When Xia Chaoyang saw that his brother’s injury was gradually recovering, he was relieved to rise up and guard the Baiyun Tower next to Brother Da Lian, and slowly put the gods into the body. The bone pain and tingling sensation came alternately.

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I have suffered from the pain of immortal fire and exercise before, so that Baiyun Tower has some experience to relieve the pain. I have the power to explore the surrounding movements to relieve the pain.
The exploration of divine knowledge is a little different. Looking up at the clouds, I said, "When the elder sister comes, help the younger brother. This demon has been struggling badly."
Just after the words fell, a wing flew in the clouds. Zhang Xu, a crane, sat in the anticline. It was Sister Qingchi.
Elder martial sister Qingchi smiled slightly and looked at Baiyun Tower and younger martial sister Xia, teasing, "I caught you doing good deeds and repairing the devil."
Baiyun Lou wry smile way "really look down on this magic repair" will always be wrapped in residual soul to the teacher elder sister.
Elder martial sister Qingchi smiled and took over the dark ghost that had been condensed. Suddenly, she raised her hand and grabbed it as if the whole cliff had been caught.
Two wisps of magic gas were grabbed from the crevices and thrown into the residual soul conveniently.
"The fish escaping from the net is still the teacher elder sister’s great power"
Baiyun Tower, when it saw this, relaxed a little and endured severe pain, and lost two records of Evergreen Art and Little Rain Art for healing.
Xia Chaoyang looked at the white gauze skirt on the back of the crane, and the graceful girl approached the senior two steps weakly and asked, "Sister Qingchi?"
"Xia Chaoyang Xia Xiyue teacher younger brother heart call me a teacher elder sister is right"
Qingchi looked up at Xia Shimei’s whole body and was amazed. "It’s an interesting way to chat with Younger when you’re finished."
Say clear pool left hand ling stop residual soul light group right hand virtual grasp the soul search technique.
The remnant soul churned and changed, and the black gas became thinner and thinner, and finally a wisp of smoke dissipated, leaving a trace.
I found some information and couldn’t help but feel relieved. Qingchi looked up at the south and whispered, "So it seems that there is not much time left."
Turned to look at the healing Baiyun Tower, which was exercising, and said softly, "Let’s leave this hard work to the younger brother."
Raise my hand and attract a white cloud to condense into Zhang Xu. Fiona Fang clouds firmly hold up the head teacher younger brother.
The white crane sitting obliquely in Qingchi smiled and said to Sister Xia, "Little Chaoyang will take you back to Qingyun Gate."
It’s fun for Xia Chaoyang to tiptoe to the clouds.
Qingchi smiled lazily and patted the crane’s slender neck. The crane chirped in a crisp way, and its wings flew half and half, and a white shadow crossed the sky.
Clouds follow the crane and fly away. Clouds are sensed by Elder Martial Sister Qingchi’s narration. Yunlou exerts her strength to heal.
Xia Chaoyang is much more curious. It’s amazing how fast cranes and clouds fly. It’s too high for the teacher elder sister to repair.
Less than half a wick sweet time across nearly two hundred miles to Qingchi, the gate of Qingyun Gate, and a magic trick played half a show of Qingyun Gate.
A crane and a cloud carried three people into the gate of the cave, which was slowly closed.
Entering the cave, the summer sun rose to the ground. Although the senior brother roughly said the scenery of Qingyun Gate, he was shocked by the magnificent fairyland in the clouds.
Crossing the past suspended mountains, the white crane spread its wings and took three people to fall in front of a hall.
The clouds fell in the summer sun and jumped to clear the pool. When I lifted the clouds, I gently put the Baiyun Tower and turned it into a cloud again.
Looking at this Younger, it is very novel to look at it. "Little Chaoyang wants to walk around and let Xiaohe show you around."
Xia Chaoyang shook his head and said, "Sister, I’d better stay with my brother. He seems to be badly hurt. Is there any way for Sister to make him better?"
"Yes, there is, but let Teacher Bai repair it himself."
Qingchi raised his hand and said with a smile, "Xiaohua Ling came out to show the teacher elder sister."
A one-foot-high shadow appeared slowly from the eyebrows of Xia Chaoyang.
It’s like a little flower spirit that doesn’t adapt to the world outside the flower palace is sitting on a lotus and swaying forward.
Xia Chaoyang was worried about catching it with his hands gently. "Little Flower Spirit, can you go out of the Flower Palace?"
Xiaohua Ling nodded and opened his mouth, but he couldn’t make a sound.
Clear pool pointed out a glittering and translucent get rid of small water column into the small flower spirit virtual shadow that virtual shadow immediately solidified.
Xiaohua Ling held Da Lian in her arms and gave a gift to Qingchi. She said, "Thank you, Sister Qingchi."
Qingchi stretched out a slender finger and gently touched the bun on Xiaohua Ling’s head.
Said, "It really is this heaven and earth that raises elves, which is not limited by the laws of this small world, and it is much easier to transform."
Chapter one hundred and ten Sword light gas
Xiao Hualing gently nodded and turned to Xia Chaoyang when she heard the words of the elder martial sister Qingchi. "This cave has fairy aura to maintain a body."
"However, you can freely enter and leave the Flower Palace after you have the real source water of Sister Qingchi."
"That’s great." Zhao-yang Xia is very sincere. "Little Flower Ling can accompany me to play around."
Xiaohua Ling suddenly came to the temper and picked up Da Lian and exclaimed at Xia Chaoyang’s head and forehead.
"I always want to practice well if I have fun, but it’s still half an hour before I practice today." Xiaohua Ling said with a little face.
"Am I not your master?" Wu wear the forehead Zhao-yang Xia shout tunnel
Da Lian, the little flower spirit, pinched her small waist and confidently said, "Yes, you are my little master, but you have to practice seriously."
"All right," Xia Chaoyang immediately vented his anger and said to Sister Qingchi, who was holding a sapphire gourd at the theatre. "Sister, I have to practice for a while and help take care of Brother Bai for a while, okay?"
"Go, white teacher younger brother, don’t worry here." Qingchi casually waved his hand and raised the sapphire gourd to draw a beautiful arc and poured it into his mouth.
Xia Chaoyang walked not far from Brother Bai, sat quietly and greeted Sister Qingchi, and a little flower spirit turned into a streamer and melted into the eyebrows of the young master.
Raise my hand, set up a cloud, clear the pool, wave and let go of the white crane lying on its side, and the clouds turned into a cloud bed, propping up the temples with one hand and drinking the spirit liquid in the gourd.
Occasionally, take a look at the corners of the mouth of the two brothers and sisters and mumble with a slight smile, "This is that it is somewhat interesting for Terran to be immersed in love."
Since Elder Martial Sister Qingchi took over the magic repair of the residual soul Baiyun Tower, she has freed up her knowledge and devoted herself to repairing the severely damaged meridians.
The magic Dan’s magic gas is too erosive. If the meridians were not nourished by the innate qi, it would be difficult to repair it this time.
There is a lot of weather in the good sapphire, and there are also a lot of Baiyun Tower left in the abdomen. At first, it was slowly repaired in the weather meridians.
It was discovered that the meridians were widened after being ravaged by magic gas, and the repair and cleaning of Baiyun Building soared.
The attribute qi obtained by smelting the magic gas by the weather first has also been refined into self-repair by Baiyun Tower in succession.
Baiyun Tower is aware that the body seems to have returned to Qingyun Gate, pure aura and mixed aura, and it will get twice the result with half the effort.
When the time comes quietly, a huge amount of weather will come first, and it will merge into the chaos overseas.
Unconsciously, the meridians of Baiyun Tower were exhausted, and the weather was completely repaired first, and it also successfully broke through to the middle of the foundation.
Repairing and improving God’s knowledge, not retreating, but increasing the Baiyun Tower, this time, although it was thrilling, it also gained a lot.
According to the current situation, sooner or later, it is better to find some ways to deal with Monty’s doppelganger before it is eroded by magic gas.
Breaking through the middle of the foundation, Baiyun Tower was about to receive work, and suddenly the gods sensed the noble sword in the hall.
At this time, both the cultivation and the knowledge of the gods have been improved. When I feel again, I find that this noble sword is very similar to my own understanding of the magnificent kendo by flying boat.
If andao can have this kind of shock wave protector, how can the magic gas easily tear the protector’s true qi?
Since Qingyun has just entered the fairy, he can cultivate firm but gentle spirit. If he has the Yuan God, he can also try to cultivate sword light.
If you are cultivated into taxiing firm but gentle theory, you can be handy in protecting yourself or cutting demons.
Reading this, the knowledge of Baiyun Tower sank into Yuan Shen’s knowledge of the sea, and Yuan Shen swallowed a lot of pieces of knowledge these days. Yuan Shen’s body has grown a little and become more solid.
With the powerful knowledge of Yuan God, I watched the shock wave in the main hall from Baiyun Tower, and gradually realized it, so I tried to know the sea and view the sword.
I am most familiar with the Long Lin sword, and the Baiyun Tower is trying to visualize the Long Lin sword.
Perhaps the Yuan God has not been scourged by Armageddon. There is no real Yuan infant monk. Yuan God is concise and visualizes the Baiyun Tower. The virtual shadow of Long Lin’s sword is very weak, as if the light of this sword will dissipate when God knows it.
Baiyun Tower thought for a moment while visualizing and had some ideas.
When the little hand of Yuan Shen was caught in front of a large group of blue fluorescent spots, it was kneaded and refined by the little hand and then melted into the virtual shadow of the sword light.
Indeed as expected, the virtual shadow of sword light solidified some Baiyun Tower’s successive refining of fragments of gods into the virtual shadow of sword light.
I don’t know how many pieces of god knowledge have been refined, and finally the sword light seems to have reached its limit, and there is no more piece of god knowledge.
However, Baiyun Tower didn’t stop waving Yuan Shen’s little fist to just condense into a row and hit the sword light with one punch.
The sword light was smashed more succinctly, and gradually the tip of the sword light had a hint of green light.
You can add more fragments of god knowledge every time you forge it.

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