On behalf of the dread, the negotiation is Bai Wen ‘an’s 11 th. In case the waves go to the peace talks and someone is afraid of alcohol, there will be one person missing here. Bai Wen means you can take it if you want.

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Bian Baiwen, a small garden at the seaside in Sanya, saw the cold snow and took out ninety-nine yellow roses and expressed deep apologies for the strategy of personally making earthworms. After three seconds of consideration, the cold snow and ice took the flowers. "I believe you apologize sincerely or you are a pseudo-monarch who is good at acting, but … what to send yellow roses?"
"I apologize for inquiring about the yellow roses on the Internet in order to meet."
"You’re very thoughtful. Do you know that my favorite is yellow roses?"
"Of course, red roses are too common. Generally, girls with personality have their own special likes," Bai Wendao said. "I have also seen girls like black roses."
"Black roses? Haha, I’m not that good? " Cold snow asked, "Which girl?"
"ah!" Cold ice and snow surprise way "you like to watch NICS? I like it, too. I have caught up with the seventh season. "
"The seventh season? Do you have resources? "
A group of people who were afraid of the ship wore eavesdropping Bluetooth to play mahjong. The waves collapsed and asked Wu Xin, "Does Lao Wang often negotiate like this?"
"This ….. to be honest, I haven’t seen him negotiate, but I know that the cold snow and ice are excellent. It is also very possible for Lao Wang to talk a few more words from looks to talking about male hormones." Wu Xin stands hand Bai Wen, a dead liar, to see if NCIS is his own. He just made some comments on the black woman and was forced to watch it by himself. But how does Wu Xin know that the cold snow and ice will not be like Bai Wen? When a couple of dog men and women come, there are always a lot of reasons to take them off by themselves.
Good looks, wolves and tigers and leopards have more misunderstandings, more gains, more manners and more surprises.
Bai Wen, after all, is a rational homo sapiens, especially many people are monitoring the situation, and they know that everyone is preparing to hack the situation in front of them, so they still have to converge for a while. So after talking about two impressive plots, Bai Wen changed the subject and said, "Ice and snow want you to take us to see Wang Baozai, and we promise to send you to kill a round afterwards."
"See Wang Baozai?" Cold snow frowned and pondered for a while. "What do you want to see an NPC for?"
"Talking about the possibility of pirate village alliance" Bai Wendao "Wang Baozai’s office is the only place where the four pirates can find pirate villages. We want to try to learn from others at least. What is the market value of pirate villages? How to build defense facilities is reasonable, and so on. You know, after all, it is the first time to be a pirate and many things are not familiar with it. "
Although Bai Wen recited it smoothly, Han Bing Xue obviously read the word shame from Bai Wen’s face. Han Bing Xue couldn’t wait to touch Bai Wen’s face and beat him up. Of course, Han Bing Xue also thought that after ten minutes of thinking and talking, Han Bing Xue said to Bai Wen, "It’s early in the morning, that is, it’s a little later today."
"Okay, we’ll be there on time."
"Add your friends to contact you then."
"You can contact me when the time comes."
"… good!"
"Lao Wang …" Bai Wen teased everyone together as soon as he returned to the ship.
Bai Wen was busy explaining that "it’s only because I’m sorry that I talked more about my true self. For the first time, earthworms scared girls."
Friends said, "I believe in Brother Lao Wang, but I believe that the cold snow has an intention to Brother Lao Wang."
Bai Wen is busy. "Well, now we’ll discuss how to arrange the evening."
Wave planning "If the pirate village goes well, the most important thing is to stick to it and attract attention. It will take at least ten minutes for the cockroach to dive and talk to the twelfth person. When others delay as much as possible, the specific details will be discussed later. Now I will touch myself first!"
At one o’clock in the morning, the dread turned into the enemy and three queen bees led it to zhongsha islands. They were not worried that there were bounty hunters in Mifune. Because bounty hunters must be pure people and have a pirate record, they can’t add, for example, angry thunder, a pirate who once lost the opportunity to become a bounty hunter forever.
The cold ice horn asked, "Fengyunlang, where are your boatswain cockroaches?" I haven’t seen cockroaches since I set out from the port.
"Cockroach Quanzhou"
"Oh?" Cold ice and snow expressed suspicion that she was most worried about the cockroach line and then diving and smuggling on time. It can be said that this is also the only place where they analyzed the possible disadvantages of fearing the number.
There are boatmen in the cabin who can enter the cold ice and snow. The lookout carefully observed the dread for a long time and reported that "at least the cockroaches are not covered by the deck and there is no dead angle."
Cold snow nodded to the cockroach and sent a friend application for two seconds, but it was rejected. This is enough to prove that the cockroach is a line of cold snow and ice, and you can rest assured to pull the boat horn and ask, "Are you worried that we will go back on our word? Leave someone to make a fire? " This is a very reasonable explanation.
Lang does not deny that "although we are peers, we are too lacking in understanding. We must be careful. Besides, didn’t you also leave two people in Sanya?"
"No wonder people say that it is difficult to deal with the fear of the number, and you have noticed this detail." I am willing to trust people, but many people say that you are afraid of the number and recognize money, and people lack the confidence of professional ethics. "
"Ha ha pirates is what professional ethics? Miss, we are the darkest group of people in society. If we are more honest than recognizing people and not recognizing money, it is ridiculous and generous. Since we are pirates, we have to be pirates. "Wave Road" I don’t know how many times Miss Bingxue has robbed? Do you really play pirates as a profession or don’t know what pirates are at all? "
"We are Grand Theft Auto, and we will never make petty profits against ordinary players." Ice Snow Road "Do you ask them if they have made any money?"
Lang Han: "You won’t be running a business to maintain sales in Mifune, will you?"
"This ….. after the establishment of the Pirate Village, of course, we will pick up some that will not harm the interests of the majority of players."
"Miss, do you want to worry about millions of players?" Langdao: "You should also consider the livelihood of the players, crack down on smuggling and get some black goods to sell stolen goods."
"Combating smuggling? Black eat black? How to eat? " Cold snow and ice humbly ask
"Gee!" Wave laughed, "This pirate is really unprofessional."

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