That is, let them go to the crack group without waiting for a long time.

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The little creator … didn’t agree at the time.
They think that since this is the case, they have to wait until they grow up and go to the crack group.
But this group of Christians told them that they would soon launch a … war.
They worship’ God’ and decide to clean up this alliance that feels’ neutral’.
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine Amber Source
It is said that this is an ancient creature.
It once participated in that war and now … it wants to destroy the Star Alliance.
After these things are done …
This group of’ Christians’ were also caught by the Star Alliance search team and executed.
And Christians seem to be completely so-called that they don’t care about their own life and death.
After solving this group of believers, the Star Alliance didn’t do anything for the little creators, and they soon returned to their original … normal life.
Because the little creator didn’t have any desires and special ideas at that time, he didn’t really care what he said to the believers.
The only meaning is that Christians say that something will attack the Star Alliance soon.
And the Star Alliance also knows about it.
In fact, when they first communicated with the little creators, the Star Alliance soldiers found them.
But they didn’t do it immediately, but watched it.
When they learned the news, they immediately took preparations to confront the’ god’ that the cult said.
The Star Alliance has also encountered many crises since its development, and they are confident that they can defeat this creature.
The little creators think that this war may hit them, so they also plan to go to the crack group as early as the Christians say.
However, there is no crack in the’ machine area’ where they are located, and they have no way to leave this area at present.
So they can still … wait
While they were waiting, the Christian’ God’ had already appeared.
This creature can be called’ the end of thinking’
It is … the’ source’ of all kinds of amber substances that Lin now painfully sees there.
At the same time, it is also the source of’ terrorist parasites’
Its appearance does not directly appear in the void, but makes an invasion of the Star Alliance in a subtle way.
Mainly to invade their … resources.
In order to support the life of so many stars, the Star Alliance must also have a lot of life-supporting materials.
A large number of’ farms’ have been established in many of them, but a few of these farms raise livestock, and most of them actually directly synthesize the received materials into various edible foods.
And many of these material sources are not the Star Alliance Department, but … outside.
They will send a fleet to the virtual distance to collect all kinds of resources, such as food, materials, minerals and so on.
Thinking at the end of the original invasion of a star alliance mine.
It mixed a lot of fine materials into the union mining materials.
Star Alliance mining ships found that their minerals were mixed with huge impurities, so they tried to eliminate these impurities.
But when they intend to do so, these impurities … drill themselves out of the accumulated minerals and combine together.
They form’ creatures’ one by one and attack all the non-homogeneous exhibitions around them.
They are actually very good at solving these impurities and forming organisms are very weak.
But the trouble is that they are endless.
Kiko said that every time we get rid of a group, another group will pop up.
Soon this happened in many mines, and these impurities kept gathering and attacking.
Their appearance paralyzed these mines, and the Star Alliance immediately dispatched troops to find the source of these impurities.
Later, they found that … it seems to be caused by pain.
Although no residents have nightmares now, the painful energy seems to be still connected with the thinking of many residents.
At the same time, these impurities are also connected.
Imagine that there are biological impurities around, and these impurities will automatically assemble into a structure.
It’s usually what that creature is afraid of and then attacks the surrounding creatures
Star Alliance investigators believe that there are very sophisticated devices in these impurities, which can read the thinking of surrounding organisms with painful energy to form various structures.
Because general weapons will not damage the fine impurity reading device, they can be destroyed continuously and then reconstructed continuously.
Of course, there must be some losses in the process of destruction and reconstruction, but at least this process can be maintained many times.
It’s much easier to solve this group of structures by destroying impurities.

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