【 Traveling … Liuli Lake (! )……】

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"It seems that the little shark confused the follow-up events …"
Wang Mu is holding the bar.
In the past six months, Wang Mu didn’t practice the mountain and sea refining body tactic many times, and he didn’t call it to help him protect the law when he went to the bottom of Yunlai Creek to practice.
I don’t know how it has been in the past six months.
The thought of this little guy Wang Mu couldn’t help but tunnel. Without it, Biyou wouldn’t have found herself so fast …
"Then just go to Liuli Lake to see it."
Wang Mu Royal Sword took off in the direction of Liuli Lake.
Wang Mu has arrived here in a day’s time.
Liuli Lake is really beautiful.
The blue waves are so vast that it looks like the sea, but in fact, you can also see mountains around it, which is a big lake.
Can be regarded as the aquarium power of Huangtianzhou side.
But when I came here at this time, I didn’t know that the surrounding area was covered. It turned out that the dense shrimp soldiers and crabs would be Jiao Ren giant sharks
It is very strange that flowers spiral around the great lake.
Like what ceremony is held and what big event is held …
It’s weird to surround the center tightly.
"What is this?"
Wang Mu a fiercely in my heart.
He walked a corner and blew the little shark to the conch …
This conch is confused by a small shark. If you want a glass lake or blow it at a farther place, that little guy can feel it.
Accompanying yourself to practice for so long, Wang Mu still misses it.
Whoo ~
Conch sound blows slowly, and the horn swings slowly.
At this time …
I saw a huge shark essence flying out of the sea.
This guy is very big, with a long tail of seven meters, such as a cattail leaf fan and a bow foot. The fins are actually two huge fists, and the shark head is swollen and abnormal, which looks very sad.
Then it wasn’t long before the tortoise with the same size was blown out of the water …
It should be that there are several cracks in the huge shell of the turtle monster in Liuli Lake. I don’t know how it was bombarded …
Wang Muxin asked, What happened? I just blew a conch …
Wang Mu frowned slightly.
I’m trying to find out
Suddenly a figure emerged from the shore of the lake.
That’s a very handsome man … with long blue hair and a slender fishtail … slightly pale and obviously Jiao Ren.
Just a male.
He held a fork in his hand and looked alert.
Leng leng after seeing Wang Mu.
"Are you … Wang Mu?" That Jiao Ren low road.
Wang Mu nods a way
"I’m here to find a little shark … a little sunseeker. I’m his friend."
The little shark was nicknamed Little Sunseeker Wang Mu because he knew it was a habit.
Jiao Ren male face slightly changed "it doesn’t you go".
Say that finish will sink coloured glaze lake.
"Wait … what’s your situation?"
Wang Mu startled.
Is there anything wrong with this coloured glaze lake?
This Jiao Ren knows his name and obviously knows the little shark.
Jiao Ren has a human friend, and I don’t have anything wrong with it. Even if people don’t, there is no need for this attitude …
Wang Mu suspected that Jiao Ren had misunderstood himself.
"I said no!" Jiao Ren male expression a cold "run! This is not that place where a human friar should come. "
Looked at Wang Munai shook his head …
However, at this moment.
A huge tentacle suddenly emerged from the bottom of the lake and wrapped around Jiao Ren male in an instant.
"We dare to sneak out under the eyelids of the dumpling king temple … Oh, who’s here?"
A strange noise came from the bottom of the sea.
That psychic voice is very penetrating.
Wang Mu frowned slightly.
I don’t know what the situation is
"General Wu Wang, this is an outsider," Jiao Ren whispered.
"Outsiders how have you Jiao Ren blue conch? This is a precious thing for you Jiao Ren people. No wonder the little master said how to find your little dumpling female conch turned out to be here … "
Jiao Ren male face a change.

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