Every word of the three women perfectly put themselves on the moral high ground, and Lin Xiao and Lin Yao completely entered the ranks of evil spirits. If people who don’t know the cause and effect of the incident saw the scene in front of them and heard that these three women are famous in the monastic world, Fenling Palace is hard to attack Lin Xiao and Lin Yao’s killers.

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Red Peng flew out of two red shadows and failed to chase Lin Xiao, so he went straight to the strangulation. It seemed that he was so scared that he stood still. Lin Yao’s green surplus flew out of a bright green light and Huang Chan released a yellow smoke, which was also bound to Lin Yao’s three women, especially for fear that Lin Xiao’s three people would cast their magical powers and release an interference. If the strength is not as good as theirs, they will not be able to use teleport magical powers after being disturbed by this prohibition.
Lin Yao smiled. He also recited incantations and launched a ban on Fiona Fang for thousands of miles. In this way, if the strength is not as good as that of the five-robbery scattered fairy monks, you can teleport away in the same way. Unless you have a treasure mirror of Lin Xiao’s hand, you can fly honestly with the sword light, but the display of the forbidden person is not controlled by the ban. How can Lin Yao be able to display the teleport avatar sword light himself?
The three women’s faces turned miserable. They flew out of the sword light and didn’t touch Lin Yao’s body. They just flashed at the sword light and stayed away!
It could have been easily torn by them, but now it’s like an old cowhide soaked in oil. It’s dry, flexible and exhausted. Even the little face is white. It’s also a way to make a teleport channel. The three women are horrified and look at Lin Yao. "How many robbers are you?"
Lin Yao slowly took out a flying sword from his sleeve, emitting a faint red light, and slowly gestured a flying sword at the three women’s necks. This just stretched out his left hand and slapped five fingers gently, and the three women exclaimed again, "Five robberies scattered immortals?" The strength of three robbing scattered immortals is equivalent to the peak of immortals and five robbing scattered immortals, and there is a gap between immortals and immortals, just like the gap between monks and virtual realms in the then period, which is a far-reaching method to counter the two.
Red coriander’s slender and graceful body trembled like a weak willow in the wind. She pointed and exclaimed, "This is a misunderstanding, senior! It’s all those bastards at Baidumen who instigated the three of us to have no malice towards our predecessors! Senior predecessors, listen to our explanation! " While screaming red, I flew out three magic weapons of the spirit level to protect my body, and at the same time, I brought up a red light and flew away rapidly towards the rear. Green Ying and Huang Wei each flew out five pieces of the spirit level protector, and their hands flew out towards Lin Yao. Dozens of pieces of jade were symbolized, and the powerful thunder flew to Lin Xiao. These jade symbols were made by experts, and each thunder power was equivalent to the level of six robberies and scattered fairy tales, which forced Lin Yao to give up killing them temporarily, but teleported and retreated to one side, waiting for Lin Yao to avoid these.
But they can also fly more than three hundred miles away. Their faces are as cold as stones. Lin Xiao has stopped them. There was a touch in the sleeves of Green Ying and Huang Chan’s hands, but they didn’t even take out a Pian Yu operator. They stopped Lin Yao from running out of life-saving jade operators. Where can I find jade operators to attack Lin Xiao now?
Hong Lu’s face became extremely difficult to see. She shouted at Lin Xiaoli, "Elder, we misunderstood. Please let elder make a way. I will be rewarded by Fenling Palace in the future!"
"shameless!" Lin Xiao scolded 1 in a low voice. He slowly flew out a green light and a black light, and then offered a frozen bead suspended above his head and feet. He also flew out a golden lotus with colorful Buddha’s light flashing and wrapped himself in a full-fledged Buddha’s flame-this lotus was lent to Lin Xiao by Shen Xiaobai as a protective treasure! Lin Xiao took precautions against herself. With a wave of his hands, thousands of extremely fine red light lasers came out, and thousands of red thunder roared down from the sky with a deafening noise and fell heavily on the three girls.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-seven Difficult to destroy
The three girls’ faces turned miserable. They drank their hands and raised their hands to the sky at the same time. They had latosolic red, dark green and light yellow Lei Guang. Their palms condensed a little thin. Lei Guang, their palms danced like fireflies on a summer night. They were full of an ethereal dream and beauty. The three girls screamed, "Go to the fairy thunder!"
Dozens of very fine tricolor Lei Guang flew up from three women’s hands and just flew out to sell, and turned into a series of dazzling thunderballs with a diameter of feet. Lin Xiao released the thunderbolt and easily hid the green surplus. Huang Chen threw out the jade symbol, and the thunderbolt was scared and cold. Lin Yao suddenly saw the tricolor thunderbolt and couldn’t help screaming, "It’s urgent to destroy the fairy thunder! That’s a real fairy. Leifa can’t block it. Get out of my way! Second child, give me a fucking flash! "
The nature of the monk’s thunder method is as full of pure thunder power as the natural thunder, with some five-element attributes attached at most or pure yang and yin additional attributes, while the law of immortal thunder has a certain restraining force. The strength of the restraining force in the thunder represents that this thunder method has a high degree of suppression of immortal thunder, even if the real celestial world is also the middle thunder method. This is the secret thunder method that Fenling Palace did not know where to learn. The Taoist world has the terrible power to sweep everything.
No matter how subtle and powerful the ordinary monk Lei Fa is, it’s just tofu hitting a hammer compared with the immortal Lei, which will be smashed into pieces easily!
However, Lin Xiao released a red thunder, which made Lin Yao and his three girls stunned at the same time! Obviously, the red thunder is not as powerful as the tri-color Lei Guang. Every tri-color Lei Guang easily destroys ten red thunder lines and then annihilates them. But please note that the tri-color Lei Guang is annihilated by the red thunder and the energy is exhausted, not as imagined by the third female Lin Yao ―― it is easy to annihilate the fairy thunder and then fall into the forest!
"That’s all it takes to destroy the fairy thunder!" Lin Xiao smiled darkly and said in a low voice, "Zunlei method is not weaker than your fairy thunder!" "
It’s not weak, it’s ridiculously strong! Lin Xiao is just the mid-term strength of Yuan God, and the strength of three women is equivalent to the peak level of immortals. According to common sense, even if Lin Xiao’s thunder method and three women’s thunder method are of the same grade, three women Lei Guang should at least destroy hundreds of Daolin Xiao and release Lei Guang before they can be annihilated. Now, three women Lei Guang are mutually assured destruction with more than ten Daolin Xiao’s thunder, which means that the three women have a twinge of scalp pins and needles when they think about it-Lin Xiao’s thunder method is at least one hundred times higher than their immortal thunder! Otherwise, there can be no such unreasonable and incredible result!
"Sisters must rush out alive!" Huang Chan screamed. Her first three bun suddenly exploded with long hair. Huang Chan pulled out a three-foot sword from nowhere, waved it, recited incantations, rolled up the storm all over the sky, and rushed to Lin Xiao. The wind swept through Fiona Fang. The virtual storm was filled with a series of sharp golden swords, which were condensed by pure Geng Jin gas. Don’t say that even a statue of iron mountain was involved in this storm, it could be a ruin.
The three girls were crazy at the same time, and the green surplus and the red sassafras also cast spells at the same time, one attracted a downpour, and the other attracted the dark clouds all over the sky. The downpour was like a shell leaving a chamber. Every drop of water was condensed by the elite of pure and extremely sunflower water. Every drop of water was heavy as a mountain, and the dark clouds were filled with a lack of energy. If the monk’s knowledge was thrown into the dark clouds, it would be immediately absorbed and transformed into dark clouds. Thunder and lightning flashed all over the sky gradually, and the dark clouds flashed wildly from time to time.
The origin of the immortal thunder in Fenling Palace is very clear to the three girls. It is that the backstage supporter of Fenling Palace is smuggled out from the celestial world. The thunder method is to enable Fenling Palace to dominate the monastic world and become the spokesperson of their monastic world. But the backstage supporter of Fenling Palace can sneak out of the celestial world. The thunder method used by Lin Xiao is only a medium level, far exceeding the level of the immortal thunder. It must be a top-level thunder method. What will it be like for people who can flow this thunder method into the monastic world?
The three women with big iron plates knew that they were attached to many sects of Fenling Palace this time, but they met a big iron plate. The poisonous door was secretly kept in Fenling Palace, and the biting lackeys were beaten up. Their masters were bound to take it out for the lackeys, but they never dreamed that this lackey would provoke such two perverts! A five-robbery scattered fairy monk is already a real top master, plus a meta-god who can perform teleport avatar in the middle period, and he has mastered a set of abnormal thunder monsters. This iron plate is too big, too heavy and too thick, and the three girls are turned to the clouds, and even the life-saving spells are driven out.
The three girls joined forces in Fiona Fang to immediately change the stormy weather and dark clouds together, and turned into a dark wall. Lin Xiao looked at the stormy weather and the thunder all over the sky, and his face turned a little pale. Rao had great confidence in Shen Xiaobai’s lending him the Buddha’s treasure lotus. Lin Xiao was never willing to carry this powerful storm hard. Look at the storm, the ground was smashed everywhere, nearly a hundred feet thick, and the road flashes smashed all the small peaks. He wanted him to fight Lin Xiao with such horrible spells.
Was around three female flank from flank to find a way to attack three female Lin Yao has teleported to the front of Lin Xiao.
Quietly looking at the stormy front, Lin Yao suddenly sneered, "Do you think Xue Post will mind marrying his female brother to a blood domain shura door devil? This call for rain spell is a combination of three robbers and scattered immortals, and there are several powerful magic weapons of Geng Jin, Kwai Shui and Ebony. If you don’t bleed the soul flag, I will rarely stop them. "
Lin Xiao Bai Lin Yao means no bleeding. The soul flag is pure fairy aura. It is difficult for Lin Yao to stop the three girls. But if the blood flag is bleeding, Shura Gate is unique, and there is a sea of blood all over the sky. Snow posts and autumn leaves will be cleared unless they are pigs and pigs with meningitis and juvenile dementia. Who is willing to pull with them?
Lin Xiao frowned and asked faintly, "What will happen if these three women are released?"
Lin Yao immediately said, "Fenling Palace is a famous holy place in the monastic world, and its reputation is very high. The Shura Gate in our blood domain is just the extreme opposition between the right path and the evil path. If these three women are released, the two of us can peel off their faces or they will be besieged by the monks of the right path immediately once they show up." Lin Yao sneered, "We know that Fenling Palace is a group of bitches, but they are all good at setting up memorial archways, and everyone has set up at least more than 100 memorial archways. Even if we now call a million monks and these three women to file a lawsuit, people will believe that they
Lin Yao, who took Lin Xiao back slowly, avoided the storm for more than a hundred miles. Lin Yao continued, "If they didn’t say it themselves, I couldn’t believe that the Baidu Gate, which is very famous in the monastic world, would be a vassal sect of Fenling Palace!"
There was a silence for a while. Lin Xiao said lightly, "You are a blood shura master. Even if you don’t provoke them, once you show up, you will be besieged by the right people. But I am different. I have always had a good reputation. I don’t want to be a rat crossing the street. Everyone shouts and beats you. Use the blood soul flag."
"Oh ~ then I will use the flag of blood soul!" Lin Yao gently shook his head and sighed, "What if Xuelang and Qiuwuye go back on their word?"
Gave Lin Yao a surprised look. Lin Xiao sneered and laughed. "Are you afraid that they will go back on their word? Ha, they want to go back on their word after accepting my betrothal gift? Can you go back on your word? How dare you go back on your word? It’s our Lin family who took our things. If they really dare to go back on their word, won’t you rob them? How good is it to cook uncooked rice into mature rice and make Zhao Yue’s belly big, give birth to a dozen children for you and lick a dozen nephews for me? Are they allowed? "
Holding hands, Lin Xiao’s eyes shone brightly and his power was magnified four times. "The fist is king in the world on Sunday! Where can they talk? "
Feeling Lin Xiao’s domineering, arrogant and overwhelming arrogance, Lin Yao couldn’t help but make a cold fight and pick a thumb at Lin Xiao. "Fuck! Second, I really saw you today! That’s right. If they dare to go back on their word, it’s a big deal. It’s not like I didn’t do it before. Am I really a good person? But second child, your temper becomes really ~ ~ ~ fast! "
Whisper a few words, Lin Yao looked at the golden wind, black rain and dark clouds that had been forced to the front less than 100 feet away, and suddenly a little bit of sticky blood gas came out. Lin Yao sighed in a low voice, "Then give me less blood soul flag!" Let these three women see what a fairy is! " Lin Xiao pinched a seal and wanted to put it away. Suddenly he turned to look at Lin Xiao and smiled. "Second child, those three bitches are big brothers. From my years of experience, it’s a pity that they still killed them without personnel. Why don’t you give them to you?"
Lin Xiao didn’t say anything but gave Lin Yao a bold stare.
Lin Yao shrugged his shoulders and sighed, "It’s really a waste of time. It’s so tender that the water girl is killed like this." Grandma, I can destroy flowers with less Lin! Gee, who is Lin Shaoshao? Now that I have a family, I am already a gentleman. " As soon as the handprint is released, Lin Yao will wait for the bleeding soul flag!
At this time, I was attracted by Lin Yao’s release of blood gas. Lin Xiao knew that the sea was turning into blood, and a lotus flower suddenly rushed out of Lin Xiao’s eyebrows as fast as flash. Lin Yao’s finger gently drew a small mouth and drew a part of Lin Yao’s JingXie into his own body. This gently took away Lin Yao’s JingXie and Life Jingyuan in an instant! In an instant, a young man in his prime became shriveled and shriveled like a 70-year-old man, Lin Yaojue, who felt a pain in his fingers and blood gushed out. Even Yuan Shen was taken away by 50%, so he couldn’t help screaming in horror, "God, what is this?"
After saying his word, the blood magic knife has been transformed into an odd-shaped treasure knife with a length of three feet, which was tightly held by Lin Yao. The mysterious formula is unsurpassed. From the blood magic knife, Lin Yao rushed straight into the sea and knew the mysterious side of the blood. The magic power was instantly integrated into Lin Yao. Yuan Shen was just scared and panicked. Lin Yao suddenly froze there. His body was trembling gently. His face was uncontrolled and twitching. His face was full of ecstasy and unbelievable strange expressions. His mouth kept sending out’ Ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Lin Xiao gawked at Lin Yao and didn’t know what was wrong with him. He gently pushed Lin Yao’s arm a little bit and condensed the tip of his tongue. A wisp of very fine sound pierced Lin Yao’s ear and suddenly his ear exploded. "Lin Yao, what’s wrong with you?" Wake up! Where is your blood soul flag? "
"Blood Soul Flag?" Lin Yao suddenly woke up from that wonderful realm. He looked at Lin Xiao with a strange look at the manual blood knife and suddenly laughed. "Blood soul flag?" That shit is not as good as things. Who am I? How can they be enemies? " Lin Yao can see clearly that this magical knife is better than blood, but it rushes out of Lin Xiao’s eyebrows, but Lin Xiao actually seems to have no idea about it! There is something strange in this matter. Lin Yao knows that this is not the time to pursue it!
The body’s bloody magic element rolled over the forest, and the magic element converged and turned into a bloody magic knife, and it smashed a knife towards the storm and the dark clouds in front.
The blood-melting magic knife flew out of the sky to get rid of it, but Zhang Xu’s long red shower pierced the storm like a red light of blood condensation, and the blood-melting magic knife automatically found the three female figures covered by dark clouds. Before they reacted, the lotus flower passed through their hearts and the three female bodies froze at the same time. They looked down at their hearts in horror, and the tiny knife marks appeared in their mouths, constantly giving out panic and desperate cries.
An evil and fierce force attached to their wounds kept sucking their essence, sucking their essence almost predatively. They wanted to drive away this strange force, but no matter how hard they tried, it was like a maggot attached to bones. They mobilized waves of fairy spirits to attack the wounds, but these fairy spirits seemed to be swallowed up by black holes and generally went away without returning.
But three or five breaths are purely composed of energy. All three scattered fairy bodies are absorbed by the blood knife. Their vitality is plundered by the blood knife, and the blood knife is completely satisfied. They let out a moan and slowly flew back to Lin Yao’s hands.
Lin Yao was ecstatic, and grabbed the increasingly deep red blood knife, and the blood knife trembled gently. A pure and extremely fairy aura suddenly rushed into Lin Yao’s body. The fairy aura that was transformed by the spirit of the three-robbery scattered fairy department not only rushed into Lin Yao’s body, but also completely supplemented him by the blood knife. Lin Yao felt an exhausted force, and his flattening increased by ten percent!
Lin Yao will this strange feeling and mind that a wonderful blood magic power "blood tactic" achievement method of a pair of cards in the whole body suddenly spread out of the end murderous look! This blood-melting magic knife is a killing and killing treasure, and it is a magic way, especially the most handy treasure for blood magic! Lin Yao’s murderous look rolled in his heart. Now he can’t wait for thousands of small scattered immortals to appear in front of him. Let him kill him with a knife and increase his repair!
It’s so comfortable. It’s a single blow to kill three scattered immortals with an increase of 10%. Where can I find such a good thing? You know, Lin Yao is already a five-robbery scattered fairy and a ten-percent repair. How many years will it take to practice hard?
Looking at Lin Xiao affectionately, Lin Yao was about to say something. Suddenly, a little black light emerged from Lin Xiao’s eyebrows and went straight into the sea of Lin Yao’s knowledge. A quaint and mysterious bell chimed in Lin Yao’s mind. This clock shocked Lin Yao and made him think that he was in a strange way. He didn’t know that he was in the same body. Lin Yao, a god of Lin Yao, suddenly understood that black light was an ancient treasure called’ Soul Clock’! Moreover, it doesn’t need him to spend half a minute in Lin Yao’s time. This soul clock will take the initiative to integrate with its own yuan god. The speed of the soul clock entering Lin Xiao’s yuan god is just like that of an old nymphomaniac who has been hungry for several years when he sees a naked girl! Lin Yao doubted that if he was a little unwilling to accept the soul clock, the soul clock would not hesitate to kill himself and then replace it with another spirit.
Chapter one hundred and ninety Chaos
"What is this treasure? How can you be so overbearing? " Lin Yao holds the blood-melting magic knife and feels the knowledge that the soul clock in the sea exudes a wonderful fluctuation in appall. After a burst of horror, it is an ecstasy. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, Lin’s luck has finally come to an end! Hey, hey, with a bloody magic knife, hundreds of people will be hacked to death behind the group of waste in the blood field Shura Gate, and they will be upgraded to the same level as the old man. Then two precious hands will be in the blood field Shura Gate. Isn’t Linda less in my pocket? "
Thinking of his pride, Lin Yao grabbed Lin Xiao’s face and asked, "Second child, do you think there is something wrong with your knowledge of the sea?"
Green surplus three women were killed by Lin Yao to summon the storm. Several five-element attribute magic weapons together with their protective magic weapons are altogether twenty-three horoscopes. They are out of control of their owners and are constantly shining in suspension. Lin Xiao is preparing to fly over to collect these magic weapons. Lin Yao asked Lin Xiao, who is surprised to know the purple gas in the sea. A statue of golden yuan gods several feet high is floating in the sea. The rune of the wonderful ancient tadpole is winding around the golden yuan god and flying rapidly. This is the unique scene of Lin Xiao’s yuan god practicing and killing the gods.
Besides, it seems that everything is normal in the sea ~ ~ ~
Lin Xiao suddenly cried in horror, "Oh,no. Where is my big seal?" The seal of heaven and earth is gone! Lin Xiao suddenly found that the Lord of the meteorite world had lost sight of him!
It’s an artifact! It’s an artifact forged by the meteor Lord himself! Artifact, artifact, Lin Xiao knows that the power of several spiritual devices in his hand is so great. How powerful should the artifact be? But open an artifact was so gone! Lin Xiao was so anxious that he growled, "Fuck his mother! Where is my heaven and earth seal? "
Lin Yao stayed for a while, and Lin Xiao really changed! He quickly grabbed Lin Xiao’s shoulder and said, "Don’t worry, second child ~ think about it quickly. Have you met anything strange recently?" What was your stamp that day? How can it be lost in the sea? "
Lin Xiao’s dull thoughts swept his mind again and again, and his mind was at a loss.
Suddenly, a grand and solemn atmosphere rolled out from his Yuan God, and more than a dozen radiant magic weapons slowly emerged from his Yuan God. One of them was more powerful and powerful than the seal of heaven and earth. The golden seal was just suspended, and a wonderful wave of fluctuation penetrated into Lin Xiao’s head, telling Lin Xiao what had happened.
Is go on the rampage Lin Xiao suddenly stiff there he gawked at Lin Yao face become more strange.

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