However, this excreta pigment can cultivate dragon saliva fruit, but this method of cultivating dragon saliva fruit has long since lost its owner. If there is no real dragon, so is this method of cultivating dragon saliva fruit.

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The grass in front of Meng Qi is of course not a dragon’s saliva fruit. If it is a dragon’s saliva fruit, the majestic aura alone will attract people from the whole cultivation world.
Needless to say, I’m afraid even a small mountain can not cover up this small cave.
In front of Meng Qi, the grass is a plant that bears longan fruit. This plant will wither soon after the longan fruit is picked, because a plant can bear an longan fruit.
However, if the asparagus fruit is picked before it is fully mature, the plant that bears the asparagus fruit can occupy the unabsorbed nutrients and be born, and then the plant can be called the asparagus grass.
However, if there is not a large amount of spiritual fluid, the plant will be alive if it inputs nutrients.
Thought of here Meng Qi suddenly remembered the pool of lotion outside.
What did he suddenly understand? There will be a dragon saliva grass here.
Although there are dozens of dragonflower fruits, it is still a rare treasure to cultivate immortals. If people know that there is a dragonflower here, I’m afraid it will cause no less riots than the battle between the devil and the devil.
Meng Qi paused for half a ring, then turned back into a person, carefully dug it out by the roots for fear of losing a beard, and then swallowed it with red and wet soil regardless of the face.
Chapter one hundred and six In fact, I am a good man
A huge amount of reiki washed Meng Qi’s body, which made him feel high. Meng Qiyou felt that some impurities in his body seemed to be being excluded from the body.
At this time, Meng Qi suddenly let out a scream and then fell to the ground to reveal the snake body, and then a little black blood flowed out of his body.
After half a ring, Meng Qi finally recovered. He climbed to the ground motionless and gasped heavily.
Just now, he experienced it once. That time, Fang Ling Ling forced it to wash the warp and cut the pulp. This time, it really brought effect to the dragon saliva grass.
Although it is extremely painful, the effect is very different. It can be said that this dragon saliva grass almost arranges the dirty impurities of Meng Qi’s body, and it is quite different from the primary washing and pulp cutting.
Of course, even if it has achieved this effect, it will be a big sigh if it is known. Unfortunately, if it is matched with several kinds of Dan medicines, it is absolutely possible to develop a furnace of high-grade pulp washing Dan, which is very good for high-ranking monks.
But this guy Meng Qi chewed peony like a cow.
However, for Meng Qi, this is quite correct. If you take it out, I am afraid that bringing it to Meng Qi will surely be a disaster.
Even though he knew it was a wave, he ate the dragon saliva grass at the first time.
After half a ring, Meng Qi felt his strength returned to himself. He came to the pool outside and swam in to clean his dirt.
At this time, Meng Qihe was very different when he first came here more than ten years ago. He is no longer the ordinary black-brown scales.
At this time, it has transformed into a pure black with dark gold scales. Although it looks quite extraordinary, it is still not very big, but from the streamlined lines, it can be seen that this body is not particularly strong and contains great strength.
Meng Qi changed back into a person and looked at his body carefully. He could feel that his body was different, stronger and more suitable for cultivation.
Meng Qi dressed and then looked at the pool that became a little dirty, and the heart moved slightly to exert magic, and the dirty water came out of the pool.
Meng Qi threw it outside to make the pool clean, and then the stalactite dropped into the water droplets and slowly injected into it again, just like thousands of years ago.
At this time, Meng Qi already felt that the stalactite water droplets had a little aura. It seems that the former aura was indeed absorbed by the dragon saliva grass.
At this time, the dragon saliva grass has scattered in Meng Qi’s body, and the stalactite aura will naturally recover slowly.
However, although it is a rare spiritual spring, it has not reached the level of Zhong Shi milk for ten thousand years. However, Meng Qi thinks that if it is allowed to develop slowly, it will eventually become a stalactite for ten thousand years. Maybe it will have a chance to condense Zhong Shi milk for ten thousand years, right?
Meng Qi emerged from the cave, took a breath of the outside air, and then drove off to Cheng Rewei and others. He had been dead for too long and estimated that they were already worried.
When Meng Qi came to the waiting place of Cheng Rewei and others, he found that they were already anxious, and they were relieved to see Meng Qi.
Cheng Rewei complained, "How did you go there for a long time? We are all worried that something happened to you. "Then Cheng Rewei felt something was wrong. How did it seem that Meng Qi was different after a while?
Meng Qi shook his head and said, "Come with me when you explore some terrain waves. I found a good place."
Then Meng Qi led the people to the small valley, where it was really good. They looked at the valley and thought they could relax a little for one night.
"Meng Qi, why do I feel that you seem different today?" At night, all the people rested separately, while Meng Qi took the initiative to take up the vigil project. If EU came to chat with Meng Qi.
Meng Qi sat in a hill with a blade of grass in his mouth, thinking that it was the meeting of cultivating immortals.
Hear Cheng Rewei asked him to spit out the grass in his mouth and said, "What will happen? You are too oversensitive. "In fact, Meng Qi secretly praised this Cheng Rewei observation for being too strong.

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