"adoptive mother!" I haven’t finished yet. I finally didn’t mistake one for another at close range. lady white snake suddenly closed his hands and shouted with sincerity.

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Poof! Very good and powerful. In an instant, a human body turned into a humanoid fountain, and I don’t know who took the lead. Dozens of pairs of eyes suddenly focused neatly on Chijie’s body.
In the eyes of the public, the red sister was stupefied, and the original white jade and delicate jade trembled slightly. At this moment, it rose rapidly, and Yunxia was blushing, and she was so hot that she was steaming.
"What’s the adoptive mother …" She faltered and couldn’t say the whole thing. She looked at lady white snake with her eyes wide open and looked at the strange face next to her. Xu Zhihu suddenly broke out in anger. "Too much is too much. How can you do this … Well, it’s not easy to be so sincere. Zhihu, you can accept her as your adopted daughter!"
I pour! They just sprayed the willow with water, and then they directly hit the wall.
Sweet and sour, you are a ridge. Xu Zhihu is even more stunned. He feels that his three views have once again shattered my moral integrity. What about your moral integrity?
What is moral integrity? Chijie has long since stopped such a thing as moral integrity, and she actually crossed her legs and pulled up lady white snake. "Well, Xiaobai, I am the master for Zhihu, and he will be your adoptive father in the future. If he refuses to promise or do something to you in the name of adoptive father, you can tell me!"
"It’s a foster mother!" Lady white snake is very gentle and obedient and nods gently.
"Don’t call me adoptive mother." Chijie was so called that her eyes narrowed with a smile. "Oh, hehehe, the adoptive mother isn’t a family yet, but it sounds very good, Xiaobai. You can keep it for me."
"Good adoptive mother" lady white snake is really obedient, and he doesn’t forget to turn to look at Xu Zhihu. "Is it okay for adoptive father?"
But you are a wool. Xu Zhihu is called creepy. The problem is that before he can come to object, Chijie has put a hand over his mouth. "But … damn it, Zhihu, you can’t object to people coming all the way to find you. How difficult is it? How dare you cold their hearts?"
"Cocoa problem is …" Xu Zhihu also wants to explain.
"Adoptive father, if you don’t promise your daughter, you’d rather commit suicide in front of you now." lady white snake bit her lips tightly and threw herself before him again with tears in her eyes. If you don’t promise me, you won’t get up.
"What’s the matter with your sister?" Xu Zhihu is very vicissitudes of life, sighing and sighing with one heart, saying that people’s protagonists go out to accept their sisters and wives, and he meows. What has come to me is actually to accept their daughters?
"Why don’t you promise to fool the past first?" Muliu took the opportunity to gather together next to him and whispered, "It’s not good for this woman to break her vows forcibly. Why don’t we solve the double snake teaching with her first and then do whatever she wants?"
"But …" Xu Zhihu scratched his head for a long time and always felt that he would be hacked to death by white powder sooner or later.
"Adoptive father …" lady white snake also looked at him with tears, and his eyes were blurred by tears, so he couldn’t see clearly. People couldn’t help but want to touch their faces and bones with trembling hands.
"All right, all right." Xu Zhihu scratched his head for a long time and suddenly found that he seemed to be able to do the same. "Forget it, call whoever you want. Let’s talk about something serious first."
"Well, adoptive father, please speak!" Lady white snake was overjoyed and nodded meekly.
"Well, it always sounds strange." Xu Zhihu silently shook his head and threw away other thoughts to switch to the serious mode. "Well, let’s talk about serious things. Do you know that I almost sent you a double snake to teach you welfare and now I’m playing your mind …"
It took him a whole quarter of an hour to tell the whole story in one breath, and then he quickly drank two large glasses of water to suppress the alarm.
Lady white snake, who was opposite, was so stunned that even his eyes narrowed slightly due to myopia, and he barely widened by a few inches. "Well, no wonder I always felt uneasy and strange after I came to Jiangnan, but it’s a little strange that what those snakes want to build actually needs my skeleton and flesh?"
"I guess the IQ of those guys is either a world prop or something that destroys the world." Xu Zhihu is serious. "Anyway, whatever they want to do, it’s good for us to do it directly, but the problem now is Su Zhen you …"
"Well, it’s all based on the adoptive father. Your daughter has no objection." After lady white snake recognized the adoptive father, his loyalty was directly filled
"Well, that’s settled." Xu Zhihu breathed a sigh of relief and touched it with a smile. "Actually, I already have a plan. Now I need Su Zhen to cooperate with you and then …"
"Wait a minute, wait a minute." When Chijie heard this, she couldn’t help but raise her hand and ask, "One more thing, what about Xu Xian? Didn’t you say you would repay her kindness?"
"Well ….." lady white snake hesitated for a moment or turned to look at Xu Zhihu.
"I think it’s better for Xu Xian not to involve him there." Xu Zhihu seriously thought about it. "Things have been messed up enough. It’s better for him to be mortal or stay away from danger. When it comes to repaying kindness, wait until things are solved, and then you can repay kindness. It’s also better to give him gold wealth directly or marry him …"
"No, no, no,no. Daughter’s marriage is naturally decided by your adoptive father." lady white snake hurriedly shook his head and didn’t know what to think of suddenly.
"Why do you always feel that there is something wrong?" Xu Zhihu was a little surprised, but he didn’t think much at this time. "Well, since there is no objection, let’s stick to the plan and prepare for it separately!"
Ok, that’s it. I’ve seen enough hexagrams, sticks, willows and xiaolan. They are satisfied. They immediately dispersed their eyebrows and smiles. Before lady white snake was taken away by Red Sister, she deliberately bowed down and made a hail to Xu Zhihu, although she deviated from the direction again.
Khan Xu Zhihu is really speechless. Seeing that lady white snake is leaving, he suddenly thinks, "By the way, Su Zhen, I have one more request!"
"hmm? Adoptive father, please speak! " Lady white snake quickly turned around and looked at him. Of course, this was corrected by Chijie.
"It’s not really a big deal," Xu Zhihu looked at her with a strange face. "It’s just that we can’t call our adoptive father another name. It sounds scary!"
"Well, is that so?" Lady white snake thoughtfully nodded and frowned slightly to think seriously.
"Nothing, nothing to think about slowly." Look at her silence and seriousness. Xu Zhihu quickly expressed comfort. "Let’s call it whatever it is. If it weren’t for adoptive father …"
"Oh, I thought of it!" In silence, lady white snake suddenly raised his head and looked at him with his eyes shining slightly, just like the warm figure in Emei Mountain looking to rescue himself from the sky that day-
"Adoptive father Since you don’t like the term adoptive father, please allow your daughter in the future …"
"Please allow your daughter to call you …"
Michel platini!’
"… poof!"
Chapter 126 Somebody bring me my torch.
In the spring and March, Jiangnan is the best time of the year with beautiful scenery!
The warm sunshine in the morning made Xu Zhihu wake up with the biggest soft big bed in Jichang Garden and couldn’t help feeling that a rich man’s life is really good. Then he dragged on for half an hour and finally reluctantly got up and decided to go out and do something big.
As a result, when he just walked into the hall, he saw-
Chijieer Muliu Niu Mowang, they are all gathering at the table, holding chopsticks forks, waiting for dinner, and then not far from the kitchen, lady white snake is walking out with a big bowl of fishhead soup with a gentle and virtuous face. "If you don’t mind, please try the niece’s hand-made Dongting fish …"
Bang! Haven’t come to say that finish, she was so straight wait for a while came over to see the high threshold in front, and then …
Hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum!
Teng flying out moment has long been accustomed to lady white snake unhurried, Sandy jade hand holding fish head soup is not disorderly and gentle and graceful, and the half-length of the wind flashes directly into a silver light shining with a huge snake tail, and a roll of thick wooden pillars next to it is also very skilled, and he has made a bow and abruptly set himself in the middle.
Click! Xu Zhihu and Chi Jieer were stupefied, and dozens of bars smashed neatly. Holy shit, how many times did you fall at ordinary times to develop such agility and even spilled a drop of fish head soup …
"Hoo!" Lady white snake breathed a sigh of relief, so he rolled himself into a column and was gentle and virtuous. He carried the steaming fish head soup. "It’s good that the soup is fine. It’s good that the soup is fine. Do you want to have a taste? This is the secret fish head soup that my niece cooked for three hours this morning."
"Cocoa?" Chijie was still immersed in the wonderful acrobatic performance just now and consciously took the fish head soup. "Ah, it seems good. It smells very … eh? Is this a rice spoon? "
A few seconds later, when I saw the steaming bowl of fish head soup, Chijie and everyone around her suddenly straightened up.
That’s really steaming, and it’s cooked just right, but who can tell me that there is no fish in this fish soup with seasonings, but there is a spoon in it?
"Rice spoon?" Lady white snake was taken aback. He narrowed his eyes and leaned in. The feeling was nasty. See clearly that his face was almost soaked in the soup.

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