….. This earthquake? This is quite strange.

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Because the first two people have never seen such a thing in their memory.
"It will happen again? It’s been a little too frequent recently. "And this octopus-like driver seems to … experience it often.
Chapter one thousand nine hundred and thirty-three Rare treasures
The city rocked slowly.
Although the octopus-like driver looks accustomed to it, the people around him are not.
They all showed frightened expressions, and many people fled to the surrounding buildings.
They … seem to think the building is safer?
Maybe they haven’t experienced much earthquakes.
"What is this earthquake?" Lin sent this question to the driver.
"Recently, it was said that some … relics were discovered," the driver said. "It seems that these relics were started, which made it vibrate."
"relics?" Lin continued
"Yes," said the driver. "It is said that this former owner left some high-tech facilities … I think it is best to tear down all these things. Who knows what problems will be caused? They are determined to start it. This is really … "
The driver was silent for a long time, but now he is talking a lot, but most of his words are about starting this … relic complaining is of no practical value.
Although the surroundings are still shaking, the driver is not at all concerned.
I had an interesting time watching this group of frightened people and watching the calm driver Lin spy car.
Until the car stopped, Lin took out some money and paid it.
Lin took some money from the base when she made this spy.
After paying, Lin spies on the street, and at this time, the earthquake has almost stopped …
There is a huge building in front of Lin Biao. There are many people in the entrance of this building and some other creatures. The automatic doors of the entrance and exit also keep opening and closing.
The automatic door displays the conspicuous word’ Virtual Exploration and Development Integrated Company Headquarters’
It seems that this is it … but I’m not sure whether this is the headquarters of the research group or not, but even if it isn’t, it’s a base. What can I investigate?
Thinking about Lin spy, she walked to the building gate and entered the company hall.
It’s a vast area, but it doesn’t look like a company, but like a … market.
Because stalls or other creatures can be seen everywhere around, some of them push floating carts, and some of them just put a piece of cloth on the ground
The stalls are filled with all kinds of things, some look like stones and some look like small creatures …
After looking at it, Lin walked to a booth.
The place where the goods are placed in this booth is a suspended cart with a length of more than six meters and a width of three meters. There are many boxes on the surface.
And inside these boxes …
"Ah, this visitor, look at these!" When the stall owner saw Lin coming, he quickly said, "These animals are all precious creatures from the distant mother world!"
"Look at this house bug. It’s a very precious creature in Walsh. It’s appreciated for its rarity and that … well, that tough life habit. Many collectors like them better than others."
"And this is the oriental hydrangea. Look at its gorgeous Phnom Penh shell and you will know that they are also rare …"
"This East Turkic cockroach, they are …"
"Where did you get these?" Lin spy interrupted it and asked
"This is my grandfather … who brought it from Walsh a long time ago," said the vendor. "Our family has bred these rare species for generations so that they can be broadcast here."
In this case, the people of Ershi really came here from Ershi
But there is no record of such a thing … What?
Thinking that Lin kept walking to see other stalls, she looked at the vendor and kept shouting.
There are some stalls around selling Walsh creatures. Lin found that these creatures are very easy to reproduce.
Like some small fish, small insects and so on.
Most people who pass by Ershi are not interested, but some non-Ershi customers often come to buy them.
They seem to be very interested in these Walsh creatures, and most of them buy them back to make them into standard collections
But besides these Walsh cell creatures, there are also some vendors selling alien creatures.
Among these creatures, Lin found cold stone creatures and some other strange species, but they said they had gone to some nearby places of magnitude to catch them.
At the same time, every vendor has a’ quarantine certificate’, which can prove that their species are 100% safe after inspection.
Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can eat safely, but it won’t cause any harm to the city and its residents …
Walk past the place where small animals are sold and you can see the place where other things are sold.
Like a stone or something.
You can see many gorgeous stones like gem crystals here, but some of them are gray in color … they look very ordinary.
Stone vendors also said that they dug stones from nearby stars, but this piece is very popular among people and other creatures.
Then there are places where plants are sold and memorial places are sold.
After a general turn, Lin almost knows where this place is.
Although the headquarters is marked outside, it is actually a place where members of the research group sell things.
Because they often follow the research group to explore nearby or do various exploration periods, these members always bring back some local things, such as biological stones.
They sell all these things here. Of course, they have been tested and will not cause harm.
The Walsh research group here is more like selling alien collections than an exploration company.
But they don’t sell things from alien stars, and they also sell corporate commemorative things.
Those Walsh animals are also kept by this company, and they will sell some regularly.
These are all sold … sterilized and propagated outside.
Simply speaking, this is a place where the Walsh research group obtains funds … not the headquarters.
The ground floor is full of stacked goods, and the first floor is to set up stalls for sale.

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