And Yang Xiu’s figure is a flash when Zhang Yue controls Yu Qing’s busy body.

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Sword to Fufeng Mountain Dong Yunhu burst to death!
"Slay the Sword with One Heart and One Mind" has died without any scars.
Dong Yunhu showed his true colors as a tiger, and the screams of hundreds of ghosts around him dissipated.
Yang Xiu grabbed another seven stars and Cui Yuying screamed and was directly killed by him!
Yuan Ying flew out and was immediately captured.
Huang Yuejin in Shakui Beach shouted that he wanted to escape from the water when a shark landed.
However, Zhang Yue’s sword flashed and Shakui Beach Huang Yuejin fell to the place to live a little more.
A golden fish ten feet long showed its true colors.
In the end, Sheng Maolin Zhang Yue of Chongqing Tianfeng wants to make a sword again.
Yang Xiu shouted, "Stop this!"
Zhang Yue said, "What?"
"He is a coconut tree that can produce coconut to eat."
Sheng Maolin, Chongqing Tianfeng, didn’t know what to say, but Zhang Yue used to slap Chongqing Tianfeng and Sheng Maolin couldn’t afford to fall to the ground.
"I have destroyed him, and the body of Yuan Shen can be turned into a coconut grove."
Shen Yuanji didn’t make moves but ran to Fufeng Mountain Dong Yunhu’s body and said
"This big tiger, this tiger skin is so good!"
Zhang Yue laughed and said, "I deliberately killed the fairy sword because I was afraid of breaking the tiger skin."
"And that big fish, we can have a big meal."
They laughed Yang Xiu looked at seven people with their brothers and hands and asked.
"Which one of you wants to die?"
Some loyal people shouted but Yang Xiuyi grabbed them and kneaded them into paste.
Most of them are normal people who are afraid of death and immediately shouted
"Lord Feng, we want to live!"
Yang Xiu looked at Chen He and said, "Mr. Chen, please take them back to the abode of fairies and immortals and have a good shave."
Chen He laughed. "I’ll do the good thing!"
When Yang Xiu clapped his hands, the banshee women’s group of the Cavaliers appeared to Chen He.
Seeing so many fifth-order weirdness scared the monks all shivering.
Before Chen He set out, Yang Xiu gave Chen Hebai a look.
Lou Jiwei’s abode of fairies and immortals will be cleaned up, and nothing left in the abode of fairies and immortals will be touched, which will trigger a ban and attract Mr. Lou Jiwei.
I have to rock the boat. Yang Xiuke doesn’t want to worry about anything at present.
Others’ abode of fairies and immortals, that is, they are completely collected and scraped, and they are all handed over to Chen He, who is in charge.
Chen He from Yang Xiu caught those people Yuan Ying searching for the soul.
Suddenly I knew that the strange building was really the first time to roll out of the earth.
Then the two giants of ice and fire go to the building to rest every day when bloody fight is tired, and then continue to bloody fight …
This building was discovered by Lou Jiwei when he discovered that his Tianmu spell was particularly powerful.
Then they sent a lot of people, and one of them died there.
Everything is searched clearly. Bai Yangxiu takes a pat. Many yuan babies are dissipated.

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