"Royal elder sister; I miss you so much! " As long as I haven’t seen my loved ones meet; Then in the dark, it was time for the blood shadow to teach those people to be defeated and the royal elder sister and his party came out; A sad and a happy Sunday is not easy to see the organization naturally, and at that time, it was directly held in the past towards each other.

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However; On Sunday, when he was excited, he shouted out his heart, but he didn’t realize what consequences he would get from this move.
"Royal elder sister?" The veins stood out, cross the road, the royal elder sister’s hearing is quite outstanding. Although she spoke very quickly, she just heard the words of the royal elder clearly. At ordinary times, Zhou is calling her Elder Rain, and the rain elder sister’s eyes suddenly find that since she is called the royal elder sister on Sunday, although she doesn’t know what the royal elder sister really means, she can feel that the word’ royal elder sister’ is not a good word. It is still angry.
"The soul is pale; What do you mean by royal sister? You’d better give me an explanation or those guys will be your role models! " A will be prepared to pounce on her from Sunday; Royal elder sister lived on Sunday with one hand and made a few handprints towards the remaining blood shadow Christians, and there was a loud noise the day after tomorrow; A thick wooden thunder fell directly from the sky, which also split the blood shadow Christians into black charcoal.
"Scare me! Look at the trick; Catch, milk, African hands! " Due to the destruction of the black building, Zhou’s family feud is also reported to be more than half. Although there is a bigger blood shadow, it may be related to the murder of Zhou’s family, but overall; Sunday is now a family feud; At that time, Zhou’s nature was restored.
Last Sunday, I forgot the fact of my family feud by being bullied by the royal sisters. Zhou Tian-ren is not a small pain, even a beautiful woman can’t really complain and let the other side bully herself, and now her sex is restored; Know that the royal elder sister is a hard-spoken and soft-hearted person; I don’t believe that the other party will really take a joke about myself. Sunday stretched out his hands and went toward each other’s chest.
Heaven and earth conscience; Zhou Tianxing is just a joke, depending on the strength of the royal sister; If he doesn’t want to be afraid, it’s Zhou Tiandong. No matter how fast he is afraid, it’s impossible to recruit.
But on Sunday, I forgot a very important thing. At ordinary times, on Sunday, I always played the role of doormat in front of the royal sisters. Now my Sunday mentality has changed. But this matter royal elder sister they don’t know the root from a royal elder sister to Sunday unprepared for such a situation; On Sunday, this stretch out his hand was very unexpected and aimed at the goal!
The expression of the royal elder sister has been frozen; On the sidelines, several people’s expressions were also fixed, that is, Sunday moved his hands at that time because of his unexpected success; Have a good experience of the touch of your hands!
"ah!" As the day moves; The chest abnormality finally woke the royal elder sister up with a scream; The royal elder sister’s punishment for coming late on Sunday was arrival at that time.
"Kill you, kill you; Absolutely want to kill you! " With the royal elder sister’s roar every day, a lightning bolt of B wood fell at that time; But in a moment, Sunday was bombarded by the thunder of the royal elder sister; Directly, it was blown into a pile of black charcoal.
Fortunately, the royal elder sister has not been so angry that she has lost her mind, and her hands are still measured; Although Sunday looks miserable, it is true; Sunday didn’t suffer any fatal injuries, that is, the appearance was a little miserable.
"Hoo!" I spit out a circle of black smoke from my mouth, and my face turned a little better on Sunday. On Sunday, I didn’t think that my move would be successful. Now when I find myself accidentally taking advantage of my royal sister; Although it was severely cleaned up by him, it was still quite cool for Zhou Tianxin to let you bully us every day and get what you deserve today!
Of course; It’s okay to think about it in my heart, but I dare not show my thoughts. If the royal elder sister knows the nasty thoughts of Zhou Tianxin, she will be hit by another B-wood thunder immediately!
A face flushed and threw his hand’ black charcoal’ to the ground; Royal elder sister looked a little guilty when others found that no one looked at her differently because of what had just happened; This is a little relieved at that time. Then; Stepped hard on Sunday; He condescended to him and asked, "where is the tree I asked you to move back?" Don’t tell me; You have thrown it away! "
"no!" Suddenly, I put the royal elder sister on my leg; Sunday ignored his surprised eyes and climbed up from the ground and patted the dust; After recovering a little face, Sunday replied flatly at that time, "It’s not that you don’t know about the blood shadow teaching action if you act with that tree according to my strength;" Afraid of already is to let them give away; I also found a hidden place to bury the tree early, according to the information I received; That tree is a flower for ten years, and this time I have collected the results; Wait until twenty years later; When that tree bear fruit, we can just go and get its fruit. "
"Have you eaten any fruit?" The little girl who stayed by and didn’t talk after hearing Sunday’s words; Is like the wind rushed to the front of Sunday; A pair of big eyes looking at Sunday; A pair of’ you don’t give me fruit to eat; I’ll cry for you.’ Looking at Sunday with a straight expression made Sunday fall into its eyes.
Sunday can be said to the little girl is the real love when she sees the fruit to eat; Word root did not hesitate, and at that time, he took out a dozen wind apricots from the inside and handed them to the little girl. The little girl was so happy that her eyes were almost narrowed.
"Bo ~" was glad that the little girl left a mouthful of saliva on Sunday. At that time, I skipped to the side to eat her’ food’ …
"What is the fruit? You should know this! " Looking at the little girl with a happy face; Royal elder sister after loving looked at it; This just expression eased a little for Sunday asked about the wind apricot ability.
"The first three can be higher than the purity of one person’s wind root after three; If you eat again, you will be able to restore some spirit! " It seems that I am very dissatisfied with the fruit ability, and I usually take out a wind apricot on Sunday; Conveniently also threw it into his mouth.
Chapter 13 Spacecraft
"Nani!" Hear Sunday words; On Sunday, when she was still munching on the wind apricot, the royal elder sister had pulled it to her face and asked her mercilessly, "What did you just say? What is the fruit ability? I seem to have misheard; Say it again. "
"If you eat three pure Fengling roots and then eat three, you will be able to restore some Fengling power."
"The soul is pale; Since you dare to take such a precious fruit as food, give it to our department quickly and don’t leave one. "Pinching Sunday’s neck is a shaking after confirming the apricot; Eye at this time of the royal elder sister but baby up the wind apricot see Sunday since the wind apricot as food eat gas all don’t know where to play if it is not Sunday has been the wind apricot thrown into his mouth; I’m afraid I just ate that apricot on Sunday; Royal elder sister has the impulse to take it away.
Zhou Tianran forgot that he had just learned about Feng Xing’s ability to show that he saw the royal elder sister’s impatient performance and couldn’t help laughing internally and being shaken by her neck. Can’t help but stretch out your hands to make a lieutenant to attack the chest. The royal elder sister will be scared to let go and cover her chest and retreat on Sunday. That’s when Naidao said, "It’s just a few wind apricots; Do you care so much? Anyway, the apricot trees are in our hands; Just pick up as many apricots as you want, and it’s nothing too big; It’s good to eat three pure spiritual roots, but after three, it won’t be too big. According to the number of apricot in my hand; There are still many royal sisters in each of us, so you won’t have to rob them. "
"The soul is pale; What do you mean by that? Also; Don’t call me Yujie! " Roaring towards Sunday, the royal elder sister calmed down her anger, and then she answered again at that time; "For yuan baby before the monk; Spirit root is absolutely the most important condition for practice, and since the wind apricot can be pure, the spirit root is particularly pure, or the wind is a special spirit root. Can you imagine how big it can be if a sect has such a spirit fruit? Moreover; Just the original medicine is already so powerful. If I can refine it into Dan medicine, I don’t know if it is possible to refine Dan medicine with better efficacy and hand it over quickly. Don’t force me to be strong! "
Look at the expression more and more excited, and look at yourself with flashing eyes; It seems that at any time, it is possible to rush toward yourself, and there is a big drop of sweat on the forehead of Royal Sister Sunday.
On Sunday, I knew that the royal elder sister was obsessed with refining medicine, but on Sunday, I never thought that her obsession with refining medicine had reached such an alarming level. If I let her know my secret, I would think that the royal elder sister might react at that time. Sunday can’t help shivering.
The reason for being scared by the performance of the royal sister; On Sunday, I took out a handful of wind apricots at a speed far exceeding its usual speed; I gave the little girl a pair of three disciples alone, and then I gave the rest of my hand to the royal elder sister.
Looking at the people who are eating apricot in high spirits; Although the royal elder sister is heartbroken; But in the end, I also know that public anger is difficult to commit; After finally giving Sunday a hard stare; Then I gave Sunday to her and carefully put it in my carry-on bag.
After putting things away; See everyone eating apricot with relish; Royal elder sister will feel heart uncomfortable not anger hum after a; Then he said to Zhou Tiandao, "Since we have already met; Then leave quickly! Otherwise, if we are surrounded by those people who are taught by Blood Shadow; Want to kill out again is not an easy thing. "
"oh; Good! " On Sunday, naturally, I don’t want to be so divorced from being chased so badly by the blood shadow believers, and there have been many distress experiences, if possible; Sunday is really want to kill those blood shadow teaching department.
Yes; Sunday is also clear; Your roots don’t have that strength, maybe your royal sister does; But on Sunday, he didn’t have the strength to let him lose his selfishness and go to the blood shadow to teach people to fight. If if the royal elder sister was injured in the blood shadow teaching battle; That Sunday will never forgive myself.
People can’t just consider themselves; Institute; Even if the heart is unwilling, Sunday still rationally chose to nod and agree with the royal elder sister’s suggestion that we should leave first and then talk about blood shadow teaching at this time; According to their own eye strength, progress ability, Sunday feeling is a blood shadow teaching, so it is not impossible for the monks to find them with absolute strength in the future to get back their blood debts.
Nod on Sunday; By default, the royal elder sister took out a 20 cm long wooden boat from her bag and threw it into the sky.
Then; When the wooden boat rose to the middle, it suddenly swelled like a balloon, and it didn’t take long; The original wooden boat, which was still the size of a model, was shocked on Sunday and turned into a small spaceship more than 20 meters long.
It seems that the royal elder sister has already moved this spaceship. Generally, except for Zhou Tianwai, others are no strangers to this sudden spaceship. After handing them the apricot on Sunday and eating it, the royal elder sister helped one by one to get the spaceship.
Until everyone has gone; The royal elder sister flew into the spaceship at that time and then took out a few lingshi and put them into a concave hole of the spaceship; Then I saw that the speed of the spacecraft was so fierce at that time that it flew away from the original place; Fly away towards the east
The spacecraft is very fast; After looking at it from the inside out for a week, it is natural to have a fairly intuitive understanding of the speed of the spaceship where your eyes are riding, combined with your own earth memory.
Not as fast as a plane; But it’s not much slower! After the heart has such an understanding; On Sunday, I was relieved at that time.
Although the Blood Shadow Sect is said to be quite powerful, it has not yet reached the point where it can be seen by other schools. Besides, I believe that the Blood Shadow Sect does not want too many people to know about it. Eye blood shadow teaching is to surround this area nearby, and out of this area, blood shadow teaching will also take Sunday and they have no choice.
Depending on the speed of the spacecraft; I believe that this is the case in a few minutes; On Sunday, nature will be at ease.
I am bent on believing that I have arrived safely on Sunday, but it seems that I have never considered another thing. The world can fly, not just some flying tools, but their spacecraft can fly; Is it convenient for people who don’t have the ability to fly?
Fourteenth Zhang Biao magic weapon
"Boom!" With a loud noise; On Sunday, their spaceship suddenly shook violently, and they woke up with a start when they were ready to rest.
Sunday didn’t know what was going on outside. At the same time, the spacecraft shook. I can’t help but look at the outside world through the window until I find the outside situation; Sunday was immediately frowned.
On Sunday, the original party left by themselves in a spaceship; Blood shadow teaches those people to want to keep them, and they will not have the ability to wait until they fly away; Blood shadow is taught in a short time; Before they were found; Should be to give up those actions against them
Eye-catching; Blood shadow teaching is what they did to tell Zhou Tianqi what common sense was originally known, and the means available to fix the true world are various. The earth’s surface that a set of ideas to consider the problem; That problem will naturally become a common thing.
They have a spaceship on Sunday; Blood shadow to teach one party is out of the fly sword to deal with …
Although the speed of the spacecraft is very fast, it cannot deny a weakness of the spacecraft; The huge size makes it easy for people to find that they should pay a little attention to the sky when flying in the sky; It is normal to find their spacecraft on Sunday.
Worse; On Sunday, they started the spaceship and there were many blood shadow Christians looking for such an environment on Sunday. It didn’t take long for their spacecraft to start on Sunday; Let people discover the facts of these things; Sunday is not without thought. Only Sunday is not considered clearly. That is, those monks still have the ability to fly.
Flying swords, magic weapons, clouds …
Nearly a thousand blood shadow Christians are hanging far behind their spaceship on Sunday and just a little distance away from it; It will also be shipped with spells and magic weapons to attack their spacecraft on Sunday.
When they arrived on Sunday, they didn’t find each other, but as the spacecraft shook; On Sunday, however, they inevitably found those Christians who were chasing them with flying swords behind them.
I didn’t know what to do on Sunday when I found those blood shadow Christians, if it were on the ground; On Sunday, although I dare not say that I can defeat those blood shadow Christians, there are at least several ways to try to get away from those blood shadow Christians.
But the eyes are half; For Zhou Tian, who has no flight ability, leaving the spaceship means that his life will be in danger. In addition, Zhou Tianren has no long-range attack ability to face those who follow him. On Sunday, naturally, I can’t get up!
But fortunately; At this time of the eye, it is not very important for the eye events that those blood shadow Christians have recruited people by the royal sister. It is not very important for the eye events to be there on Sunday, and they are anxious to do so. Royal elder sister is in the discovery of those blood shadow christians; Is already immediately took action.
"Sit tight!" Freely on Sunday, after they confessed, the royal elder sister was full of excitement and put her hands on those few lingshi. On Sunday, the spaceship they took was suddenly one at that time; Then it will suddenly speed up and directly bring them to the back seat on Sunday, depending on the sudden acceleration; On Sunday, they will also be followed by the group of blood shadow Christians to jilt to disappear.
Of course; This situation is only that a royal elder sister can speed up the ship, and the blood shadow teaching party naturally has the same speed method, and I don’t know what kind of method those blood shadow teaching believers finally moved. On Sunday, their ship just threw them away a little bit, and their speed was suddenly a little bit, which also brought the distance between the two sides closer again.
Seeing that the royal elder sister of the blood shadow Sect who came after her was enthusiastic and excited, she deliberately slowed down a little until the blood shadow Sect was about to come after her; It was at that time that the speed was given up again …
The two sides are controlling their respective flying tools at a high speed in the sky; Will speed again and again on Sunday, they took the spaceship, and those who drove their magic weapons, the blood shadow Christians, crossed and flew in the sky for a while. For a while, many people of the blood shadow Christians jointly blocked the road ahead of the spaceship, and for a while, the royal sister controlled the spaceship with a trajectory that the other side could not imagine. From the defense gap of those blood shadow Christians, they kept crossing the whole process, and the picture of the earth racing was similar.
"and so on; Bragging! " The mind flashed through such an idea; Sunday seems to have thought of something, and then it’s time to focus on the royal elder sister at that time; On Sunday, I immediately found the abnormal place.
Originally surrounded by those blood shadow believers, it is reasonable to say that; Driving a spaceship royal elder sister should be more nervous to be true; How can you be nervous to see the royal elder sister’s red face on Sunday? I’m afraid that I’m not afraid because of the round-up of those blood shadow Christians, but I seem to be still very excited
Calm down and recall the situation just now; Sunday is not angry …
Deliberately; It’s absolutely deliberate that the royal elder sister didn’t want to hide her thoughts. Just Sunday, she didn’t think about it in that way. She recalled the course of the event. On Sunday, she immediately became blind. What was the royal elder sister doing there?
A magic weapon; It is obvious that the royal elder sister is there to tease those blood shadow Christians, just like those people who like racing on the earth. The royal elder sister seems to enjoy this kind of chasing after each other and feel that she has the strength to get rid of each other quickly because of her hobbies. Is deliberately slowed down, playing with those blood shadow Christians there.

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