As Zhang Yiping said, the Chinese Communist Youth League is a literary teacher, and many things are in line with international standards, including some regulations in the military discipline of dealing with wounded prisoners.

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However, it is allowed for soldiers to kill themselves or stab enemy prisoners with bayonets during the battle, and it is allowed to accidentally step on the wounded prisoners when cleaning the battlefield or be forced to shoot them because of the resistance of the wounded prisoners.
Only prisoners of war who are taken into custody or wounded prisoners who are sent to field hospitals will be protected by international conventions.
However, the Chinese Communist Youth League doesn’t have so many people to manage the wounded enemies. Usually, they will make up for it on the spot and send them to the hospital, and there is not enough medicine to treat them.
Liu Hou is not as persistent as Li Shengzhang. "There is no way to deal with Europe. We catch fewer wounded prisoners and can’t kill them. We have to be responsible for medical treatment and let them go back. When they get back, they will pick up guns and attack our country. It is better not to let them become prisoners."
Li Shengzhang suddenly became irritable and said, "I don’t want to think about these things. Now I don’t think about anything. I’m just an ordinary soldier, just like I didn’t stop shooting and killing people during the war today. I’m a soldier. I’m not Li Duizhang. If I weren’t Li Shengzhang, I wouldn’t think about these problems."
Wang Dachui, the monitor of the class, came over and asked earnestly, "Are you two all right?" His voice was not as sharp as before, which surprised Liu Hou and Li Shengzhang a little.
"We are fine!" Liu Hou replied
Wang Dachui, however, sat along the car for a while before saying, "Just now, Wang came back from the field war hospital and said that Xiao Liu was hopeless."
It’s a miracle that Xiao Liu didn’t avoid a shell when he attacked, and his body was blown up around him and fell to the sky.
Xiao Liu is not the first brother to die in the class, nor will he be the last.
Wang Dachui is not good at words and communication except loud voice. At ordinary times, he is more lovers than half a sentence with Liu Hou and Li Shengzhang.
"His mother was lucky to be bombed once, so there wouldn’t be a second time. I didn’t expect this little girl to catch the second trip. It’s so lucky for his mother, Xiao Liu …" Wang Dachui was a little linguistic.
But both Liu Hou and Li Shengzhang are white. Wang Dachui means that his voice is loud enough and scary enough, and he can’t talk very well, but he has feelings for his brothers in the class and loves them like family.
Liu Hou and Li Sheng used French language to comfort Wang Dachui, or they wouldn’t comfort him with Wang Dachui’s vulgar language.
Wang Dachui car sat along a suddenly cried "A Niu his niang didn’t you hear a Yankee call outside? Hurry up and find the old man and give him a knife so as not to be too noisy to sleep! "
The so-called cry is actually that American wounded soldiers wake up and moan. Because the battlefield has been roughly cleaned up, there will be such omissions. Occasionally, one or two groans will come out and cowards will think it is a ghost cry.
A Niu is another brother in the class. He is stupid and timid. At this moment, there is a carriage with a rifle at the bottom, and his face is shaking. Although Wang Dachui’s loud voice is terrible, it is worse than a lot of bodies outside.
Wang Dachui called again and saw that no one answered. He pulled out his bayonet and took a piece of firewood from the fire and ran to those places full of bodies in the wild, searching for groans and wounded soldiers …
"He’s a little crazy!" Liu Hou said
"He is a good monitor!" Li Shengzhang said, "It’s a little loud, which is annoying!"
The next morning, Zhang Yiping crossed the bridge with the guard company. Yesterday, the officers and men of the 12 th Division of the battlefield cleaned the battlefield early in the morning
At first glance, the main roads from Bourges to Tours are full of trucks, carriages, guns and other heavy equipment. The roads and the surrounding fields are full of American dead bodies. Occasionally, some wounded soldiers moan and some injured horses moan.
Zhang Yiping said to seeing off Zhang Xu and Shan Yousheng, "It is better to clean up the battlefield quickly and give it to the troops in charge of logistics. Take a break and tell you that the war is not far from over. This is just."
Zhang Xu and Shan Yousheng quickly agreed to Zhang Yiping and said, "Let’s send it here when it’s ready."
"The battlefield has just stabilized, and I’m worried that the Americans will be defeated …" Shan Yousheng said with concern.
Zhang Yiping patted the rifle at hand. "This rifle of mine is not a vegetarian. Whoever touches me will be unlucky!"
Pan Wubai, a nearby guard, also said, "Even after running so far, are we worried that we haven’t touched anything?"
Zhang Yiping waved and said, "Well, I’m leaving! Take care, two! "
Zhang Yiping brayed at the reins of a horse and was about to start running when Zhang Yiping suddenly reined in the horse "Yi" and pointed to a familiar face among a group of soldiers not far away and said to Zhang Xu, "Isn’t this a bet with you that Liu Hou won you? This is a talent. Don’t wave. Our group is short of talent now. "
"Is betting a talent?" Shan Yousheng asked that he didn’t want a gambler to sneak into the headquarters of his division. "If 7 likes to transfer him to your headquarters, I will definitely let him gamble with the commander-in-chief in my spare time. Although it hurts me, it is very good to gamble a little."
Zhang Yiping laughed and dismissed the idea of visiting Liu Hou, driving the horse from the side of the road to Tours.
Weiyer lived in Zhang Yiping and met the 15 th division officers and soldiers. He was greeted at the entrance of the town, led by Tran Phu, a small one
After Tran Phu killed British Field Marshal Haig, Zhang Yiping met him and promoted him to a higher position, so he recognized him.
What’s Tran Phu’s idea? Of course, Zhang Yiping knows that this small marksmanship is not so good, but he is obsessed with being an official. He thinks that he is a contemporary Zhuge and dreams of sweeping the sky with troops.
Tran Phu saluted Zhang Yiping from a distance and shouted, "Mr. Qu, the commander in chief, told me to come here and welcome you to our 15 th Division, 324 th Regiment, and 3 rd Battalion Inspector."
The teacher of the 15th division is Qu Weisheng, the original chief of staff of Zhang Yiping. He doesn’t like this kind of thing.
"Tell your teachers to be quick. The war is not over. This is just now!" Zhang Yiping doesn’t have a horse. "Tran Phu, I appreciate that you are smart and capable, but it’s best to do it in a down-to-earth manner. If you really have the ability to make achievements, your dream will come true. Will it be counterproductive to engage in these smart people?"
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Chapter 357 The Battle of Orleans (43)
-A new day has just arrived. Everyone has two tickets in their hands. Please! ----
Zhang Yiping and the guard company didn’t stop in Vierzong town. The fast horse crossed the boundary of the 15th division and turned to the right along the highway and turned to Orleans.
In the afternoon, there was no wind, and more than 200 horses galloped up the road, stifling hot dust fluttered like fog, and the whole long road was like a dignified and suffocating gray.
There was a fierce gun in front of the Woods and a galloping horseshoe shaking from the ground. You know there are still many horses, at least a thousand riding them.
At most, the cavalry of the Chinese regiment is platoon-level, such as communication platoon and guard company, so it is very likely to be enemy cavalry. Although the military intelligence report says that the formed American troops in this area have moved rapidly, it is difficult to determine the whereabouts of the cavalry and it is not necessarily necessary to run back from the peripheral places.

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