"well! Pei Lin is all my fault. These cataclysmic missiles may not have to be Phantom of the Opera. It has accumulated enough energy to prepare for the Elves, and it will definitely stop us. "

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"No, you can’t underestimate the layout of the Elf King for three thousand years. You must have a heavyweight Phantom of the Opera in your hand. Even if you have strong defense, you are afraid of accidents."
Hearing this, Lin momo patted his forehead, and Pei Lin became more and more stubborn like most founders. What she did was naturally to help a lot and to protect happiness and the Phantom of the Opera.
Every time I see Pei Lin’s crazy work, I feel touched. It is so harsh that my mental state will torture people crazy. It seems that every time I have to do something small to impose the concept of relaxation on this silly girl.
"Well, the captain knows how to relax for a while and have a delicious working meal." Lin momo held out his hand to carry the idea of taking Pei Lin into his arms, but the female teacher immediately grabbed the spoon and fed her.
"Uh-huh, there are still three key programs to accumulate. Wow, I feel so hungry. How many hours have I not eaten such delicious food? Delicious delicious momo you also eat … "
The energy cycle of Phantom’s whale-swallowing star’s thermal energy cabin is constantly enriched, and the crew members’ respective posts are penalised. Perhaps the day will go deep into the territory of the Elves, and the transcendental strength of the Ares-class star cruise ship will soon be shown to the world.
Volume 22 The devil takes the hindmost! The epic war. 1296 seconds kill
Five days later, the incarnate son came to Lin momo and said, "The Phantom of the Opera is now in a state of complete saturation. Of course, we can store the heat energy into crystals, but even if the transformation system is overheated, it will still damage the circulation system. Doing so is somewhat not worth the cost."
"Well saturated? Very good. Lilith United asks them how things are over there. "
"No problem, give me three minutes." The spirit’s son reached out to the front and grabbed it. He kept rubbing a magneto-optical piece.
At that time, the magneto-optic light in the hands of the little charm gradually grew to form a solid virtual light and shadow. Mini Lilith was sitting on the captain’s throne and watching.
Sound as if through the layers of virtual ring ears see Lilith laughed "momo incarnate son you are very good at picking when we are with the elves fleet near the elf king is willing to give up money! Four demigod star cruises led many odd star cruises to intercept and kill us, and many elite star cruises acted as scouts. Even if you don’t join us, I’m afraid I’ll connect the Phantom of the Opera later. "
"Ha ha, four demigods. It seems that the Elf King attaches great importance to the out-of-bounds situation of the Tenchu fleet. Is there any news from the battlefield of Saint Vincent?"
"Saint polysaccharide …" Lilith suddenly frowned and said, "Call Wan Hua to answer you! The enemy ship launched a charge, and we will use the Purgatory Violet War to counterattack. "
The image in the hands of the incarnate son suddenly melted into a mass of scattered light and shadow, and the fleet seemed to be in trouble, otherwise Lilith would not cut off communication.
"ah! Momo, you’re looking for us. There are a lot of elf ships. Some of us can’t stay here. There’s no problem over there. Connor and Damon killed the quartet. Roderick was very good. He got a super fortress from the military to guard the station and Payne’s several fluorine dragons were amazing, which made many fleets fail. "
"Super fortress? Roderick did a good job. It’s normal for the Freon to grow up. It’s normal for the Edward family to domesticate. Don’t talk about it. You should retreat towards the Phantom of the Opera. The Phantom of the Opera has completed its absorption. It’s time to show the Elf King some color! If you can attract an Elf demigod, I will be happy to nullify it and get my meaning across to Lilith so that you don’t fight too hard. "
"Know the horse retreat" Mu Wanhua said with a sigh of relief. In the past month, she led a fleet led by Lilith to the second galaxy and moved to the north and south. She was trapped by the enemy four times and almost escaped from the fleet. If there is no pressure, it is impossible to fight every day.
By now, Mu Wanhua felt exhausted from fighting. Before the war, he prepared missiles to drop 10%, but the effect was also obvious. The Elf King dispatched a huge fleet to chase and intercept the Tianzhu exhibition.
I believe that the temple of the Elves must be empty, even if there are many arrangements in the hands of the Elves King that can make the Elves differentiate into some forces, it is good.
From the end, Lin momo never thought about destroying the whole Elves. After all, it is in an extraordinary period of resistance to insect robbery. Expanding the scope of chaotic waves is absolutely not good for human culture. It is king to be able to get rid of the root of the disaster and force the Elves to compromise and resist the Zerg together.
The Phantom of the Opera is really strong, but the situation it faces is that the zerg has ruled more than 100 similar galaxies, and there are countless mysterious and unknown fields to give to the zerg, and its troops are almost exhausted.
Lin Sisuo and the Elf King belong to a personal vendetta against ordinary elves. Let them go to the border to atone for themselves! I believe that the Federation of Light is willing to list crimes and let these elves accumulate hope for atonement. At the same time, many people are willing to pay for the Elf King’s fortune.
Wang qian, the real seal elf, said that everything seemed too early. Lin momo made preparations for Phantom of the Opera, and there was no problem in terms of energy. Pei Lin’s elaborate Cataclysm missile was a powerful killer.
To be able to build the Cataclysm missile on schedule, we must thank five peerless thugs. Without their help, Pei Lin’s kind of repair is impossible, but then again, it can be extravagant to the five peerless masters of the Italian tribe, and few founders in the whole interstellar can do it.
In addition, I would like to thank the Phantom of the Opera Department for its imposition on professionals. Hundreds of dangerous situations occurred in the manufacturing process were forcibly suppressed by the incarnate son for the first time.
God-class star cruises are far superior to demigod-class star cruises, which not only show defense and attack power, but also show many powerful mechanisms in Phantom of the Opera cabin, which have been strengthened in many strange ways. Even if Pei Lin is given more time, it is difficult to construct a far-shattered Cataclysm missile.
Cataclysm missiles have a total of seven extremely poor Linxi Suo’s assets, plus many key things exchanged from the Adventure Guild, together with the taboo to develop powerful equipment, all smashed in.
The powerful killer weapon is these seven Cataclysm missiles with unique appearance, which have sacrificed the core part of the body, and a tentacle can’t reach the head of life and death. One thousand and ten thousand Lin momo are unwilling to touch them.
Phantom of the opera, gently shook out of the star range Lin momo, after all, some trust not fleet decided to meet to fight.
"Boom boom"
The virtual space collapses from time to time, and then a light and shadow passes gently for about a few minutes, and the collapsed place in the virtual space will return to normal according to its characteristics, and the light and shadow have already disappeared.
If that light and shadow were stronger, it would not be just a temporary collapse, but I’m afraid it would cause permanent scars. But who would have thought? This collapse is the footprints left by a star cruise ship when it is on its way.
Too fast, too fast, too fast for any reason, too fast for conventional cognition. The Phantom of the Light seems to have become a joke in front of it. It looks more like making a wormhole by itself and crossing the past, but it is actually much more special.
The cornerstone of the Zerg concept, Nigan’s ancient science and technology, guided the constant wave of reference objects to derive various attributes. It seems that the charm is not a fog cover, but more and more clear.
Phantom of the Opera has powerful energy and an anchor to locate it, so that it can be moved by expanding some microscopic holes in the universe by similar means of ultra-communication. It is not a problem to lock the position accurately enough to reach dozens of times of the beam.
It’s easier said than done, but it’s extremely difficult. Throughout the universe, there is only one who can give life or create wisdom in this way.
End of communication but more than ten minutes, phantom of the opera, observed the Tianzhu fleet YunLu, blood reward, crazy flying in front of thousands of ships chasing behind.
"Incarnate son rushed to the enemy fleet for me" Lin momo looked cold, although it was a pity to destroy so many star cruise ships. They should have a border to resist insect tide, but this is the battlefield without mercy.

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