Yang Liuxin said dully, "I will be happy when the existing woman dies!"

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Wu Liang "…"
"I don’t care, I’m going to curse!" Yang Liuxin suddenly became manic and amplified the volume and shouted, "Ah, I’m so annoyed!"
"All right, all right!" Wu Liang hurriedly pulled the headset and rubbed his ear. The voice just now almost didn’t break his eardrum.
"Do you have to swear?" He rubbed his eyebrows and asked
"I don’t care, I just want to swear!" Yang Liu’s heart is like a girl. Everyone seems to be able to see her pouting and unhappy through the screen.
"No discussion?" Wu Liang asked again
"No discussion!" Yang Liuxin said decisively
"Well, I’ll try my best." Wu Liang sighed and didn’t dare to stimulate her again, for fear that she would do anything if she was really afraid.
"but don’t blame me if I can’t write well?" He finally added.
"If you swear!" Willow said sullenly, "I want to vent a song now!"
Wu Liang burst into tears. It was the first time I heard the audience say whether the song was good or not. It was really my heart’s broken, old fellow..
In the live broadcast, the audience was surprised to see Wu Liang suddenly compromise and talked about it in succession.
"What do you mean by relying on the anchor? Didn’t you just disagree?"
"I didn’t expect the anchor to be so unprincipled, but what do I like so much?"
"Anchor, did you feed the dog in principle?"
"What do you want to write a curse song to anchor your male god image?"
Chapter 41 Scold a new realm
Huh? Wu Liang noticed that the girl in the audience was happy when she spoke. Did many girls think that I was already a male god?
Thought of here, he unconsciously straightened his chest, even slightly lifted Ba by three inches, trying to make a very serious appearance.
"Do you hear me? Don’t let my female fans down!" He solemnly greeted the system.
Unified …
After a few seconds, the song list is given.
This time, the title of the song is much less, and there are more than a dozen songs in total. It seems that swearing songs are not very popular anywhere.
There is still more than half of the foreign language Wu Liang’s eyes are dizzy and he directly chose pass 2.
Finally, he found that the name of a song was so interesting that he almost didn’t understand what it meant.
"What is a grass mud horse?" Wu Liang humbly asked Tong for advice.
"Grass mud horse is a kind of god beast" replied in a unified and serious way. "Its prototype is an camel animal named alpaca, which is loved by the broad masses of people because of its handsome and lovely appearance. Everyone calls it grass mud horse."
"But what does this name sound strange?" Wu Liang puzzled to pinch the pinch.
The system didn’t answer the reality, and it didn’t know how to answer it. The information was entered into its program by others, and it was said how others entered it.
Artificial intelligence, after all, still can’t imagine as unreal as the human brain.
Wu Liang thought for a while and asked curiously, "What is this song divided into curse songs?"
Unified grass mud horse …
Wu Liang was furious. "Who are you cursing?"
I mean the title of the song …
"Uh …" Wu Liang suddenly realized that it was homophonic!
He finally understood what this "Grass Mud Horse Song" was.
"Interesting!" He scratched his head and smiled. "Let’s just do this song. I’m curious about what kind of song this is."
He played the song directly in his head without any nonsense.
"Er …" After listening to the song, Wu Liang felt that he was all bad. He suddenly felt a little regretful. "I said, are you sure you won’t be banned if you sing this song?"
"I don’t know," Tong replied honestly.
Wu Liang immediately felt guilty and asked, "Why don’t we change one?"
"You can exchange one song a day!" All mechanical solemnly back to the way.
"Shit!" Wu Liang was angry at that time and asked with his middle finger, "Since I can exchange one song a day, what should I do if I have so many worship values left?"
It turns out that since the popularity of his live broadcast has soared, Wu Liang’s worship value has accumulated more and more. In addition, he likes to listen to music networks and released a large number of fans. Now he has a worship value that has exceeded 200,000.
This number is more than his live broadcast of permanent audiences.
It’s a good thing to worship more, but it annoys Wu Liang very much. It takes only a thousand points to change songs every day. What should I do with that much worship value?
It’s like a rich man with tens of millions of dollars in his hand, but the state stipulates that he can pay back up to 1000 yuan a day, but he can’t spend it. How humbled is this feeling?
However, Tong was not afraid that he still said slowly that "worship value can enhance the host’s singing skills, but it can only be used after the main line is passed"
"Main line?" Wu Liang stayed for a while. "What didn’t you tell me before?"
The old god replied because you didn’t ask.
"I …" Wu Liang look at his sandbags so big fist really want to blow hammer face.
But it’s a pity that he can’t see or touch it in his head
"Then how can we get through the main line?" Great people can do things that ordinary people can’t bear. Wu Liang can finally comfort himself like this.
Tong is also very honest and frank. After hearing his question, Ding Yi showed up. The host triggered the feeder line. Three refused fifteen entertainment companies to solicit rewards. The voice clarity +1 passed the main line "Geshen Road"
"I have to make a branch line first?" Wu Liang was shocked. Isn’t this winding too complicated?
But he has already realized that nothing can be changed under the unified rules, and he can accept all this silently.
"Come on, move the song!" Because the song was not written by Wu Liang himself, he named the process of "creation" as an encouragement and self-mockery.
At this time, in the live broadcast, the audience saw that the anchor finally ended this "long" daze and the arranger software worked.
"Wow, it seems a little long when I was in a daze. It seems that the anchor was stumped by this request." Someone commented.
"I feel that this is more difficult than that of the Tibetan Mastiff family. It is good that the anchor can write it."
"What do you mean?"
"Think about swearing songs, no matter whether they are well written or not, they must attract criticism from the anchor. This time it’s a pig mirror-it’s not a person inside and outside!"

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