This made the Amyan people look surprised and angry.

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What does the blue star Terran want?
Not only do you want to catch prisoners, but you also want to get the bodies of their people.
There are two horses who are good at speed, and the nine-guard stars suddenly pounce on them. They want to give the blue star Terran a little color to see.
They can kill once and then go back.
Xu tui, An Xiaoxue, Shang Long, Cai Shaochu and Wu La, who were on standby near the city, all smiled at the same time.
It is this moment that the head of the regiment told them to wait in the order of Xu to retreat.
Almost instantly, Xu retreated from the main force field of the spirit and suddenly let a nine-guard planet speed phantom figure suddenly stagnate like a mire.
In an instant, his head suddenly disappeared by half.
An xiaoxue yuan Jian
The mental body escaped for a moment, and the array of sealed spirits instantly attacked and directly sealed the mental body. Yan Lie flashed and grabbed the mental body and body of Jiuwei.
Create another meritorious military service and completely kill a nine-guard star.
In another, Cai Shaochu’s definite formula first made his figure lag, and then Shang Long’s flying sword directly chopped his head.
Ulan Wenxing Lun Lei Guang poured out his bombardment.
In the distance, there are several nine-satellite stars who want to rescue the huge Wuyue Town Star, which is far from being blocked.
After fighting for a second, he completely killed the Mayan nine-satellite star.
Monet in the rear looked at this scene with murderous look in his eyes. "Karen pressed to try!"
In an instant, with a wave of his hand, Karen took forty nine guards and thousands of elite stars to Tianmen City in the west at the same time.
At this time, it’s not iron to retreat.
The blue star Terran, who is collecting prisoners and dead stars, quickly withdrew to Tianmen City in the west.
Xu tui, Shang long and other nine guards are waiting for the city.
At that time, the two sides were vaguely deadlocked.
The main reason is that the strength of the Maya people was damaged in the previous battle and their morale was greatly reduced.
In particular, those 44 stars who have lost their bodies need to restore their fighting power urgently.
This makes the Amyan people have no courage to charge and dare to confront the Blue Star Terran.
But after only a minute and 30 seconds of confrontation, Karen’s face changed greatly and he immediately retreated.
Before the troops were evacuated, there was an energy matrix fire blasting out from Tianmen city in the west.
Several stars were injured as a result.
However, the energy storage matrix of the celestial guards in Tianmen City in the west has been completed.
Ten kilometers has become a dangerous distance for the Hmong people.
Then the blue star Terran openly went out to Tianmen City in the west to search for the living prisoners and the bodies of the stars.
In just half an hour, more than 100 bodies of stars were found, and there were more than 5,000 Muyans alive, but most of them were quasi-planets and transmutations.
Unfortunately, whether it is a three-phase thermal explosion bomb or a fire curtain bomb, it is too fierce to get too few people alive.
"You know all about condensation, right?" Looking at the west Tianmen city blue star Terran asked softly.
"Then what are you doing? Pick a powerful star-rated corpse first!" Xu tui said
A member of the expeditionary force is the fastest when someone frowns and has some antipathy to the condensed corpse.
"Today, the first world war has done our best. All our strength is very super lethal. The ammunition library has also dropped by one fifth.
This is only for the Hmong who have the weakest offensive ability and tactics.
There are also Daxi ethnic groups with strong offensive and defensive skills.
There are also extremely tactical Elves.
If the law improves our strength in a short time, then we have no choice but to wander too early!
Fight and support the war!
Hold on tight!
Blood crystal and soul crystal are the fastest growing cultivation methods besides the pulse cultivation method of plundering the planet.
After all the blood crystals and soul crystals are extracted, hand them over to me. I will help you purify them before you come to Ascension. "
Xu back words say that finish earlier some disgust blue star star strong also silently condensed the body.
Xu tui has made it very clear.
If they persist in some stubborn ideas, they will not only wander too much, but also be inferior.
Seeing a corpse of an invader with Muya turned into a soul crystal and a blood crystal, Xu retreated, and let An Xiaoxue and Jacob work together to send those prisoners who have caught the last breath alive to the center of a brainwave star through the measuring channel.
"Teacher Ann, Mr. Jacobson, each of you has ten silver boxes for refining and absorption, and your auxiliary delivery ability will be improved as soon as possible."
In front of everyone, Xu returned to An Xiaoxue and Jacob Lun with ten silver boxes each.

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