Just don’t panic, shrug your shoulders and nod. "This black man can’t kill me."

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Although they don’t understand each other’s language, they are not good at reading and reading, and they also know a little about the pronunciation of the grassland language in North Africa. With constant gestures, it is smooth to communicate with Tutatonte, and if people are talking, they can’t escape.
At this time, Tim also found himself gaffed and blushed, and put the big girl in a dignified voice to explain to others, "I have been a little worried about this matter, but I didn’t tell you because I didn’t have an accurate statement …"
Gu Xiaojun was a little rude and urged, "Don’t pave the way for the old master now!"
Let Tim also didn’t talk nonsense to speed up the speech. "The Oracle is not mysterious. These disciples are all nine-headed monster believers. Although they practice magical powers in our eyes, it is after all a different force. These departments are inherited by Liu Xiang. It is not a matter for Liu Xiang to get in touch with them! But there’s a key here, that is, Liu Xiang must pro-cast his magic … "
Let Tim didn’t say that finish when Gu Xiaojun fell down!
Old gu gu didn’t get up and stared at Jiong in horror. "You mean … Liu Xiang has escaped from Black and White Island? ! Maybe the evil practice mentioned by Qian Qikou is simply turning into a human-shaped willow? !”
Let Master Jiong look sharp but silent.
Wen Leyang also felt his heart thumping and jumping, and he continued to ask Jiong calmly, "What if … what if it’s not the real willow phase but the evil soul that escaped?"
Let Jiong’s eyebrows look slightly at Wen Leyang. "How do you say this?" In his notes, the Dalai Lama has seen the town of Nine Cones in Black and White Island, and he didn’t know that Liu Xiang broke the cone and escaped from evil spirits.
They have long heard Wen Leyang say these things, and immediately you held a word to hide Hydra’s soul, which was finally sealed in the body by Hiderigami in one thousand. After a tortuous story, Master Jiong was relieved after listening to it, and his brow was dignified and relaxed. "If this evil soul skill is enough, it can also call these evil acts."
Gu Xiaojun’s face turned to Wen Leyang without any improvement. "Could it be … Brother Hiderigami?"
Wen Leyang is worried about this!
This evil repair came to the town as early as a year ago. After the earthquake, Wen Leyang quickly determined that he was not a hydra. A few months ago, Wen Leyang had seen naive people. If hydra had escaped, they would have no idea to deal with Hiderigami every day. Besides, figurines, cats, demons, raccoons, and willows would be condemned at the same time if they escaped from Black Island.
Town evil repair can release the Oracle, which is bound to have a great deal to do with Liu Xiang. If it is not Liu Xiang’s real body, it can be Liu Xiang’s evil soul.
Evil spirits have long been ruined by the arrangement of granduncles and grandfathers for thousands of years, and they have become weak and detained in Hiderigami’s fifth brother’s body unless … Wenleyang looks pale and finds a reasonable explanation. Hiderigami’s fifth brother was controlled by evil spirits early in the morning. From beginning to end, evil spirits have deceived several experts, such as painting a city, raccoon dogs, and so on!
Everyone is brother Hiderigami, who has locked up evil spirits.
Actually, the evil spirit "kept a low profile" and Brother Wu is now trying to rescue Liu Xiang.
According to the Red Monkey Qianqi Method, the evil cultivation is a natural evil spirit to refine the gods, and of course it is a natural evil spirit.
Xiao-jun Gu shook the pillow and Xiaosha was ready to go home. If the evil cultivation is the fifth brother of Hiderigami, the strength of his own is not enough for others to beat him; Secondly, their success in "changing" seems to have cracked the spell of helping Hydra.
This matter is a theory for Wenleyang, but it’s too noisy in his mind now. Recently, he has experienced too many things than he has experienced with Hiderigami’s fifth brother. At this moment, he has become vague and can’t remember clearly. He can’t find out anything suspicious about his performance in Hiderigami, and he can’t think of any evidence to prove the innocence of the corpse.
Wen Leyang simply stopped thinking about the past and shook his head at Lao Gu. "It’s still uncertain that Brother Wu may have other explanations. It doesn’t make sense for Kunlun Road to paint two sword immortals every day!"
Old gu hey a "what doesn’t make sense evil soul painting every day is naturally fierce while they are seriously injured to their lives! Tianyin will simply close and die and never come out! "
Wen Leyang twisted his eyebrows and stared. "In that case, Liu Zheng knew who the hand was and didn’t tell me anything?"
Gu Xiaojun see WenLeYang really worried shook his head with a wry smile "this is not you know perfectly well past ask? Liu Zheng knows that you regard Hiderigami as a relative and can tell you these … "
Unexpectedly, at this time, Fei Fei got up to defend Wen Leyang. "No, Liu Zheng’s expression was both painful and disappointing at that time. Wen Leyang had a little shame when he asked about the murder."
Gu Xiaojun packing a slightly slower "shame? What is he ashamed of? " He waved impatiently. "Maybe it was someone else who killed the painting every day, maybe it was the guards who were polluted in the town, or maybe these things would not have been the old drought … The evil practice to help Hydra’s plot was broken by us, so it’s not worthwhile to take risks again."
After a pause, Gu said to Wenleyang, "No matter whether the evil soul really controls Hiderigami, you’d better ask your grandmaster to fix the evil in case it’s really Brother Hiderigami. You can’t handle it yourself."
Wenleyang shake "should not dry.
Ambush Sanwei and Cone have just been seriously injured, and now their strength is greatly damaged | Yes, let’s win the freshman year. "
Old gu suddenly stopped cutting in his hand, and after a moment, hey hey smiled. "You said it earlier! I’m doing this little man for nothing. "Gu Xiaojun’s smile this time changed his usual serious watch." But even without Hiderigami or evil spirits, we should go back. If it weren’t for Hydra, it doesn’t matter who he is. Evil cultivation has been broken and we have finished. "
Wenleyang Gherardini looked at Gu Gu. In his opinion, if this is really a word, it’s just now that Gu unexpectedly said it was over.
Old gu seems to be in the wording of the song for a while before he smiled slightly embarrassed again. "First, the level replacement has been completed in the evil repair. It is a small town guardian who has to ask the leadership to take action; And secondly … To be honest, we will not only be unable to help but also … "
Here WenLeYang | solution nodded and smiled and said "white! Those Tibetans or evil practitioners in the back will take the initiative to find us sooner or later. "Whether it’s small sand tracking or sense motive, it has been a great help. But when it comes to the old people, the three of them are all ordinary people. What comes next must be a brutal fight after another, but it is a drag on them.
The purpose of Gu Xiaojun’s trip is not to exterminate the Tibetans in the small town and arrest evil spirits, but simply to investigate the evil spirits entering the country. If there is a real conspiracy, it will be broken.
Old Gu is here to go, and Xiao Sha has just slept for a while and climbed out of his sleeping bag. His face looks much better. When he heard that he had finished and his own tracking technique became the key to solving the case, he was immediately refreshed.
Right and wrong in the original did not move painstakingly to tell Gu Xiaojun that the leader Tuta swallowed Te words before you finished, you said that it might be early. "
Gu Xiaojun, the others didn’t remember right and wrong until now. Just after the interrogation was over, they were thrown into chaos by the Oracle reasoning of Tim Lama. The story hasn’t been finished yet.
Gu Xiaojun tentatively asked, "Is it weird?"
Feifei nodded and pushed her baby brother. "You go to bed quickly, there’s still work to do!"
Xiaosha didn’t talk nonsense and got back into bed directly. It seems that he doesn’t like to think. Anyway, he will do whatever people ask him to do.
That’s why Africa’s population continues to be relayed
When calculating, the African grass hydra believers received the Oracle a year ago, which coincided with the return to the town of the evil practice said by the monkey Qianqi. After thousands of years of worship, the gods finally responded to them. The specific Oracle and display method are unclear by the way of communication between right and wrong and black people, but it is certain that they were appointed to the town of Er on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.
Tutatonte immediately led the most elite and devout people in the clan to set out, and the later process was filtered out. The straight blacks also came to the town. First, they had an eye for alliance with Wen Leyang, then they passed the "knockout round" without bloodshed, and finally they followed the Tibetans in the town. Wen Leyang and others stayed in the original place to stop the enemy.
Xiaosha suddenly exposed her head from her sleeping bag. "Did I follow the Tibetans after leaving town?"
Let Jiong Xiu be the true nature’ laughing and cursing with nature, from covering up the lack of manners and turning his head to glaring at Xiao Sha’ forgetting that you were riding badly so quickly, we almost ran away!’
Xiaosha suddenly realized, "We’ve been around the Great Lake for one and a half times … What did Tuttle say?"
Fei Fei looks dignified and dignified. "They have been around the Great Lakes for a long time. Those Tibetans have been trying to find something. Tuttle doesn’t understand their magic, but it can also be seen that they haven’t found anything behind. He said that it is almost the same as we thought."
Tibetans turned around the holy lake for more than a circle, and finally led the evil disciples to turn to the northeast all the way to the foot of Tanggula Mountain. Then they dispersed into teams and marched in different directions. Each evil disciple followed twice as many Tibetans. Finally, Tut Tut came here and was suddenly nailed to his body by the Tibetans, and his hair was carefully shaved, and then he was dug up and buried alive. Although they could hold their breath, they could not last so long. At the highest, Tut Tut Tut Tat managed to survive.
When he was rescued, Tuttle was still the enemy who continued to hold his breath and prepared to steal and then fled. As a result, he found that Yang had come. As soon as he relaxed, the whole person was stunned at once.
When Fei Fei finished speaking, Xiao Sha was startled to ask, "What are they looking for around the Great Lake?"
Fei Fei first looked at his brother with love, then smiled at Wen Leyang and others with a slight embarrassment and explained that "he was too tired and just woke up with a bad brain."
Wenle Yangxiao is very kind, and he is not shy to pick up the right and wrong arguments. He is also a little puzzled about what Tibetans want from the holy lake.
The Great Lama snorted in a low voice. "Great practitioners in the past dynasties have invested in several instruments in the Holy Lake, but those who escaped from the wheel and were smoked by rage will die if they want to touch these instruments! In addition, there is a genius treasure in the holy lake to death. "
Wen Leyang was shocked by Huo Ran. "Tianshui … Tianshui Grinch!"
The big Lama narrowed his eyes and his murderous look was as cold as a blade. "Does this arrogant greedy person still want to desecrate the holy lake?"
Feifei shook his head and made Master Jiong angry. "The key is what do they want?" Say that finish, she also like analog sample narrowed his eyes.
Le Yang, however serious her expression is, can’t erase her smile. "You just speculated that I have been listening to everything else, but there is a key that still doesn’t explain why Hydra has a living head left."
Most Buddhist practitioners have good patience, and Tim is no exception. He has taken the trouble to explain an operation or alchemy to Fei Fei. This flavor root is indispensable. One head of Hydra is now dead, and one material is missing. Even if Liu Xiang has a head left now, if he wants to use any magic to supplement it, he should also collect all the materials.
Fei Fei smiled and shook his head. "It doesn’t make sense. What a coincidence! Why did you just let us catch that dead head?"
The cone is the head of hydra who died in the water line, and so is the head of hydra who died in the water line. Now all the teams have been removed, and the only difference is that the five internal organs control the water line and the kidney line.
Although the probability of one in nine is not too |, it is definitely a coincidence that you can catch up with it (it seems that something is wrong after writing off the topic. Choose nine materials from nine teams. Wen Leyang, the probability that they will be drawn to the kidney is one in nine. No? Good math students can help with the calculation. If they can’t figure it out, let’s ask Zhang Xiaohua …
Fei Fei stared at Wen Leyang without blinking. "I think it’s more reasonable that they didn’t intend to ask you and my kidney to explain it!" And … "Right and wrong sounds are like Huang Er, who is clear and never stops." In my opinion, the Tibetan roots in the town will not look for us again because they didn’t intend to have our kidneys at all. At the beginning, the Tibetans told us to stay in Erkegen and didn’t say that we would chase the team again! "
Wen Leyang has finally achieved mastery at the moment!

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