this matter, it is no problem to update the dynamic before finishing it, and it is no problem to come two or three times a day
There is no class in the afternoon and evening, and Lin Jin feels that there is something to do after she is busy. This rental house belongs to the kind of bag-carrying type, especially the landlord seems to have a daily rental business, so there are still a lot of disposable rooms in Lin Jin’s room that are enough for him for two or three days, and there is no need to rush to buy a life.
Well, to put it bluntly, it’s just laziness
Chapter 277 276 Brother accused bosses
In the afternoon, Lin Jin had nothing to do, but there was nothing wrong with getting up early and taking a nap early today, so she slept from three o’clock in the afternoon to seven o’clock in the evening and was finally awakened by her hunger.
A confused face clutching his belly felt a slight twitch. Lin Jin sat up from the bed with one hand and had a big stretch.
It’s better to sleep alone than to sleep at home.
Although Lin Jin lives in a high-rise building near the street, because it is the county seat, there are always some motorcycle riders whistling by in the late hours, which will wake Lin Jin from time to time, but this rental house is in an alley, and it is still the kind that no one will hear too much noise in the alley when passing by.
The floor of the rental house is very clean. Before moving in, the landlord dragged Lin Jinguang barefoot, put some water in it, put on his coat, took the key and walked out of the room with the cat.
There doesn’t seem to be many tenants in this rental house, perhaps most of them won’t come back until late. Anyway, Lin Jinyi didn’t hear too many footsteps all afternoon. You should know the location of his room by the stairs.
Although I slept for three or four hours, Lin Jin was still a little confused. After waking up for more than ten minutes, my eyes were still hard to open.
Walk slowly down the stairs. To tell the truth, Lin Jin is a person who doesn’t like strange environment or is difficult to adapt to the new environment. He has only been in this rental house for less than a day, and even feels a little guilty when he goes out.
Although it is less than a few hundred meters away from the back door of the school, Lin Jin has never been here in the first half of the year and always feels that the people in the alleys around here are not very friendly to him.
Thinking about her heart, Lin Jin suddenly noticed a shadow hanging over him and suddenly reacted, but she couldn’t stop and bumped her head into the man’s arms.
"How are you?" The man pushed Lin Jin away and took a step back. His face was cold but he took a little surprised expression. "Do you live here, too?"
"Hey?" Lin Jin frowned and looked up. She just bumped into her head and felt a little dizzy, but when she looked up, she found that she was hit by the young driver the day before yesterday.
"Do you live here too?" Lin Jin scratched his head, but suddenly found himself wearing a men’s hair today. After the winter vacation, he was cut into a flat head, and now he just had a finger length.
When I met this driver the day before yesterday, he was wearing a black long straight skirt.
The face turned red, and Lin Jin suspected that he had been discovered by the driver in front of him as a woman’s boss.
Although it is true, it is good to know this kind of thing by yourself. If others know it, they will be recognized as a pervert, okay?
"No wonder you know that the back door of the software is blocked." Lin Jin deliberately made an inexplicable topic and wryly looked away.
"Well," however, this man didn’t care whether Lin Jin’s hair was long or short, whether he was wearing men’s clothes or women’s clothes. After he nodded his head, he went directly with Lin Jin and walked towards the building.

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