She doesn’t know what she is doing here.

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Although she has a lot of social experience, she has rarely been to such occasions.
But today she just wanted to see it.
"The boss gave me the strongest drink."
The pub owner is not a good man and a woman. Since Bai Jing wants wine, just give it to her.
There is no reason to shut out guests when doing business by knocking on doors.
Will you be drunk or will you be taken away by people after you get drunk? That’s not their business.
As requested, the bartender mixed a glass of hard liquor for Bai Jing.
Hard liquor enters the throat, but Bai Jing doesn’t change his face.
This surprised the bartender and the men who looked forward to hearing the pre-conversation.
"Old temperature mixing is not good. People want strong liquor. You give people a glass of water, of course they don’t respond."
"Go away. What do you know?"
The bartender growled, but he was surprised himself. He mixed spirits and called them grumpy.
Generally speaking, ordinary people fall down after one drink.
Even level 1 fighters can’t drink such drinks without changing their faces.
Is this woman a master?
"Good wine. Have another drink."
Bartender? ? ?
Got a good evaluation of the wine. The bartender Lao Wen didn’t know whether to cry or be happy.
However, seeing the noodles don’t change color, Bai Jing Lao Wen has some assurance that this woman is a master in nine cases out of ten.
Although they have met some mercenaries here, they generally don’t come to such low-level pubs at this level.
Asked tentatively while mixing wine.
"What’s your name, Miss?"
"Miss white should not often drink? In a bad mood today? "
"I don’t come to drink because I’m in a good mood."
Old Wen shook his head slightly. Years of experience in judging people made him think that Bai Jing was lying.
"You must be a very strong fighter if you don’t change your face after drinking such strong liquor. Can such a big man still have troubles?"
"Big shot?" Bai Jing suddenly some want to laugh.
Can someone like her be a big shot? Isn’t that a little funny?
Just about to refute a bartender, she saw those people drinking in this pub again.
Cheap and sweaty migrant workers still have some homeless people who are hard to get money. Compared with them, maybe they are everyone.
"He said that people at every stage have different troubles."
"Now? Do you want more wine? " Old Wen saw that Bai Jing seemed to have figured something out. She wouldn’t drink any more.
But Bai Jing laughed.
"Ha, ha, ha, are you worried that I won’t pay? Bring it, today is to drink. "
"That … all right"
Bai Jing once again took the glass and gulped it down and asked for another one.
"Come again"
"Come again"
"Come again …"
In this way, Bai Jing drank nine cups of old warm spirits in a row, and her eyes were so blurred until now.
"It feels really good to be slightly tipsy."

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