"Wu Xuan period of Warcraft Dan thirteen tongtian period of Warcraft two harvest these days should be enough for me to live here for a while." The number in my heart during this period of harvest Xu Shao corners of the mouth smile more and more strong.

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And when Xu Shao was proud, huā spotted leopard roared repeatedly, but his sharp claws were flying in bloody pieces, tearing up the heavenly python.
Looking at huā spotted leopard with great interest, Xu Shao couldn’t help but criticise the "you are still a greedy guy"
Laugh, "Xu Shao is in huā spotted leopard’s expectation expression. The dagger in his hand crossed the seven-inch place of the heavenly python and raised his hand to throw the daring of the heavenly python into huā spotted leopard’s mouth.
"Come on, this harvest has been enough for me for a while. Now it’s time to find a place and ask you to protect me when it’s closed." Xu Shao dotes on huā leopard’s head and caresses M, and turns to the depths of the jungle in huā leopard’s bursts of Shu growl.
Ever since huā spotted leopard fought in Sirius Mountain, Xu Shao has felt that he has reached the peak of qi deficiency period, and when the time is right, he can break through to the state of solidification period.
Although Xu Shao doesn’t care too much about the breakthrough, he also has some joy in his heart when he feels that he is about to break through.
And these days, Xu Shao is always on the verge of life and death, struggling to survive in adversity, and finally securing the realm M not to find a breakthrough opportunity.
If the practitioner of qi deficiency period is to accept the vitality of heaven and earth and expand the meridians by concise body, then the realm of consolidation period is to integrate the strength of heaven and earth into the meridians of flesh and blood and lay a solid foundation.
If the qi deficiency fighters can be regarded as the initial contact with martial arts, then the solid fighters really step into the ranks of fighters.
On the content of vitality in the two realms of qi deficiency period and coagulation period alone, the vitality in the realm of qi deficiency period is in the form of fog, although it can really make it rare, and the remaining vitality will be used to expand the meridians to prepare for the coagulation period.
After entering the consolidation period, the expansion of meridians has been completed, and the qi deficiency period fighters are too pure and pure, and the meridians will be condensed and eventually present a liquid state. At this time, a fighter really has a foundation to fight with the fix-true.
Xu Shao, sitting on the cliff of the mountain, closed his eyes and held his hand in flint. I don’t know how many times he changed it, but with the rapid change of his hand, the force of heaven and earth slowly condensed from the emptiness.
But for a moment, it condensed into a pure vitality in Xu Shaozhou’s virtual surroundings.
Keep your eyes closed when the vitality of heaven and earth converge to its peak. Xu Shao suddenly opened his eyes and a bright cold mountain passed.
"Heaven and earth bring together all living things!"
A growl scattered around Xu Shaozhou, and the vitality suddenly surged. But for a moment, it almost condensed into the essence of vitality, just like the running river flowing into the sea and entering the meridians of Xu Shao.
Qi and energy are integrated into the body. Xu Shao’s bones are crackling and crunching in a moment. Xu Shao’s thin body was abruptly raised by several inches.
And the pale skin gradually became crystal clear and round with the rustling of bones, and the moonlight shone like a little bit of fine light, just like a newborn baby, emitting bursts of fragrance
However, in a short time, the original fit clothes became thin and thin.
Bitter looking at the clothes that barely covered the body, Xu Yuli tore the clothes that didn’t fit and threw them to the ground. The light of the ring flashed and a brand-new clothes fell into Xu Shao’s hand. "Fortunately, I knew that this kind of thing would happen before I broke through the solidification period. If it weren’t for me, Xu Shao would be naked?"
The thought of walking naked in the mountains and forests made Xu Shao’s body very weak, and a chill came to my mind.
There has never been a speed to simply wear clothes. Xu Shaocai came to check the physical condition. After a while, Xu Shao’s face has hung a little stunned and puzzled, Se
"How pure is this force …?" Mind to check the meridians force b not move Xu Shao heart shock has words to shape.
Although Xu Shao doesn’t know the purity degree of body force after other fighters break through to the stage of solidification, Xu Shao can guarantee that the purity degree of body energy will far exceed that of other fighters at the same stage.
"I’m afraid this vitality content and purity are no worse than the peak fighters in the solidification period, but … how can this abnormality occur?" Gee, click, click, click, and Xu Shao feels that if it weren’t for good psychological quality, I’m afraid he should have been unable to help but roar at this time.
But Rao is so Xu Shao still can’t help but burst into joy in my heart. The corners of my mouth slightly evoke evil smiles, and the dim moonlight outside is particularly cold.
In my heart, Xu Shao tried to find out the reason for the variation of the achievement method, but in the end he attributed the reason to the adventure in Shaolin Temple in the past.
Although Xu Shao’s inexplicable physical death in the past life ended a short period of time, Xu Shao was reluctant to part with some familiar people, but that accident also made Xu Shao gain some adventures that others expected not to come.
The integration of Buddha’s bones and relics into the soul is a strange achievement that is rare in my life.
Every time this kind of adventure makes Xu Shao want to come, he can’t help but feel happy. Of course, this joy is also mixed with light sadness.
"Is this pale Xu Shao compensation for me? But this is too ridiculous." spat out a mouthful of phlegm. Xu Shao raised his finger in huā leopard’s puzzled expression and hated it.
After a long time, Xu Shao scolded tired, and his heart was a little tired. Two lines of tears had slowly dripped down the corner of his eye.
Perhaps the sky also felt the deep sadness hidden in Xu Shao’s heart, and a biting cold wind blew through the thunder and thunderous heavy rain.
Rain and tears flowed into the corners of Xu Shao’s mouth along his angular face, which made Xu Shao dull for a while.
Chapter 30 Colored hearts have no desire for sex
It rained heavily that night.
On a rainy night, Xu Shao looked at the distant sky in a trance alone.
In this way, one person and one leopard stand in wait for a while on a rainy night.
For a long time, after a long time, Xu Shao, who was in tears, gave a dull sigh, which was a little tired but more of a relief after indulgence
Sdàngce Xu Shao crossed over, although he has been unruly to hide himself, he still has a little resistance to the world in his heart.
Even the mother dotes on Xu Tiannan’s love, but it can also alleviate a little Xu Shao’s injured heart, but in the depths of his heart, the pain and sadness are always lingering.
That’s why Xu Shao will put dàng in these years to hide himself. It’s a kind of pain from the heart.
"Now that I have come here, can I still look forward to going back? Conditions ….. "Tearing his mouth, Hun, Xu Shao’s face is more bitter towards his body." What’s more, I’m afraid it’s hard to repay this feeling all my life. What I can do is to take responsibility for him. "
Long spit out a sigh of relief, Xu Shaozhen waved his arm, and a faint vitality enveloped Xu Shao’s body. He jumped over huā Spotted Leopard and raised his hand in huā Spotted Leopard’s forehead, and suddenly disappeared into the thick night.
A few days later, a teenager riding huā spotted leopard slowly appeared in the dense fog outside the city gate.
"Who …? Come and sign up. "
Xu Shao has not yet approached the gate when she heard a muffled hum full of pitfalls. When the sound came up, a burly man with a beard appeared on the side of the gate.
The strong man is holding a square painting halberd, and his face is as cold as frost. Hum, Zhongsen’s cold and murder are almost condensed into essence, which makes Xu Shao’s face just walk to the front of the city gate suddenly become dark and surprised. "How can a character like the strong man be sent to guard the city gate? Is there any change in the risk?"
In my heart, I was surprised whether something happened in the leaker. Xu Shaoke didn’t want to get into trouble at this head. "The younger generation Xu Shao went to the periphery to hunt Warcraft and returned to hope that the older generation would let him go."
Xu Shao voice didn’t b not move as if didn’t notice the strange at the gate.
However, although Xu Shao’s mood didn’t move at all, it didn’t mean that the strong gatekeeper would take off the mortal period. He wanted to take off the mortal period after a short silence. The burly strong man shook his hands and painted Ji in the sky. A pair of deep eyes were still like stars, keeping a close eye on Xu Shao’s eyes full of strange Se.
"Have you ever met anything strange along the way?" The burly giant Han’s eyes in the previous step were cold and bright, and he looked deep into the dense fog, and his expression was full of dignified Se.
Although Xu Shao didn’t know what happened, he probably guessed some "senior and junior came all the way and didn’t encounter any strange things …" Xu Shao asked with a full face of doubt.
"I haven’t met you. In that case, you should go to town quickly." With a wave of his hand, the burly giant man’s face is impatient with Se.
Although Xu Shao has no interest in what happened, his heart is full of anger at this trend of letting people spend money.
Of course, although Xu Shao doesn’t want to in his heart, he will never again take a deep look at the burly giant man at this moment, as if he wanted to imprint the strong man’s appearance on his heart and immediately turned around and carried huā leopard into the besieged city.
"Xu Shao, how dare you face me?" As soon as Xu Shao entered the city and went to observe the surrounding situation in the future, he was awakened by a stuffy hum full of anger. The crisp roar made people feel delicious.

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