Liu Zhichun was immediately surprised and cried, when I left, the young master was still an immature egg. How thin is the aura of the human world? It will take at least five years for the young master to mature from the eggshell. How long will this take?

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How could my young master have been shelled? He also asked Bai Lingxian to invite you to the spiritual world.
Liu Zhichun was obviously shocked and stimulated, and it was too much to talk about. Not only did he talk about his face, but his face became more changeable and colorful than the palette.
No, no, I-I want to see my young master immediately. I won’t believe these fairies if I can’t see my young master. Please take me to my young master now, will you? Liu Zhichun will beg you.
Said zhichun immediately gave lark a gift to see lark hurriedly let.
Now she is almost ninety-nine percent sure that this Liu Zhichun should really be a Nuwa and a Nirvana Sheren.
Otherwise, it is impossible for him to show no signs of panic by this time, but he is eager to see the tourmaline master.
But at present, it is the most critical time for the lady. Even if Liu Zhichun is the former head of the family, Qing Feng Niangniang, she can’t take him with her but disturb the lady.
She hesitated a little, and then she spoke lightly, telling the truth. It was really a few people who convinced Bailing that you were really a Nuwa, but today the mistress is doing something important.
If you really don’t feel guilty, don’t you dare. I’ll wait here for half an hour. It will take me half an hour to take you to your master. If you don’t want to intrude, don’t blame Bailing for denying all your statements and being rude.
Although Liu Zhichun was annoyed in his heart, he was lucky to meet someone in the spirit world instead of being caught by the trap set of heaven.
After waiting for so many days, are you afraid to wait for half an hour? He nodded and said yes almost without thinking.
Chapter 4 We Have Come 1
A quarter of an hour ago
Tourmaline has been waiting in front of Chai Wanying, and it’s almost time for my sister. Don’t be nervous. I promise our baby will come to the world safely soon, okay?
Chai Wanying is actually not nervous, but she feels warm when she sees tourmaline seriously.
I nodded when I heard this. Well, tourmaline, I’m not nervous. This time, I still have to watch our baby give birth to you, and I know that I didn’t see them at all when I gave birth to Atlas. I always felt it was a pity in my heart.
elder sister
Tourmaline saw that she was strong, and her heart relaxed a lot. She couldn’t help whispering, Sister, do I look particularly bad? My heart is still beating so fast.
Stupid tourmaline, what are you talking about? I’m the best tourmaline. Where did you come from if you weren’t calm and strong in my sister?
It’s because my sister knows that if tourmaline is around, my sisters and babies will definitely be safe, so I have no heart to bear it.
Do you see your sister nervous?
Tourmaline hurriedly shook his head. Of course not.
That’s it. Don’t think about it
Chai Wanying just finished this sentence and looked slightly different.
Then, in another relaxed tone, I suddenly told the truth from tourmaline. Every time I had to have prenatal pains, it was really painful, so even if my sister was still a little nervous, she was forgotten by the pain
Chai Wanying abrupt pain things tourmaline first didn’t respond, then green eyes suddenly stare big.
Sister, you are in pain.
Well, it seems that your timing of my tourmaline is really inaccurate. In fact, I was thinking five minutes ago that I was going to have a sample. How can you be sure that our baby will be born at 1 o’clock?
Now it seems true. It hurts.
As soon as the words fell, Mowa had called out to her master and mistress that her water had broken.
At this time, it is less than 1 minute from 1 o’clock on time.
In this short 1 minute, not only did the amniotic fluid break Chai Wanying’s palace mouth, but it also shrank violently.
And the uterine squeezing pain is incredible in just a few minutes.
At first, Chai Wanying tried to endure it, but she couldn’t endure it for thirty seconds, and she had already made a slip of the tongue and screamed again.
Tourmaline Mowa was stunned by the situation at Miyaguchi.
Because in this short time, it is enough for them to see that the mouth of the Qing Palace is open at an incredible speed.
It took less than three minutes to point.
And at this rate, their baby can give birth naturally without his hand in it.

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