The soft rubber battleship seems to have no reaction to Lin Shi flying behind it, and it still flutters slowly forward.

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Very microscopic machines don’t want to attack gel creatures, which makes Lin think they should have made some kind of agreement
Not if it’s a micro-mechanical attack protocol.
In addition, gel creatures will not attack the micro-machinery in the gathering center, but will attack the micro-machinery outside.
It’s interesting that the micro-mechanical fog doesn’t seem to make it’ turn’ to attack, so if Lin wants to hide something, she must destroy it before she can reach it.
At first, Lin also hid a lot of attack methods, but now it will still have an attack method. Lin can almost recognize that it has that trick
In that case …
After hiding in the soft rubber warship, the attack stone fired several missiles from both sides, and the missiles flew at high speed in the virtual space … and hit its target.
After the explosion, the micromechanics did not move.
Maybe … They won’t attack Lynn if she wants to hide here? Even if Lynn attacks them?
When Lin wondered, Lin suddenly received a message.
"Stop … this behavior"
This message was sent from the soft rubber warship, and it said to Lynn in a form that she could understand, "Don’t continue this method."
Is this the whole gel creature communicating with Lin?
After a little thought, Lin also sent a message to it, "Is it to stop attacking the target?"
"Stop … attacking the’ dead corner’" Soft Rubber Battleship replied Lin’s message "I am a dead corner"
Chapter one hundred and sixty Dissipate
"What do you mean by dead angle?"
This question was not answered.
Soft rubber warships with that suddenly accelerated to fly in another direction.
Lin also let the attack stone chase it, but it was a little faster than Lin’s stone. When Lin exposed her figure after attacking the stone soft rubber warship, Lin saw the explosion light again.
It was smashed by micro-machinery, and the explosion did not reach the soft rubber battleship.
Generally speaking, it will arrive, but the micro-machine controlled a little firepower in this attack, which made the explosion less powerful.
Lin is very interested in the meaning of’ dead angle’. Of course, the word dead angle was translated by Lin. Just now, gel biology means that it is an invisible and undetectable thing for micromechanics.
What, it would say that … Lin thought it was wonderful.
But … it’s not to stop Lin from attacking them, it’s to say that you don’t want to benefit them.
In that case, we’ll deal with this problem later. Lin decided to … solve the micromechanics first.
Thinking of Lin said to the mayor, "Then it’s almost time to start all the firepower to attack them."
"Wait a minute …" said the mayor. "They have some new ideas. They decide whether to do that thing … This seems very difficult …"
Whenever the mayor doesn’t know how to describe it, Lin will go into his dream and have a look at it. Soon Lin will get the information.
You must act, you must start, you can’t wait, you can’t follow the start.’
These information bases are like this … They seem to be determined. Besides, Lin also saw a lot of information about Yu Lin’s attack stone.
This information records the size of most attack stones, as well as the attack mode, distance and hiding position, etc., and also includes how to destroy these attack stones
The mode of destruction is very simple. The description here is …’ keep attacking’. Does this mean … do they really have an attack mode?
It seems that this is not the case, Lin. There is more information here. They’ rejected’ many attack methods and thought that one way could attack.
It’s interesting that the mayor knows what they think. After watching it for a while, Lynn decided not to attack them with force yet.
But we have to get rid of that black fog.
Thinking that Lynn woke up and said to the mayor, "Your troops don’t need to act yet."
"What?" The mayor said, "do you still want to decide to act on your own?" How many troops do you have? "
"a lot"
After saying this word, Lin once again turned her attention to the floating rocks … Lin did have many troops because Lin transformed many floating rocks some time ago.
Some are equipped with a launcher, while others are transformed into movable fortresses.
Others have been completely transformed into a living … arms.
However, no matter which Lin calls them attack stones, almost 1000 of them were lost before these stones, but Lin still has … 1000.
These stone foundations are transformed from the original places where there are few living things, mainly because these stone parts are complete and relatively strong, while most of them are relatively …’ soft’
This attack is not just a test, but a pure explosion of micro-mechanical black fog.
Then … Shoot!

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