Thinking about the imam and moving deep into the cave …

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Meanwhile, on the other side …
"It’s flying!"
A famous scholar creature is floating slowly in the blue sky.
The adventure is over, and the scholar ran to the ground. One was in a foggy environment in his dream, and he was very confused at first.
But now it is no longer confused because it successfully flew to the sky again!
This is mainly because it met a strange creature.
This creature is called’ Jade Piao’, which seems to have a very strange name, and it is a plant named after Mao Yu.
Because … they are a wonderful thing. At first, these things are like a ball with a diameter of several centimeters. Usually, the sky floats around looking for their goal.
And after finding the target, it will stick to the target body and then expand rapidly.
They can expand to the size of one meter to several meters, and they will be filled with very light gas and fly with the creatures stuck to them.
It is said that it has not been confirmed whether this kind of’ jade float’ generates gas by itself or absorbs external gas to expand, but it does expand rapidly and does not burst after it expands greatly.
Their target is usually small creatures, such as Mao Yu. What is called’ Jade Floating’? It will bring the creatures it sticks to to float in the water for a long time and then fall to the ground.
This is mainly due to the propagation mode of’ Jade Floating’, because the landing creature will fall to death, and then the jade floating seed will take root and sprout the corpse.
But this is limited to dealing with small creatures. For scholars, which are relatively large creatures, they are the way to bring scholars into the sky.
But scholars hope that they will take themselves to the heavens and make great efforts …
Several day and night scholars found mushrooms while eating and found wood and suitable materials to build an aircraft by themselves.
Fortunately, there are enough materials nearby to make it, which is not very difficult. The scholar finally succeeded in building a helicopter almost the same as the original one.
However, the top propeller was transformed to the back by scholars, and at the same time, there was no’ pedal’ way for the engine to pull the propeller.
The original scholar was not very good at making these things, but when he lived there before, he saw dwarfs assemble all kinds of things. They didn’t need tools, but they were pieced together by hand.
Scholars have learned a lot from watching them, and they have successfully assembled their own aircraft.
Then the last step is to put away those "jade floats" and let the aircraft soar to the sky like "balloons"
Practical scholars don’t want to fly so fast and have to go through many tests, but it is found that the foggy place is actually a canyon-like place surrounded by cliffs, which is difficult to leave.
Scholars don’t want to go back to the cave, because there are too many dangerous roads and the brainiac doesn’t know if he will catch up with this position. Scholars think it’s better to leave as soon as possible
So scholars have collected a lot of jade floats, so that they can be stuck by jade floats in places where jade floats. These things are much more buoyant than jellyfish.
And the most important thing is that it is easy to find jellyfish. Although it seems to be floating slowly, it is difficult to catch it.
After receiving enough jade floating, the scholar found vines nearby and tied them together to make a very huge balloon.
However, after this jade floats’ expires’, it will instantly leak light. According to the information, it will last for about seven days and nights.
That is to say, seven day and night scholars must find a place to land.
So where should we land?
The blue sky scholar drives the scholar forward with his newly-built flying machine, accompanied by the propeller behind the click.
Looking at the foggy area, scholars think it is necessary to fly out of this place at least.
However, it now finds itself making this flying machine … which is very difficult to operate.
The swelling jade floats on the surface, pulling the scholars. At first, the aircraft scholars wanted the propeller to push the whole forward, but now they found that the effect was not so good. It was difficult to control what this thing turned to, and the speed of progress was also very slow. When the propeller was moved, it was almost impossible to feel it moving forward.
"There must be some mistake."
Scholars remember that the white skeleton dragon data said that although they made aircraft slowly, they could still advance steadily.
Perhaps because it was built too fast and has not been tested, scholars are now floating in the wind
However, the wind is good now, and scholars find themselves drifting outside the foggy area, and soon it floats into a jungle.
"This jungle …"
The scholar looked at the jungle and took out the device to have a look, but it was certain that this position should be closer to that place.
This place is called’ battlefield’
It was the first city that was built on the ground of scorpion, and then there were three kinds of skeleton dragon wars, and the creator also got out of this place for the first time.
Scholars think it is necessary to take a look at the sky, and they can already see some huge buildings in the square jungle …
These pyramids are also built by scorpions. Compared with caves, they are quite huge, but scholars can’t find out. Because they want to land, they have to explode some jade floats, so of course they can’t fly again.
So scholars think that we should land in a place where we really want to go and settle down … for example … the plain ahead … that should be the battlefield.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-five Mechanism
"Does the darkness continue?"
This is a cave with fluorescent roots all over it. Three creatures are gathering here. They are called Meng Qi, Meng Qi and the brave.
Looking out at the entrance of the brave cave, it found that it was still dark outside and still echoed with giant biological sounds.
It’s already hungry. It wants to get something to eat, but it’s too dangerous … How about eating Meng Qi?
Meng Qi seems to be able to eat. Although the brave like to eat cooked food, there is nothing wrong with his body even if he eats raw food.
"Woo-hoo!" Meng Qi seems to have found that the brave are paying attention to them. They hurriedly crowded together and looked quite … scared.
They have suffered too much fear, but the brave did not intend to let them go, but approached them step by step.
"Ahhh! Hey! " A Meng Qi suddenly jumped in front of the brave man and shouted. It seemed to want to say something to the brave man, but the brave man couldn’t understand it.

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