Xie Yiming and I washed and cut the dishes in the kitchen, and Jiang Yan and Wang Dalang just got home.

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When I saw Jiang Yan coming back, I asked Jiang Yan what he had arranged for Xie Yiming during the summer vacation. Jiang Yan said that he had experience and earned money. He decided to leave on the third day of our summer vacation and said that Xie Yiming could take me home sometimes.
I asked Jiang Yan what his big job was, but Jiang Yan didn’t say anything to reassure me that there would be no great danger.
I said grandpa Yan, if you don’t tell me, you are wrong. I will speak ill of you in front of grandma later.
Jiang Yan wrinkled his face and said that he couldn’t make it clear in one sentence or two. If I can’t finish one sentence or two, I’ll speak in three sentences and four sentences
Before I can get something out of Jiang Yan’s mouth, Tang Sike and Han Tianqin will come home with their other half.
So what topic was cut off during Xie Yiming’s summer vacation? I saw Jiang Yan look relieved when he saw a guest coming in.
At the beginning of the dinner, Tang Sike gave Xie Yiming a birthday present. Han Tianqin asked me what gift I gave Xie Yiming for his birthday.
Xie Yiming answered the conversation and said with a smile that I am going to give myself to him as a birthday present.
Xie Yiming’s words are exported. Tang Sike and Han Tianqin, their other half, applaud and congratulate. Wang Dalang and Jiang Yan are also very happy.
I’m eating hard with a black line on my face, and I’m heartbroken about Xie Yiming’s words.
When the dinner was in the middle, Xie Yiming’s mobile phone rang. I saw that Xie Yiming’s mobile phone screen showed his father’s phone number.
Xie Yiming left his seat and went to the side to answer the phone. I called everyone to continue the meal.
I heard Xie Yiming’s father let him go home for dinner. Xie Yiming said he was eating.
Xie Yiming’s father suddenly raised his voice, saying that Xie Yiming’s wings were hard and even his parents didn’t care, saying that he had never seen a parent who asked a woman to go home for dinner and asked her.
Xie Yiming kept silent. I heard the words from Xie Yiming’s stepmother, and then I heard a loud bang. Where should the other party fall?
Xie Yiming and I visited from time to time when Xie Yiming’s father was in hospital.
On the day of discharge, when Xie Yiming and I went to the hospital as agreed with my father, his father had already left the hospital without leaving a message. This message was the first time that his father contacted Xie Yiming after discharge.
After Xie Yiming hung up, his expression changed and he came back to continue his meal. However, the atmosphere of the dinner was a bit boring anyway.
After Xie Yiming’s father turned up the volume, the words were clearly seated in people’s ears.
After the dinner, Tom can leave, but when they leave, Tom can tell me in a low voice, so that I can comfort Xie Yiming. I’m not in a good mood for a birthday.
I nodded and said yes to Tom, but after they left, they quickly cleaned up the dishes and let Xie Yiming watch me busy and enjoy being the birthday girl.
Chapter three hundred and seventy The misunderstanding
Xie Yiming smiled and said yes, but he was not idle. When I came out of the kitchen after washing dishes, I saw that the dining table had been wiped clean and the floor in the room had been dragged again.
I said that Xie Yiming was naughty, and Xie Yiming said that he was a warm man and had to shoulder the housework.
I summoned Gu Zi from Yin Zhu to accompany Xie Yiming, and then I went into the kitchen to cook Gu Zi, who loves sweet and sour pork ribs.
Busy in the kitchen, listening to Goo Tsai from the living room, telling Xie Yiming happy birthday to his brother. Listen to Xie Yiming, laughing and saying, eat slowly, and don’t make it look like Xiaohua Mall. My lips evoke a big arc.
I like it when the years are quiet. I like it when my family is warm and happy together.
Goose cooked the meal and set it on the table. When Goose was eating, I asked Goose if he was dependent on yang.
Goose boy shook his head and said that he didn’t feel anything good about sun be the spirit, and the taste was not as delicious as the food in front of him.
When I heard Goose say this, I praised Goose for being extraordinary. Goose smiled and bent his eyes and said it was necessary.
I turned my head and looked into the living room to ask Xie Yiming if he was in a better mood at the moment. Xie Yiming said that he was always in a good mood today, and he was excited at the thought of giving him a birthday present.
Xie Yiming said that Goo Zi would take care of him. Let me tie my bow first and set the bed for a while. He went to sign for the gift. I held out my right index finger and middle finger at Xie Yiming and made a click and cut.
Goo Tsai laughs till he can’t say that Brother Ming is also a fool and hasn’t given up Sister Ran yet.
I asked Goo Boy who he was closest to with a bullet in his head.
Goose boy looked at Xie Yiming with a wronged expression and said, Brother Ming, I am still being forced to ask how you are going to compensate me for your domestic violence.
Xie Yiming came over and said, Goo Tsai, you leave me first, and I’ll bear the ravages of your sister Ran’s storm. Goo Tsai took a white look, and Xie Yiming said that he was not full yet.
Goose boy this reaction let me and Xie Yiming in stitches goo boy abandon glance at me and Xie Yiming said brother near ink black is also stupid by sister ran.
Goo-goo, this time, Xie Yiming smiled at me and spread his hand. I was full of black lines, but Goo-goo was happy to take off the meal.
Jiang Yan and Wang Dalang returned home and said that they had sent Tang Sike and his party to their respective residences.
Jiang Yan said that there are more and more ghosts wandering in fz city at night, and that it is the most correct choice to stay indoors when you have something to do at night.
I asked Jiang Yan what level ghosts were outside. Jiang Yan said that fortunately, they were all ordinary ghosts and said that he didn’t see any ghosts with high level.
Jiang Yan said that although those ghosts are ghosts and those ghosts are specialized in searching, it is always inevitable that some ghosts will invade the human body later or suck the yang.
Jiang Yan frowned for a while and said that he would leave fz early in the morning to pull away the ghosts who invaded the reporter’s body and said that he would return home and meet Xie Yiming on the third day of the summer vacation.

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