"Hoo … Hoo …" A few purple flames suddenly floated out of the cloud, and then the purple flames spread everywhere for thousands of miles around Xuanxing’s body. Those unknown plants with towering giant trees suddenly turned to ashes. Not only that, but even the scattered rubble gradually burst and eventually turned to dust. The ground in Fiona Fang slowly fell for thousands of meters …

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"Elder, what is this?" A nearby planet asked Dilin for the first time. At this time, the robbery was not real, but those purple flames would fall in the robbery cloud, and the temperature of the purple flames was so terrible that the surface of the planet continued to sink!
"I’m not sure, but you don’t have to worry about watching it." Dilin told the crowd that he was not so real. Those purple flames were already divine fire, but the color of divine fire was different. According to Xuanxing, that was cheap, and so was his divine robbery. It seems that they have cultivated nine yuan babies.
When the purple flame appeared around him, Xuanxing immediately felt suffocated and at the same time Xuanxing constantly oozed sweat.
The practitioner is cold and hot, but the temperature of the purple flame is quite terrible, and even Xuanxing can’t bear it.
However, this purple flame made XuanXing feel hot, and XuanXing didn’t suffer any harm. Not only that, XuanXing found himself kind to this flame. It seems that … these purple flames are exactly the same as that flame!
In order to verify his own guess, XuanXing immediately offered himself a purple flame, and suddenly a fist-sized purple fire mass appeared in front of XuanXing and quietly suspended there.
Xuanxing released his gods to carefully distinguish the two kinds of purple flames, but at this moment those purple flames around him suddenly descended on Xuanxing.
Seeing this Xuanxing, he immediately falls back. The temperature of this purple flame is quite terrible. Xuanxing can’t be touched, otherwise he will be burned.
And for a moment, XuanXing suddenly looked surprised because those purple flames did not pounce on themselves, but on themselves, which had just been released.
I saw several tiny purple flames constantly gathering towards that purple flame, and that purple flame actually absorbed all the flames nearby! And the volume is gradually growing.
"Boom … bursts …" When XuanXing was surprised, his first bullet had fallen!
See a three-meter-thick purple thunder suddenly appearing on Xuanxing’s head and still maintaining a horrible speed and slamming it at Xuanxing! Not only that, but in addition to this thunder robbery, several purple flames suddenly landed again …
Looking at the three-meter-thick robbery of LeiXuanXing, I felt a wrinkly eyebrows. Although the first six robberies of LeiXing have no particularly strong attack power, I’m afraid it’s not good if I’m struck by such a thick robbery of lightning.
Xuanxing didn’t hesitate. Excalibur Zhou Mi suddenly shot a harsh purple light with a cut "bursts … bursts …" to meet that three-meter-thick thunder.
"Boom … KaKa …" Excalibur’s thunder collision suddenly reverberated throughout the star field.
After a short time, the Excalibur returned to Xuanxing’s side again. The first robbery was easily scattered by the Excalibur, but the ground immediately dropped several hundred meters around Xuanxing’s body. This was caused by the afterglow of that robbery just now! Xuanxing realized a little bad, and his fate seemed stronger than Tianhong’s double fate.
Because those purple flames are still being absorbed by the flame outside, Xuanxing has a mind and can naturally master its changes. At this time, its temperature is rising constantly, and as more and more purple flames are absorbed by it, its temperature is getting higher and higher.
However, Xuanxing didn’t feel any discomfort. He absorbed the nearby purple flames from that purple flame.
At this time, many immortals in the celestial world have come here. After all, the influence of the divine robbery is too large, and it is normal for some immortals to find it.
When they found Xuanxing here in Du Jie, the immortals suddenly felt a sense of surprise. Xuanxing Xiandi only soared to the celestial world for two million years, but at this time … he actually crossed the gods!
Immediately, these immortals sent messages to their friends to visit Xuanxing Xiandi, and gradually more and more immortals came here.
Six hours later, Xuanxing successfully survived the six robberies. The first six robberies were all solved by killing the Excalibur. Xuanxing was not hurt, and the first five robberies were bound to be accompanied by several purple flames when each robbery came.
The seventh God’s robbery is behind, and the cloud is quiet. It is ready to drop the first God’s robbery!
Xuanxing quietly crossed his legs and absorbed the strange energy in the thousands of meters deep pit, while Excalibur still circled around him.
Gradually, Xuan Xing’s watch gave off a purple light, and several cracks in his body quickly closed. At this moment, Xuan Xing’s face appeared a smile, because he already felt that his physical strength was about to break through. At this time, he was entering a key stage, and it took a moment for his body to become an artifact!
"Poof … boom!" When XuanXing was happy, he robbed the cloud and shot a thick purple ray with his arm again! The first divine disaster arrival!
At this time, Xuanxing’s knowledge is controlling the body, and those strange energies are transforming his body, and Xuanxing is afraid to be distracted at a critical moment, otherwise his physical strength may not break through!
Naixuanxing can pin his hopes on the sword of God, hoping that it can help him offset the first robbery attack.
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
"Burst …" Excalibur with a sharp roar a purple smooth to the first rob LeiChong! When they contacted, they didn’t explode as expected. The Excalibur easily divided the first robbery into two halves, but the two halves still kept their original speed and slammed at Xuanxing! By the time they reached the top of Xuanxing’s head, the two had merged into one! That is to say, Excalibur didn’t offset the first thunder attack, so it didn’t intercept it!
"Poof ….." XuanXing spit out a big mouthful of blood again, and the first robbery has seriously injured him!

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