Narrowing her eyes, Aoxue said in a low voice, "This is the meteorite world, and there are likely to be residual immortals or magic weapons higher than the immortals. Don’t they get these amazing magic weapons here?" If I can get a suitable magic weapon, I can repair it to promote the strongest power of the fairy. Won’t you be my little girl? I must swallow you in one bite, chew it slowly for three or five years, and then swallow it! " Aoxue unconsciously stuck out his tongue and licked his lips at the thought of cruelty.

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Green hoe saw Aoxue’s ferocious smile and scared her to shrink to Lin Xiao’s side. Her hands clasped Lin Xiao’s arm and Aoxue’s face twitched. She was going to swallow another person’s name in the list, but she knew that she was in no hurry to swallow green hoe, so she couldn’t swallow her in front of Lin Xiao.
"But you wait and see, there is always a chance!" After thirty-six weeks of rapid operation in Aoxuexian-level True Yuan meridians, a little bit of Buddhist power remained in the wound, and a little bit of colored light was forced out. Aoxue coldly sprayed a mouthful of heavily at those few colored lights and shattered that little bit of Buddhist power.
Lin Xiao sat on Shen Xiaobai’s soft couch with a smile and listened to Shen Xiaobai’s "beep beep beep" telling her that there was peace in her heart over the years. Naturally, he reached out and stroked Shen Xiaobai’s head and blinked his eyes. He fell into Lin Xiao’s arms and put his arms around Lin Xiao’s waist. Shu Shu yawned. Everything was just like that in the overlord’s barracks! Shen Xiaobai felt a warm and sweet heart rolling. May this moment last forever and never stop.
Aoxue’s face turned blue. She jumped up in anger and rushed out of Biyunxuan. Far away, she vaguely heard her shouting, "I’ll go to those old people and see when to set out to explore this relic. Xuanluo bastard is so annoying. It’s really annoying to have to send him back because he is injured every time!"
A half-length body has just grown in the pond outside Biyunxuan. Yao Ying angrily waved his fist and looked at Ao Xue. He ran away with a low curse. "Evil woman, evil woman, you will be stripped of your muscles, skinned, sawed off, and refined into a magic weapon." Yao Ying looked at the seven goblins playing by the pond and cried piteously, "Why don’t you run and give me a bite?"
Three days passed so carefree, and nothing happened during the three days.
Ao Xuecheng and Gu Weng quibbled about when they would start to explore this relic. Gu Weng waited for Taoist Xuanluo to recover and was bitten by a three-headed snake. Although Lin Xiaoshi helped him resolve the toxicity, Taoist Xuanluo was also weakened. He had to silently transport Xuangong for several days to recuperate.
Shen Xiaobai is Lin Xiao’s care for injuries, and her injuries are actually much heavier than Aoxue’s. After all, her Yuan God was injured by Aoxue’s boxing strength. The Taoist world is the most troublesome, and it is rare to speed up the recovery of the Yuan God. However, with Lin Xiao, a great Rodin, Shen Xiaobai’s injury has also recovered in just three days, and perhaps because of unanimous hatred for Aoxue, Shen Xiaobai, Qing Hoe and Yao Ying, the three little girls soon became bored together all day and didn’t know what to whisper.
Lin Xiao is glad to see that Shen Xiaobai and the three of them can get along well with each other. In his heart, these three little girls are his sisters. He is really fond of coming. He doesn’t want Shen Xiaobai and them to be as tense as they are with Ao Xue. Lin Xiao is really pleased that the three little girls can become good friends.
This time, Lin Xiao got up early in the morning and breathed deeply for a while. A ray of Yin-Yang transformation aura moved for a while. His body was waiting to be greeted by a green hoe to get him a bowl of porridge and a dish of side dishes. Suddenly he heard a loud noise outside the door, accompanied by a loud noise, and there was a soft and tenacious Buddha’s strength fluctuating, overbearing and fierce dragon’s strength.
"What are you doing?" Lin Xiao knew something was wrong. He rushed out of Biyunxuan, jumped out of a big tree and looked at a small piece of flat land outside Lixu.
Just over there, ten statues of Buddha dharma king kong, who are as high as three zhangs and glistening with golden light, waved their giant magic pestle. Aoxue slammed his bare hands towards the besieged center. Aoxue was not a stranger dharma king kong but showed no weakness. He waved his fist and slammed into the ten giant magic pestle. The golden Buddha force collided with the bloody dragon force and made a deafening noise. A statue of Buddha dharma king kong was constantly smashed by Aoxue brute force but quickly jumped back to the fray to continue waving the magic pestle.
Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock
Shen Xiaobai took back ten beads with one hand without blinking an eyelid and flew out of a golden bowl to hit Aoxue.
Just defeated the ten dharma protectors, King Kong Aoxue, and smiled proudly. The golden bowl has already flown to her head. It is divided into two pieces. In the’ clang’, the pieces of smallpox are scattered and the shadows are flying. In the golden wave, there are all kinds of fantasies in The six great divisions in the wheel of karma. There are even more magical figures such as the man of God, Buddha, Bodhisattva, Lohan and King Kong. In the golden wave, they show their bodies and recite the mantra in their mouths. Hundreds of millions of mantras have merged into a wave that makes people sleepy and rolled over to Aoxue.
Aoxue was blasted by this strange attack on the golden bowl, and her body and blood dragon finally took shape after ten or tens of thousands of years of penance. But everything was done by virtue of what she could. It was not very high. This golden bowl gave off an illusion and a phantom sound, which immediately made Aoxue immerse herself in the joy. She seemed to vaguely see the ideal world in her mind. It was a perfect world that could make her worry about eternal life. Aoxue’s face smiled obsessively and stretched out her hands toward the two golden bowls in the virtual world.
"Duh! Dawei Tianlong fell to the devil! " The original gentle and lovely Shen Xiaobai became extremely vicious when he saw Aoxue. Thirteen golden light dragons roared and rolled out every sword light, which stabbed Aoxue’s fatal key. Her hand flew out of a red calendar. The light was like two intertwined rings hovering and suspended Aoxue’s head. The red light with a tragic and unfeeling taste was Shen Xiaobai’s secret method to refine the’ Pudu Ring’. In fact, it was to destroy people and gods, which made people never be able to live again.
Thirteen golden lights are close to the body because of the strong sense of crisis of the blood dragon, which makes Ao Xue come out of that dreamland. Ao Xue suddenly opened her eyes. She looked at the thirteen golden lights in horror and rushed at herself. "Do you really want to work hard, little girl?" Aoxue also nasty her hand pinch printing tactic mouth spit out a lotus flower, lotus flower has a fist-sized blood-red bead wave floating release debut light Aoxue Shirley drink a way "if you really want to try very hard, I’ll throw caution to the wind for ten thousand years, don’t blow yourself up in Long Dan ~"
The immortal blood dragon blew itself up. Long Dan Aoxue itself was seriously injured, but this small peak will never leave a living person.
However, the castration of Shen Xiaobai’s thirteen Dawei Tianlong swords was too hasty. One of them was reluctant to stop, and the other was unwilling to stop. As soon as Shen Xiaobai closed his eyes, he simply listened to the golden light and continued to shoot. The golden light castration also changed slightly from stabbing Aoxue’s key to rowing to her, which was not fatal.
Aoxue also saw the change of sword potential. She hesitated and swallowed Long Dan into the belly and blew herself up once in Long Dan. She was going to lose ten thousand years to repair Aoxue, and she was reluctant to lose herself and suffer a little bit of pain. It is also more economical to dispute with Shen Xiaobai afterwards than to blow herself up. Today, I know that Shen Xiaobai has a psychic attack on Buddhism and treasure. In the future, she will surely take precautions. It is not so easy to want her to be recruited again.
But thirteen golden lights didn’t stab Aoxueshen.
Chapter sixty-two Enter
Lin Xiao saw Shen Xiaobai fly out of Dawei Tianlong Sword. He immediately exclaimed that a big fire sword flew to the fray. He stretched out his hands and stopped the thirteen Dawei Tianlong swords in front of Aoxue. Almost at the same time, Lin Xiao felt the terrible pressure from the outside world. A black light "going round and round" flew up and wrapped around Lin Xiao, but it could not resist the thirteen ancient magic weapons. Thirteen golden lights smashed the Xuanwu ring and released golden light to fly through Lin Xiao’s body.
The protective coat that Yuan Zong gave Lin Xiao faced Venus Dragon Sword, so Gu Indiana Jones was torn to pieces like a piece of paper without protection.
Thirteen blood springs spurted blood from Lin Xiao’s body, sprayed Aoxue with a head and a face of boiling blood, and his hands were covered with the blood of many creatures. Aoxue was so scared that he trembled and screamed hysterically. Long Dan once again spouted Long Dan’s lotus flower from his mouth, and Aoxue was about to explode in Long Dan.
Shen Xiaobai also let out a scream. She ignored the Long Dan hanging in the sky, emitting terror and coercion, and removed the protective Buddhist multiplier. She rushed toward Lin Xiao in a panic. Thirteen handles of Dawei Tianlong Sword were in a daze, but Shen Xiaobai forgot to put them away.
When Lin Xiao felt a pain in his body, it seemed that all his strength had spilled out from thirteen sword wounds. Lin Xiao coughed a few times and grinned at Shen Xiaobai and asked, "What did you fight again?" Then Lin Xiao turned around and vomited blood and nodded at Ao Xue with strength. "Don’t work so hard later ~ can you do it?" Say that finish Lin Xiao casually pointed to the floating in the waiting to explode Long Dan faintly said, "Take it back!"
Aoxue also froze with fear. She nodded obediently and opened her mouth to swallow the Long Dan into the belly and hugged Lin Xiao, who was bleeding profusely.
Shen Xiaobai rushed to Lin Xiao’s side, willy-nilly, and tore Lin Xiao’s clothes neatly. He took out a small box carved by Pu from the treasure bag, and took out a fragrant ointment with a semi-transparent milky color from the inside, which was smeared on Lin Xiao’s wound at random. This ointment was very effective. Just after touching Lin Xiao’s wound, the wound was scabbed and closed, and a little bit of golden shock wave was pulled out by the ointment. The shock wave floated in the air and it took a long time to slowly dissipate.
AoXue eyes are green with anger "you have such a good plaster! I cann’t believe I’m too slow to take it out and save me! I have to suffer for two more hours! " I feel a little itchy at the thought of Lin Xiao’s pain caused by his sword wound when he boiled the gold paste.
Shen Xiaobai stared AoXue one eye is very justly big drink a way "you’re not Lin Dage what I put this’ bodhisattva cream’ you? Do you know how much work it takes to make this little plaster? "
I was convulsed with pain. Lin Xiao suddenly came to the spirit. He was surprised and asked, "Is it the Puji ointment, which is known as the first trauma medicine of Buddhism? Xiaobai, can you give me a little bit to analyze a component? "
Shen Xiaobai took a proud look at Aoxue while applying ointment to Lin Xiao and said cheerfully, "Brother Lin, I will give you the Pu Ji Shi plaster prescription later and I won’t analyze it."
Lin Xiao nodded happily and patted Shen Xiaobai’s head with intimacy. The Buddhist Puji Ointment is a very traumatic medicine. The medicinal materials and configuration methods are very different from those of Da Rodin’s alchemy method. Da Rodin had long wanted to crack the formula of Puji Ointment, but it has not been successful. I didn’t know that Shen Xiaobai gave Lin Xiao all the prescriptions!
Seeing Lin Xiao and Shen Xiaobai so affectionate, Aoxue was so angry that her eyes turned from green to blue that she became hysterical. She bit her teeth and kept telling herself, "Calm down! This little girl just wants to pretend to be cute and win Lin Xiao’s favor. I can’t be too fierce! We’ll take care of her later. She has a chance! What is the death of a virtual master in that relic? Hum! " Think of proud AoXue couldn’t help revealing a very heart smile.
At this time, the old man and others hurried to see Lin Xiao covered in blood, and they were startled. When they had to ask clearly, Aoxue and Shen Xiaobai met in a few words, and the conflict broke out. The old man and others couldn’t help lying on their backs to the sky for a while.
Jin Zun sincerely looked at Lin Xiao and said, "In two days, Daoyou Xuan Luo will be able to reply as before. We will once again enter the ruins. Daoyou Ao Xue and Daoyou Shen will build a magic weapon to explore this relic. With their help, we can speed up the exploration, but ~ ~"
The little hand of the flower god sighed faintly to Jin Zun’s arm. "But when Ao Xue Daoyou and Shen Daoyou met, they had to tell the difference between life and death, and it was a crisis in this relic ~"
The old man sighed, "If something goes wrong, it’s ~"
Lin Xiao recognized the deep meaning of the three people’s words. He glared at Shen Xiaobai, who bowed his head and said, "I listen to Brother Lin!"
Lin Xiao glared at Ao Xue again. Ao Xue posed as a two-girl girl with a clever manner like Shen Xiaobai, bowed his head and said, "I also listen to your words!"

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