After hearing the story, the Queen of Demons asked, "General, did you know my identity from the beginning?"

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"Not bad"
Heaven admits that the manual operation has not stopped at all. "I’m only in your field this time. I originally planned to go to Wanyao Kingdom to find you after dealing with the small screamo temple."
"I was very sad when I saw you in the little screamo temple."
"You can do things with me, and I can do things with you."
The queen of all monsters dare not be distracted any more, concentrate on integrating all monsters into her body.
Wait for the demon queen to achieve great success, and the sun will fade away and the whole day will be dark.
Lightning, thunder, gold and lightning are full of virtual hits. Ten layers of hell in thirty-three heavens, and the Yin soldiers in amityville horror can’t calm those evil spirits.
The Jade Emperor sat on the throne and looked at Fang Shenxian and sighed, "This movement is bigger than that ostentation and extravagance 500 years ago."
"Five hundred years ago, when Sun Wuxu’s world became seventy-two changes, it caused a lot of noise."
"Today, another person has practiced the magic of making the gods cry."
"Look at the world, there should be a monster king who has added another statue."
The Jade Emperor, the Three Realms Master, knew what had happened the first time he was well informed.
Then he said to Erlang God and King Tota, "King Tota, Erlang God, is well prepared. One day, the soldiers will probably go out in a few days."
Erlang God and Tota Heavenly King said together, "I am white!"
After the magical power of the Queen of the Demons, she no longer disguised as an ordinary snake demon, but changed a pair of domineering and more attractive than wearing red eye shadow.
When she is with the sky, her aura is not lost to the sky at all.
The seat of the Queen of the Demons in Xiaoyin Temple has also been changed to the side of the sky.
This made Huang Mei’s bodhi old zu struggle for a while. Will he be the second king of Xiaoleiyin Temple or the Queen of Demons be the second king of Xiaoleiyin Temple in the future?
After giving up her hidden identity, the Queen of the Demons directly announced to the goblins of the Demon Kingdom that the next day will be the King of the Demon Kingdom.
Sun Wu came out of the gold cymbal and took two younger brothers, Tang Sanzang and Niu Mowang, to Xiaoleiyin Temple.
"It’s been a long time since the donor of the tongarm ape."
Tang Sanzang was very polite to greet the armless ape when he saw him.
"Long time no see for Sanzang"
The sky nodded gently.
Niu Mowang didn’t have the patience to wait for them to finish greeting slowly. He walked into the small screamo temple, left and right, and didn’t see the princess with iron fan. Then he asked him, "Arm-linked ape, what happened to my wife? Can you let people go? "
In the face of Niu Mowang’s questioning, the tone was dull. "Your wife could have left long ago, but she must wait for you to pick her up at Xiaoyin Temple."
God, there’s really no nonsense
When Sun Wu came out of the gold cymbal, he told Princess Tiefan that she had left Leiyin Temple since childhood. Princess Tiefan said that she would wait for Niu Mowang to pick her up.
After returning to Niu Mowang, he said to the Queen of Demons, "Go and call Princess Iron Fan out."
The demon queen got up and left.
Sun Wu looked at the sky coldly after the Queen of the Demons left. "Tongarm ape, your fairy record has been almost eliminated, so you can make way from the scriptures."
"You can’t close the game if you go there again."
Heaven didn’t answer Sun Wu’s words, but said, "I think you will ask the gods and buddhas all over the sky for help after you come out of the golden cymbal."
Sun Wudao said, "I have this plan, but my master wants to give you another chance."
The sky thanked Tang Sanzang. "Sanzang appreciates your kindness, but I don’t need it."
Tang Sanzang’s face was full of pity. "Arm-linked ape benefactor, do you really want to fall into perdition because of a bad thought?"
Heaven says, "Sanzang, you are not white, and you are beyond redemption. Salvation is my eternal redemption."
"Let me tell you a story."
God, this makes Tang Sanzang feel a little strange. He always tells stories to others. This is the first time someone has told him stories.

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