This group of troops is responsible for shoveling snow. It is a tedious task for them to shovel snow by the side of Mao Yu cave, but Mao Yudu is hiding in the cave and there is nothing to stop them …

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Although it has been said for a long time, the snow is not so thick, but the surface is almost all hard ice. The Mao Yu Cave is covered with ice.
Seeing that the snow had been shoveled, the commander shouted, "Before the trap troops!" "
At this time, another’ trap force’ placed a lot of traps around the cave in Mao Yu. These are extremely simple traps, which are a type that will clip together after touching. Mao Yu is very familiar with it and it is almost impossible to catch Mao Yu.
But they’re still there
While doing all this, the Emerald Dragon also brought their other symbiotic creature, the dwarf.
The number of dwarfs is small, and the treasure keepers in the precious areas are rarely brought out by the expedition. But this time, the Jade Dragon brought a considerable number of dwarfs, and they were released into this snowy field. These dwarfs frantically chased Mao Yu who was still wandering outside and drove them back to the caves.
Dwarfs are bigger than Mao Yu, but they can catch up with Mao Yu, which means that it is difficult for Mao Yu to keep a watch on the Jade Dragon outside and they are all driven into the cave …
Two jade dragons have found hundreds of Mao Yu cave exits in the snowfield day and night, and all of them have shoveled off the nearby snow and placed many traps around them.
After walking far away and never finding Mao Yu Cave again, Commander Emerald Dragon reached an order … Retreat!
Soon a large number of Emerald Dragons were scattered all over the place for a short time, exposing Mao Yu Cave …
All dragons look as if they have disappeared.
The first Mao Yu came out soon. It looked around doubtfully. It ignored the traps. It went through the traps and the ice smelled everywhere.
It soon found the direction of the Emerald Dragon’s retreat, and Mao Yu quickly ran there, and it soon saw the Emerald Dragons.
….. No, that’s not the Jade Dragon …
Mao Yu saw a lot of balls instead. These balls smelled like jade dragons and interfered with Mao Yu’s sense of smell.
This time, the Jade Dragon actually hid in front of Mao Yu.
After all, Emerald Dragon is still much more than Mao Yucong, which is the ratio of brain to brain.
And Mao Yu didn’t have much sense of crisis. Many Maoyu got out and eliminated the traps around the cave, and then they lived as usual …
But they will soon face an unprecedented crisis …
Chapter ninety-one Xuexue trap
"Here they come … ready"
This is near the canyon, where there are a lot of snow piled up into several snow mounds, and snow mounds and snow mounds have a group of green figures lurking here
For several days and nights, they have kept almost the same posture and it is difficult to bite dry meat, just waiting for this moment.
A group of Mao Yu … appeared in the distant ice sheet.
These Mao Yu look strange. They keep scratching their bodies as if they are very itchy.
That’s why Mao Yu was itchy all over because he was infected with mad mites. At first, they didn’t have any problems, but after a while, the effect will become more and more obvious.
It is usually difficult for Mao Yu to catch this parasite in the fluff, so they all make a way to roll fine ice crystals in the snow to clear away the parasites in the body
However, the Jade Dragon shoveled away all the snow. Mao Yuyi didn’t realize this situation. They were just trapped by the Jade Dragon.
After a few days and nights, they left the cave and went outside to look for snow. Now some Mao Yu saw the huge snowdrift piled up by the Jade Dragon, and they all gathered at once.
But they are now more than 100 meters away from the snowdrift.
When Emerald Dragon left, something called Emerald Dragon Ball was lost in the whole’ Maoyu Ice Field’ and many places around it. This kind of thing has a strong smell of Emerald Dragon, which makes Mao Yu full of Emerald Dragons, so it is difficult to judge where the real Emerald Dragon is.
Even so, they will suspect that there are so many snowdrifts, and everything here is suspicious …
But … these Mao Yu kept scratching their bodies, and they were already very uncomfortable. Mad mites were afraid of the cold, but they lived with Mao Yu’s body temperature, and snow was needed to save them …
If you don’t go to these snowdrifts, they have to turn around and walk far through the frozen desert to reach the twisted jungle and see the snow again.

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