Because the gel creatures attacked this group of micromechanics, did Lin think it was the main force? The main force needed to observe the fear energy to know what they were thinking.

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Of these multiple fear energy gathering places, Lin feels that there are several suspicious places … Although she told the gel creatures, they did not intend to attack those places directly, but slowly cleaned all the mechanical forces from the’ peripheral’ locations.
As the war continued, Lynn also continued to do something she had been doing before, such as … studying the core of dreams and continuing to explore this tumbling person who was polluted by fear.
After exploration, many creatures like "silk thread" were found underground, but they were all in an "unactivated state"
The silk thread in the unactuated state is an object with a diameter of more than three meters like an’ egg’. These silk threads are in a deep sleep and will not wake up until one time.
That’s when the dream core instills memories in them.
Lin found that this dream core has this function. When a creature, whether it is a cold stone creature or a cell creature, dies near it, it will’ collect’ all kinds of memories in the creature’s brain, including knowledge and personality, and then send them to the nearby’ silk eggs’.
All the memories will be instilled into the egg, and then it will grow. At first, many silk threads will grow around the egg to absorb the surrounding materials and nutrients will grow bigger and bigger, spreading like hyphae.
Because of its memory, this silk thread will regard itself as the cause of another biological change. It can feel that its’ will’ and thinking ability are constantly expanding in the process of growth, which will make them feel like a’ god’. After all, the original creatures are generally not so big …
This may be the original origin of the God-making system of Nu Bug, because they didn’t record the details, so they didn’t know the reality. This is not that they became gods, but that this’ god’ has their memories.
Silk threads can cover the whole tumbling body if possible, and they can observe everything in the world like gods.
But their life span is limited. Lin has found some silk creatures … corpses.
Although it is longer than the common creatures here, these silk threads will also die, so they have been living to observe the world.
Before they die, they will produce many’ silk eggs’ and then wait for an opportunity.
It seems that these silk threads can command the dream core, but in fact they are all created by the dream core, but what dream core has this strange function?
Lin is investigating this problem. Lin thinks it is the core manufacturer or something limited.
At present, Lin has found many … memories in her core.
These memories are all collected by it. Even though the silk thread creatures have grown and died for many generations, the dream core still retains their memories.
These memories … Most of them are angry bugs.
Obviously, it’s because of the theory of becoming a god … and the earlier theory is different from the later one.
After reading a few memories, Lin found that at first, it was said that the angry insects should find something … that is, the core of the dream instead of letting them wander around in the wild.
However, this statement was not completely preserved, but became more and more vague, and then the angry bug didn’t know what to look for
In addition, occasionally there are other creatures whose memories are recorded next to the dead dream core, and then they also get the opportunity to become gods.
Creatures with intelligence reach a certain height will be recorded, and those with low intelligence will not be remembered. For so long, a few creatures have been able to’ become gods’. After all, there are very few high-intelligence creatures near the core of dreams.
There is nothing particularly interesting about these creatures. What they all have in common is that they will try to protect their own populations after becoming gods. They usually return to observe their own populations and sometimes give them all kinds of help but do not communicate directly.
Even some creatures that were driven out by the population will return to the population.
Lynn observed many biological memories until … the first generation of silk thread.
Silk thread was born because a generation left eggs, so how was silk thread born in the first place? Lin is now … studying this problem.
The first generation of silk thread was also an angry bug.
This generation of angry insects is also very … original, but they don’t need to leave the population to find the dream core, then they will live with the dream core, and they will choose some’ respected’ old people to die next to the core.
In this way, the elders’ spirits can become gods and then protect their whole population. At first, there is a big difference between them because a series of complicated things happened on the way.
But that’s not the main problem. The main problem is that these angry bugs don’t just stay with the core. The core is another creature or something … Give it to them.
Chapter one thousand and thirty-four Stay
This is … the last explosion. There was an explosion in Lin’s mind.
After this explosion, the last micro-machine also dissipated.
"Go to a place", and then those huge pieces of meat disappeared one after another, and finally there were … a few fluffy balls still in this position.
There was a large group of micromechanics in front of here, and after a not-so-fierce battle, the micromechanics here were completely eliminated

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