The whole crimson heaven is completely melted, and the darkness covers all the glory.

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On the ground, a blood-red fire has spread, and the delicate and charming flowers are about to drip, which limits the growth.
Material, energy, time and … are all covered with flowers wrapped in bloody mist.
There are living beings who are afraid to resist.
If there is life, it will be calm and everything will happen.
And all these actions will not change the result.
For example, [eldrazi ethnic group] gave incomparable cheers when facing those flowers that kept blooming. They celebrated and cheered, and their master was overjoyed that he had finally climbed that step.
Yu Olga’s wife and daughter got together peacefully.
With a smile on her lips, she stared at everything and gave Olga the most sincere blessing in her heart.
A community of one glory and one loss and one loss.
Olga fought for them, and naturally they will be implicated.
But that’s not important.
They are very willing to help Olga.
And deeply trust each other.
They believe that Olga has the ability to reach the top.
All the glory will be attributed to him.
Olga’s choice must be right.
Olga’s decision must be true.
Olga is bound to be a tall man.
Need to doubt and question
In this great power
There is no wavering [will] here.
When Olga’s head, which symbolizes his own [Lord’s Certificate], is shattered and driven.
It’s like an absolute barrier that can’t cross the barrier of "possible" and "impossible".
This moment is distorted …
At the same time
Sensing Olga’s call, sensing the perfect sacrifice, and the strong [abyss will] also sent out joy, like a blessing, like a curse, like malice, like kindness, that is poverty and chaos …
A series of huge and extremely turbid light beams come from all sides from all levels towards the crimson heaven, and continuously converge. The only remaining individual, the crimson heaven, surrounds him and pulls his will to another level, which belongs to the top level of the food chain …
He [the body]
He [soul]
He [blood]
He [knowledge]
He [handle]
"The only dominator", "false disaster inflammation", "forever robbing the source of suffering", "magic plague", "eternal transformation", "Lord worldly desires" …
Are fuel impurity that will be automatically consumed on that way.
There is no need to be reserved.
Instead, it is the purest [power] …
At this moment
Olga is getting stronger and faster, but it is not comparable to the past.
One road after another
Brilliant, battery, dangerous, winding …
All glory, all crisis!
But you can go to the top of the food chain!
Slowly appeared in his eyes.
Expose the mystery of poverty to the exhibition
The number of roads is limited and it is increasing all the time, and there is no end in sight.
They respectively represent an unoccupied concept.
Olga is familiar with "pain" and "disease" …
There are also Olga who are not very lucky [concept] …
In the dark
Seeing this limited road, Olga also sensed one thing.
If he want to.
You can also create a new concept by yourself.
Never appeared [new concept]!
And make yourself integrated or extend yourself to achieve [sexual integration]!
And their promotion [demon king] the whole process.
It will also become a process of trying to embed the whole multiverse!
Chapter 165 【 concept eternal often evil 】 (【 uncertain but necessarily malicious 】)
Manufacturing [new concept]
You don’t need to specify a specific form.
You do not need to specify a detailed domain.
But some [thought]

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