Lynn thinks there must be some passage leading to the deepest creator prison …

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….. so in the past a period of time.
Lin believes that there is night in this world, but it’s been a day and night now, and the night in this world has not come yet, but it seems that this is a matter of course. After all, it is far from the stars.
But Lynn has found the target.
There is a miniature fluffy ball located in a passage deep in the ground, and in front of it is a metal gate.
Finally, I found their entrance. This door is round. Look at its mechanical structure and brain spirit often make those machines exactly the same.
But there is no gap where miniature pompoms can get into.
Lin is going to let the large pompoms come in, and Lin is going to enter in a way that won’t hurt the rock mountain or anything else.
This method is very simple. First, the fluff cells are dissolved, and then transformed. Finally, the fluff balls are transformed into a flowable and deformed amoeba-like creature.
This way, you can easily get through the cracks in the rock mountain.
But what should I do after I go in? Pop the brain gate and go in?
There should be some other way … but with the spread of the creator’s virus, these pompoms may be able to save the creator …
….. A tentacle. What?
But this is saved. After all, it can move with a tentacle and is relatively more’ safe’
Chapter three hundred and eleven Abandoned places?
Warm …
This will be a kind of tumbling far away from the star. Can you feel it?
But you can feel it here …
Lin has always felt a little strange. Why do these cyclones choose to live in this area when they are eating rocks everywhere?
Now Lin knows …
A fluffy ball floats, feeling the warmth brought by the air … and dust.
There is a huge sandstorm blowing in front of the pompoms.
This’ huge’ means that the sandstorm covers a large area, but its wind is quite gentle and it also has a warm breath. This is a kind of storm that even multicellular organisms will feel comfortable without dust in the air.
And those non-multicellular creatures, such as cyclones, like dust, they also enjoy this sandstorm like pompoms.
The sandstorm flooded the whole mountain area. During the sandstorm, Lin found that the size of these cyclones was visible, and the speed was increasing bit by bit.
At the same time, Lin also found that when a new’ life’ was born, some large cyclones would separate a very’ mini’ small cyclone from the body. Lin found that the core of this small cyclone seemed to be a piece of debris in the large cyclone.
They have a diameter of about ten centimeters, but they can also keep their bodies spinning in this sandstorm without scattering. In fact, not only will they not scatter, but they will not even spill any debris.
And by absorbing the dust storm debris, they quickly grow up. Dust storm debris is … food for cyclones.
It turns out that this kind of "food storm" will blow regularly here, so these cyclones live here.
So far, Lin has seen a lot of wonderful environments with this prison roller, and Lin has also told these environments to the creator.
"fluff? Are you sure there is such a world in prison? "
And the creator is quite … skeptical.
"They won’t put me in a place like this. My place should be empty. There are several troops guarding me all the time. They are afraid of me fleeing and leaving … they can’t put me in such a peaceful place."
The creator said that the mood seemed to be unstable at these times, but it soon calmed down and then asked, "fluffy, you just said you found my prison passage?"
The fluffy ball said, "That’s right. Now I want to … get what it wants and tell you here. What do you think? Is it time to run away? "
"The virus is still spreading … fluff … but I doubt it … what kind of place is my place? What is the outside world like? They have shown me the stars outside more than once. The appearance of the stars is still in my memory … Don’t … "
"No, there’s no deception. There’s no deception. They’re not hiding it from me … So it’s a post-transfer?" The creator suddenly said to the fluffy ball, "fluffy, you want to blow up that place, but you should have another identity … don’t let those brain spirits think that you are here to save me, you should confirm the situation there … and make another decision."
"It’s true," said the fluffy ball. "The situation there is very different from that before."
Thinking that Lynn woke up from her dream …
When the pompoms observed the whirlwind ecology outside, many pompoms had reached the depths of the earth.
Deep in the ground, Lin has got the brain gate.
Because Qian Lin observed the door for a long time, then he opened the door, and some machines that looked complicated knocked on the door.
Actually, the door is very simple, but inside the door, the scenery is not what Lin imagined.
Because there is nothing in it …
It shouldn’t be said that there used to be something, but now it’s just a ruin.
The fluffy ball flies slowly here in the cold cave, and the ground can see scattered debris. They seem to have formed some kind of machinery, but now they are all scattered.
Here, the cave walls, ceiling and floor are made of metal, but these metal surfaces are also full of corrosion marks, cracks and so on.
It seems that this place has been abandoned for a long time …
At the same time, you can also see something common in the brain spirit forces-squares.
Dozens of squares are poured into this place in different postures, and they are all about one meter in size, which is the kind of square used to monitor the creator.

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