Ji Fang’s eyes flashed a little surprise. This little boy is very talented. In a short time, he can simply learn to move by himself. It seems that more attention needs to be paid to him.

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Li Xiangkui was a little surprised to see that his achievements were about to be loaded with a B in high temperature. When a wind came, he fled in a panic and was very embarrassed. When he saw a black shadow coming at him.
With a wave of his hand, the double knife immediately crossed his chest and cut down the black shadow to some horror sighs. Fortunately, he hid quickly or slapped his face.
The number of players is getting smaller and smaller, and the dead players are all sent back to that classroom, and there are less than half of the original dozens of classes left.
After getting rid of a few shadows, Li Xiangkun felt his arm was very sore. It seems that he still has a long way to go, and there is still a lot to learn.
"ah!" While he was thinking, a scream rang again.
Li Xiangkui followed the source of the scream and saw that a female player was pierced by a spike from the ground, which scared everyone around him.
JiFang look a sink a mouth and said, "this is the first variant BOSS because just screaming attracted a lot of shadows, which led to the increase of regional density and mutation of BOSS. Look at this attack mode, it should be a beetle."
In an instant, the ground trembled, and the spike rose slowly. The spike ground broke and a huge black carapace appeared in people’s field of vision, followed by a pair of pincer tentacles on the head and six limbs with thick variation.
Ji Fang raised his blood knife and jumped to the beetle. The beetle felt Ji Fang’s threat and quickly stabbed Ji Fang with his back spike. The latter dodged the attack and slashed the beetle’s head with a knife. However, the blade was the carapace, which did not cause any harm.
"The beetle’s shell is extremely hard, and it is difficult to be destroyed by general weapons, but its body is very fragile." Ji Fang then stepped back at a high speed and jumped on the wall behind him.
The beetle was extremely angry at the back, and its six limbs quickly prepared to hit the fence. However, the fence was specially designed and could not be destroyed. After hitting the fruit many times, the beetle raised its huge body and held its head with huge pliers. Ji Fangchong shouted, "Now attack his body."
Li Xiangkui almost didn’t think. He immediately crossed the double knives and rushed to the beetle. He inserted the knife into the beetle’s body. After a cry, the beetle’s huge body collapsed and gradually shed a pool of green blood.
Ji Fang nodded his head and felt very satisfied with Li Xiangkun’s performance. He looked at the back and said, "You are not nervous. You have never seen such a scene. What you are afraid of is not a shameful thing, but it is a matter of time before actual combat. I hope that everyone will be mentally prepared in the next six days. Life and death will always be with you."
【 The beetle BOSS has been killed to simulate the unified combat 】
In an instant, the scene twisted and shook, and in a blink of an eye, all the players returned to the classroom.
"Oh, I was scared to death to go to his uncle’s training." A big fellow sighed and patted his chest and said that the bloody scene just now seemed to be vivid.
"Yes, this has subverted my definition of the word game, just like a biochemical shadow." Another person quite agrees with Han’s point of view.
Ji Fang’s podium said to the Taiwanese players, "Today’s training is over. I hope everyone will spend more time in the training ground. It will be more difficult to train tomorrow." Then he walked out of the classroom and gave Li Xiangkun a wink before leaving.
Lee sang-soo got the message and immediately went out. The players in the classroom saw the interaction between the two men and recalled that the instructor was very optimistic about the player named sang-soo in the training just now, and he couldn’t help but envy him. Of course, some of them were angry and jealous.
"What’s the big deal if you’re just a stinky little guy?" said a male player who was surrounded by many people.
"Yes, yes, where is our dragon brother’s opponent?" A player like a dog leg around hurriedly replied.
"Hum, wait till the day to give him some color to see. To tell the truth, he still has some strength. If he can do what I can," the player’s eyes are full of meaning.
Li Xiangkun walked out of the classroom and saw Ji Fang leaning against the door. Before he could say anything, Ji Fang said, "Today, your strength is stronger than yesterday. Sure enough, you are still very talented. Few people can face mutating organisms for the first time. It is an eye-opener for me not to be afraid of you."
"Major joking real my in the mind is also very afraid of life also I want; Righteousness is also what I want, and you can’t have both. Although the ego has no sense of righteousness, there are important things that surpass life and death, so you are not so afraid, "Li Xiangkun said truthfully.
"Well said!" Ji Fang’s eyes became more and more appreciative, but at this time, the strange atmosphere between the two people made Li Xiangkui feel a kind of gay feelings and hurried out to interrupt this mystery.
"Major, I want to know if the mutant creatures in the training ground are the same as those outside?"
When Ji Fang heard this topic, he became serious. "Of course, it’s different. In the training ground, we try to study their thinking and attack methods by catching living beings. However, the information obtained from the experiment must be limited. There are many external factors and special things that will affect the state of the mutated creatures. We can’t simulate them, so those creatures outside will be more cruel."
Li Xiangkun finally understood why those shadows just now acted very regularly and were stiff. It seems that the future is not easy. He immediately questioned whether he could become a hero.
What are you thinking? Li Xiangkui secretly scolded himself. No matter what, even if the goal is still far away from now, if you want to take a step, then the distance will be shortened again, and you will regain your confidence and smile at your mouth.
Ji Fang silently watched Li Xiangkun’s changing look, sometimes desperate and sometimes bitter, but in the end, his confident smile made him feel a little comforted by this little growth.
After the day passed, Li Xiangkui and Lin Mo both looked a little sad. They thought that since they wanted to achieve certain achievements in the game, the actual combat training course was very important and should not be missed, but it was Monday and they needed shift work. At this time, there was no way to arrange it.
Lin Mo’s side is naturally easy to solve. She told Lin Jie to take a week off on the grounds that she was ill. Because there were several models in the store and there was no new firm for the time being, Lin Jie didn’t doubt it. She agreed to let Lin Mo rest more and pay attention to her health, and told Li Xiangkang to take good care of her.
Lin Mo put on a victory posture for Li Xiangkui and vomitted to stick out his tongue wittily.
Li Xiangkun took out his mobile phone and called the manager to tell the truth. This job was really good, but at this time it was difficult for him. The manager asked Li Xiangkun politely what happened. When he heard that Li Xiangkun was going to take a week off, his tone changed.
"You should know how many people are greedy for this job. You want to take such a long leave after you have this job and tell you that it is impossible. I won’t approve it."
Lee sang-soo looked at Lin Mo bitterly, and when he saw her show off in an ostentatious manner, he couldn’t wait to bite her, but he couldn’t bear to bite his teeth and swallow it.
He carefully thought about what it is to play games for so many years. Is it a kind of leisure pleasure? Maybe many people think so, but for him, the game is equivalent to a second life.
"Then I’d better resign from the manager." Li Xiangkui struggled for a long time and finally said it and decided on his own.
"I like you," the manager was a little surprised. "Are you sure you are going to resign?" He decided to give him another chance.
"Manager, I know you are very kind to me and take good care of me, but I also have something to hide. I hope you will agree to my request." After Li Xiangkun made his decision, he became much more relaxed.
"Well, let’s settle things well. Come on, it’s only a few days before you are a month old, but I quite appreciate your child. I’ll make my own decision and call me if you need anything after I pay you," the manager said with a sigh.
"Thank you, Manager" Li Xiangkun felt a little uncomfortable. He was a novice in the workplace and was not bullied by others. Thanks to the manager’s care, he taught him a lot like a loving elder. He was very grateful.
"Xiang Lian, you actually resigned?" Lin Mo is no longer joking. She looks surprised.
"Well, let’s talk about it later. I can’t do it. I’ll be a security guard at Sister Lin’s. What do you think of my muscles?" After that, I also showed off my muscles, which were not strong.
"Fool, if you want to be a security guard, that store will lose your life." Lin Mo was amused by eyebrows.
Some serious nights have become cheerful in recent years and have been
Chapter VII First Confrontation
The next day, the classroom was still full of people, and Ji Fang arrived on time without much nonsense, and directly launched the simulated combat system.
Today, the scene is no longer that dilapidated city, but a forest, where Li Xianglun breathes the fresh air of nature and feels a sense of comfort rising in the slight natural wind.
"Ji Ji" comes from time to time with a few birds singing, so that everyone comes not to fight but to go hiking. Some players relax their guard and look around leisurely when they find that there is no danger around them.
"Don’t let everyone be on high alert," Ji Fang wrote, keeping his eyes on the surrounding environment.
This time, the players have a long memory and their voices are lowered. One player shook his arm and said, "Sir, you see that the surrounding environment is so beautiful and there is no danger. Why are you so nervous?"
The words sound just fell and a bloody red light flashed across a tree beside the man. Almost at the same time, the player stopped moving and opened his mouth. It was incredible to look at everyone in front of him.
Just when someone wanted to ask him what he saw, he saw a blood line emerging in the player’s face, and then the red splash body was directly split in two.
"ah!" Many players have paid little attention to screaming to vent their fears.
There are several red lights again. At first glance, several marginal players have been divided into different degrees. The incredible expression expresses their shock and unwillingness.
"Let’s not panic. Let’s all get together. Don’t leave trees as far as possible." Ji Fang issued an instruction.
They hurriedly gathered together in a vast place, looked around warily, and at the same time, their feet kept retreating. Suddenly, they seemed to be tripped by something and fell to a tree.
A player was at a loss and said, "I’m sorry I didn’t see you behind me. I’m sorry it’s all my fault." It turned out that this player tripped Li Xiangkun, but his expression didn’t mean anything sorry, but it was fun.
Everyone was attracted by what happened here. The player named Xiang Lian fell down a tree and another player named Dragon King looked at him with an apologetic face.
Some people know that this is Dragon Brother’s plan. The Dragon King is the so-called Dragon Brother. He deliberately tripped over Li Xianglian to make trouble for him, thus offsetting his brilliant performance yesterday.
Of course, Li Xiangkun didn’t know his plan. He didn’t even get up. Suddenly, he realized that he felt a little wind at the top of the tree. He immediately turned his head to look at the top of his head and raised his double knives. Almost at the same time, the blade of the familiar red light flashed across a Mars and left a trace of blood. A sharp echo was called the forest.
He knew that the mysterious creature was injured, but he didn’t want to rush to the crowd. Just two steps later, he felt a trace of wind on his back. He hurriedly forced his body to twist bit by bit, and at the same time raised his knife and waved a knife to cut a gray furry creature, which was hit by the blade and struggled to the ground, and he died.
Li Xiangkun just wanted to detect a biological sample before and then people shouted "Watch your back!" "
This time, whether he turned around or not, there was a sharp pain behind him, as if a mass of meat had been dug up. He took a quick deep breath to relieve the pain. He reached out and touched his back and felt that his back was sticky, and when he touched it, he felt a strong pain, so he couldn’t help but gasp for two breaths. It seemed that he had really been dug up.
He tore his broken clothes to the ground, revealing a strong muscle that floated with severe breathing.
Other players can’t help but feel a little heartache when they see this scene. The pain seems to happen to themselves. Some timid female players cover their eyes, but soon they think that this game can adjust the pain, and the heartache feeling is much lighter.
"He didn’t lower the pain," the Dragon King suddenly said.
Some of his players don’t understand, especially his younger brothers don’t understand why Brother Long will speak for that friend.
At this time, the Dragon King’s heart is also very complicated. He is really jealous of Li Xiangkun. In reality, he has an identity that others envy-rich second generation money and beautiful women never need to worry. After playing online games for many years, he gained various dominance through krypton. This sense of superiority gradually made him lose himself and immerse himself in being worshipped. In the world, he hates people surpassing himself, especially in the game that he is proud of.
However, a good education has kept him calm and wise, otherwise he would have been used as a handle by some people with a purpose for so many years.
He believes that he is not so strong to bear the pain of digging meat, and that Li Xianglu’s fluent and keen judgment makes him feel that this person is very talented, and that he has not adjusted the pain because Li Xianglu’s performance is real and he has experienced the pain.
By this time, Li Xiangkun had entered the crowd, and he noticed that there had been some changes in the attitude of the players around him. Some people worshipped him, some people were distressed, some people were ashamed.
Ji Fang also felt a little unbearable that many years of military life had made his skin rough and numb. He knew well what he wanted to say, but he held back. The most important thing now is to finish his training. He observed the sunshine of several trees around him and found some unusual flashes.
He went over and reached out and gently touched some very thin lines. He took a closer look at the distribution of these thin lines and turned to the players and said, "These lines are the deadly weapons of those people. This mutant creature is extremely fast. When it sees the enemy, it quickly touches the thin lines laid in front of them to cut the enemy’s body."

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