That person can be Haria.

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"Find one" I think after passing, I will drag Zhao Feiyu to find a Hariya now and together. If her skill is really slightly higher than ours, she will be hanged.
The number of people in the scenic spot has increased, and I’m not sure where I went. That person doesn’t like mobile phones, and he won’t take me and Zhao Feiyu around the Mogao Grottoes like flies. Later, he and I acted separately.
I don’t know where I ran. I was hunched over and panting for a rest. I didn’t expect a black shadow to suddenly come at me
I didn’t react, but I was thrown down by that black shadow. I rolled around awkwardly for a few times, and then I got up as quickly as possible. I also saw the bearer in front of me.
"I was looking for you, and you came to me so soon?" I looked at Haria’s consciousness and touched the hidden waist meteorite and said with a smile, "I can spare your life if you say it."
"It turns out that the imperial doctor of Sangongyi is a person who speaks by mouth." Haria looked at me with a contemptuous smile and made a fighting posture. It seemed that she was going to fight me with her bare hands.
What is fair or unfair? I never think about that question. Winning is the only goal for me.
Although I made a few cuts on Haria’s body, Haria was not a vegetarian. I found that if I didn’t have a handful of meteorite in my hand, I would have divined her a little cheaper than Haria.
I have defined her as an enemy, and I deliberately distanced myself from her, which is beneficial to my operation.
"Call Yin definitely demons shadows from my order called Yin definitely in the soldiers fight …"
"Kobayashi, don’t!"
I haven’t finished my decision yet, but a familiar figure just stood in front of me, and I looked at it intently.
There must be something wrong with the appearance of arrogance. When I abruptly interrupted the line and spit out a mouthful of blood from my mouth, I was once again tasted the pain of self-criticism.
I stared at him above me and scolded you for what you were doing! Why should I interrupt you? If I hadn’t crushed you, you’d be dead, you know!
Looking at me shyly, even Haria looked at me with a sorry expression. I looked at me shyly and looked at what Haria seemed to be white for a moment.
I pointed to Haria and said, "Think it over before you speak. If you want to tell me that Haria is from a river, I will never kill you. I really will never kill you!"!
Above, Haria looked at me apologetically and said, Kobayashi, you are still so clever. Haria is one of our own and is also looking at the candidates of Sangong.
"I will go to your second uncle!" Above that, I just kicked the above body, and then my hands and feet crossed and beat me up.
I know I’m wrong, and I’m still lying on my head. I’ll wait until I’ve had enough, and I won’t forget to add a foot in the end
Haria handed me a piece of toilet paper and motioned me to wipe my face, sweat and bloodshot corners of my mouth. I stared at her and said grumpily, Is it fun? Ah!
Haria looked at me and said, No … Yes, I said that Sangong should know each other’s abilities, so I just …
"You have a reason! Do you know that if I really finished reading the password just now, you will be the second if you are the first to die! " I looked at Haria and said, spirit not dozen 1 come.
Is it so scary for Haria to bow her head when she hears me …
This girl is angry with me!
The three of us found Zhao Feiyu and at one time, the two of them were laughing and laughing. I was beaten all over with dust and my face was hung up. I am not black and blue, but I will be embarrassed by Haria’s body and wounds. This is a typical dog-eat-dog
Back to Xi ‘an Road, I told Ying Zheng that I was afraid that the three of us would not be able to take care of the baby, so I called Haria to help. Ying Zheng told Haria before coming, that she knew the strength of the three of us, so Haria wrote, directed and acted a play.
Girl, you have a talent for acting! How did you show that frightened expression when you saw the ghost? Come on, girl!
The husband and baby have been taken away by Haria. She followed us all the time yesterday to find out the specific location of the husband and baby. Last night, Haria took the husband and baby away with her arrogance. Finally, fortunately, the husband and baby returned to the river.
After returning to Xi ‘an, someone has already connected us to the headquarters of the river, which is a tall building. I didn’t know why Ying Zheng did this until I got to the top floor.
I can see the headquarters of the ghost building clearly after this building. Now I am the Honky building. I don’t know that the headquarters of the river is almost 500 meters away!
I felt that I was in the wrong place when the ladder door was clicked. The antique decoration made me wonder that I was back in ancient times. When I saw a terracotta warrior in front of me, I was completely silent about Ying Zheng.
Is this to ward off evil spirits?
When we saw the terracotta warriors and horses, our expressions were all weird, just like meeting old acquaintances. The rest of us were all the same. This is a good expression to ward off evil spirits.
I didn’t expect that Ying Zheng also got a dragon chair in this place! What a dragon chair!
Ying Zheng is sitting in his dragon chair with his legs crossed, playing with his mobile phone. I have to think this scene is too weird, too weird!
Ying Zheng looked up at us and said, "We’re all back? Know each other, right
"Yes, I almost killed myself when I met you. Do you know me?" I looked at the side of Haria and said
Haria gave me a white look with a small box and handed it to Ying Zheng.
Ying Zheng took a look at the contents of the box and nodded with satisfaction, saying that your speed is still quite fast. Now, the three public offices are ready. I want you to get to know each other. Although you are all newcomers, you are the best in this circle.
Above nodded and took the stairs to the building. Now there are four people. I simply went to Ying Zheng to play the little box and wanted to see what Mr. Zhang was like.
When I saw my husband and baby, I suddenly felt a sense of familiarity in my body, as if there were two people in front of me who had not seen each other for a long time.
One is Ying Zheng, and the other is the husband and baby in the box.
Chapter 10 Looking for Undercover
By the time I brought the rest of the people here, I had already brewed Ying Zheng’s tea and drank it all. Today, Ying Zheng has a good temper and patiently poured water for tea.
I looked up at those people at random, many of them were unfamiliar faces, but I recognized two faces by a horse
One is Huang Shibu and the other is my father Mu Rongxing.
My brow wrinkled slightly, but I put the teacup in a cold hum. Why is Huang Shibu alive now when he was not abused to death?
"I’ll see you!" Before I could react, I saw this group of people kneeling. I looked up and saw if Ying Zheng was too big.
Ying Zheng is still simply pouring tea with his back to them and waving at random. Everyone is the fastest. This posture has to make me wonder if I have returned to the Qin Dynasty
"Are they all here?" Ying Zheng turned around and asked above.
"Yes" above bowed their heads and answered Ying Zheng way.
Ying Zheng pointed to the seats around and said to them, sit down.
When everyone was seated, I looked at those people and brought six people. I had never seen anyone except Huang Shibu and Murongxing. I withdrew my eyes and put Ying Zheng in my attention department.

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