When I heard Luo Guotou’s urgent opening, I always knew why Grandma stopped me from killing Luo Guotou immediately. I knew that every conversation between Grandma and Luo Guotou was meaningful.

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After Luo Guotou’s words were exported, I stopped giving Luo Guotou a chance to speak, which immediately made him and the ghost stunned.
As soon as I finished these moves, my grandmother asked me to instantly turn into a Luo Guo Tou, a Luo Guo Tou Yin, and then give me a black token from Dan Tai Glass to wear.
I did what I said, and the speed changed. At the same time, I teleported out of the Dan Tai glass from the ring and gave me the black token to hang on my wrist.
This time I returned to a small village in Zi Shan, I just turned into a man, and I turned into a man with a body shape similar to that of Luo Guotou, which saved me the trouble of changing clothes again
I noticed that although my grandmother still had a different expression, her eyes were already full of sadness.
Seeing grandma’s fundus emotions, I can’t tell you the taste in my heart, and I will accelerate the change and strive to finish it before the nine-headed bird appears.
Change is the most complicated thing in transformation, and it takes me at least half an hour to change every time.
At this time, the distance is less than twenty minutes.
Grandma, when I change, I will tell you in a low voice. Once the nine-headed bird appears, I should be careful to deal with it. Just lead the wish to Zuo Si’s father.
I nodded at grandma’s command to change more quickly.
When it’s time for me to play beyond my normal level, I’ll always be finished. Pick up Goo Zi and hand me the statue of the nine-headed bird. I’ll wait for the nine-headed bird to appear.
The horse is about to see that there is a deity in the story, and it is hard for me to be uneasy.
Try to restrain your emotions. I’ll calm myself down and then calm down.
I waited for a while, but the nine-headed bird didn’t appear. I glanced at grandma and Jiang Yan Goo Zi and asked them to go far away first.
Grandma shook her head and said that I should pay attention to them. I just waited for the nine-headed bird to appear.
Grandma’s words just fell into my hands, and the statue of the nine-headed bird suddenly rose automatically, turned sharply in the middle and then suddenly burst open.
As the statue of the nine-headed bird suddenly burst open, the nine-headed bird came into existence from that burst statue.
The modern nine-headed bird has nine heads of different sizes and the same shape, each with a long mouth full of sharp teeth and red eyes.
The whole body is exposed, the skin is red, and there are human legs, but the feet are birds’ soles, toes, necks and middle legs with feathers similar to duck feathers.
As soon as the nine-headed bird is alive, it has its own demon spirit to cover this side instantly
That need to make me clearly feel the strong pressure to step back a few steps is barely steady.
Grandma and Jiang Yan also fell back because of that need, and Luo Shu was directly thrown away.
Uncle Li’s goo-goo stretched out his hand and pulled Luo Shu and Luo Shu’s figure and fell toward the distance. When Luo Shu was about to fall to the ground, the ghost force held Luo Shu so that Luo Shu wouldn’t fall.
I circled several times in my eyes before flying in front of me. All nine eyes stared at me and asked me what I wished for.
I tried my best to collect my emotions and told my father, Zuo Si, that my wish was that the nine-headed bird could help me destroy Zuo Si’s father.
The nine eyes of the nine-headed bird kept staring at me and said that my wish was that it heard the most special wish that it didn’t like me. This wish asked me if I had any wishes left.
I said that it is well known that the secular theory of the nine-headed bird is a wish that never falls.
The nine-headed bird laughed and said from those nine mouths that the world did not lie, and that was the case.
I’ll talk about it when the nine-headed bird finishes. My wish is that the nine-headed bird can help me destroy Zuo Si’s father.
The nine-headed bird stared at me for a while and then suddenly spread its wings and left.
It’s a relief for the nine-headed bird to leave me.
I asked my grandmother if it was even a turn-over for Jiutou to leave Jiutou.
Grandma shook her head gently and said that maybe Zuo Si’s father is not so easy to deal with. If the nine-headed bird can’t destroy Zuo Si’s father, he will continue to stay in the three realms
It was not until Zuo Si’s father was killed that the nine-headed bird would escape again.
No one can predict what will happen to the nine-headed bird when it stays in the three realms. Will the moth harm the three realms?
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-five The truth
Grandma’s words made me frown. My nine-headed bird’s life is to satisfy the wishes of the giver
Grandma said it was true, saying that the nine-headed bird satisfied the wishes of the giver at all costs, and because the nine-headed bird could ignore it at all costs.
Grandma sighed at this point and said that it is a double-edged sword to deal with Zuo Si’s father, but it is likely to hurt yourself.
However, it is lucky that the nine-headed bird can get my wish and leave.
Jiang Yan nodded and said that this place should not stay long, so that I can quickly release the ghosts in the Yin Zhu to destroy the remaining ghosts in the array.
I acted according to my words, making the array demonize the beast, and at the same time teleporting out of the array of Yin Zhu Li Feng Er Dan, and teleporting out the ghosts in the array of Yin Zhu except Gu Zi’s father, so that they can punish the ghosts in the array.
There are not many ghosts in the array, which makes those ghosts leave and face me. The ghost attack sent from Yin Zhu can be waiting to be punished.
In less than five minutes, the remaining ghosts have been wiped out.
Ghosts come out of Yin Zhu to kill the array. During the remaining ghost hours, Grandma Jiang Yan and I went to Uncle Luo.
Luo Shu is no longer crying at the moment, and his eyes are complicated and he is trembling.
Grandma came to Luo Shu and sighed lightly. What are your plans after asking Luo Shu?
Grandma Luo Shu bowed her head after asking about the exit and said that he would stay in the small village of Zi Shan and he would die of old age in the small village of Zi Shan.
Grandma nodded and said that since it was Luo Shu’s decision, she wouldn’t say anything anymore. Everything is over, and excess emotions are not allowed to live well.
Luo Shu silence eyes staring at his toes.
Grandma sighed again and said goodbye to Luo Shu.
I accepted the demonized beast into the jade brand, and the ghost that came out of the Yinzhu entered the Yinzhu handle, and then tracked the Luoguotou, the invisible paper man, the income ring and the transformation, and then grandma and Jiang Yan left the small village in Zi Shan together.
Returning to the town near the small village in Zi Shan, I obeyed my grandmother’s call and returned to fz city. My grandmother and Jiang Yanda rushed to fz city overnight.
Grandma closed her eyes all the way and stopped talking. Jiang Yan and I looked at each other and didn’t know what to say.
Because I’ve become a Luo Guo Touyin, grandma has seen that I can change things. I lied to grandma before, and I won’t change my mind.
Grandma must have determined that something had happened to dad.
At the moment, all consolation is futile. Grandma must be full of sorrow.
I held my grandma’s arm tightly and leaned her shoulder to accompany her.
When my father left me, he was full of sadness at first, and I felt a little relieved to think that my father had returned to the ghost world and become the ghost king again.
"You shouldn’t keep it from me all the time." Grandma always speaks faintly, but her eyes are still closed
"Grandma and Dad went back to his own place and he will come back." I heard the deep loneliness in Grandma’s voice, and my eyes were dim.
"I’m afraid I’m too old to see him again." Grandma’s lip angle is a bitter smile.

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