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The palm print of Jia Ye Venerable Jin Fu crashed in the middle, and a loud noise crashed and the palm print of Jia Ye Venerable broke.
"Amitabha!" Jia Ye honour person big drink a way
Around thousands of stick shadow crashing into the word’ swastika’ Jin Fu.
There was a loud noise and the word Jin Fu stopped, but thousands of sticks and shadows were crashing and breaking.
The Tathagata’s eyes were cold and said, "I used to be able to fight back today and let you see the driving force of a Buddhist avenue!"
"View from the Bodhisattva!" Drink as soon as you come.
At the same time, the rule of massive longevity Buddha is also to put your hands together and drink "View from the Bodhisattva!"
Suddenly, Pu Avenue bloomed with dazzling light. At that time, the regular sea churned around, and the regular sea avenue affected the outside world. Around the Tathagata place, the power of heaven and earth was involved and went straight to the’ swastika’ word.
The swastika Jin Fu was magnified a hundred times in an instant, and more than four weeks later, there was a strong thunder rushing towards Jia Ye’s honour person.
Jia Ye honour person face a change.
"Luohan array ten thousand sticks with me!" Jia Ye honour person a drink.
Tens of thousands of sticks in all directions came crashing together towards the huge’ swastika’ word Jin fu chong.
Jia Ye’s efforts to swastika Jin Fu crashed into each other.
There was a loud noise, and all the sticks exploded, but the strength of the swastika was also knocked away, but I still turned my back and hit the venerable Jia Ye.
"Amitabha Buddha’s golden body protector!"
Once again, the swastika gold symbol seems to have lost its strength and slowly returned to the palm of the Tathagata.
Jia Ye is inverted out a good half-day just slow down.
Jia Ye indecision uncertain to Jiang Tai corners of the mouth overflow a trace of blood is swastika Jin Fu face thunder blew out.
"Evil spirits!" Jia Ye honour person looks pale way
Tathagata’s face sank, and he just came close to strength. Is this Jia Ye Venerable Sir slightly injured?
Jia Ye even looks pale, considering that Jiang Tai is strong, but he still underestimates Jiang Tai.
Fortunately, fortunately, I was prepared.
"Lohan appeared in the Ten Lohan!" Jia Ye honour person a drink.
Suddenly, 17 golden lights appeared around, and a golden light slowly condensed and showed up.
"Ten arhats?" Tathagata face a heavy.

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