Shao Suyu, at present, several lords have excessive attack power but insufficient control.

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The emergence of "Emperor’s coercion" skill made Su Yu master the control skill, but unfortunately this skill needs Su Yu’s own strength foundation.
391第391章 宿主你需要吗?
The stereo said nonsense.
Su Yu’s face is still livid and his tone is low. "Let me out! You’re being ridiculous! I have a lot of things to deal with! Where is the practice here! "
Su Yu is so busy that he can’t wait to have two places at once to help him deal with politics. Where can he take care of his own practice? Every budo genius has always had his own talent and hard work in exchange for a tough strength.
Compared with these martial arts geniuses, Su Yu’s talent is enough and the conditions are not bad, but what he lacks most is cultivation.
[drop! Command law enforcement! Due to the territory upgrade to level 4 and the host’s own strength is seriously insufficient, it is forbidden to practice! 】
The mechanical sound continues to ring.
So I’m out of this hellhole?
Su Yu took a deep breath. He knew that he didn’t have to figure out his situation just because he was angry.
Although it is so comforting to myself, Su Yu still feels wronged. He can’t help but scold, "If I know that I can solve the problem, I will kill you first!"
The most taboo of the emperor is that someone disobeys his will, but he likes to disobey Su Yu’s will from time to time, which makes him both angry and funny.
[drop! In theory, the host is destroyed by law! If the system is destroyed, you will die, too, because we are bound by souls.
Unified words haven’t say that finish was interrupted by Su Yu didn’t good the spirit "good! Cut the crap. What’s going on in this practice? You know I didn’t practice! If I disappear for too long, the emperor will be confused! "
If people know about the inexplicable disappearance of the Emperor, I’m afraid it will lead to a political earthquake in the Yanhuang Empire.
It should be said that Su Yu’s disappearance should have been discovered. The Royal Guards always have a pair of elite troops hidden in the imperial house for protection.
Usually, when Su Yu was in control, the security guards couldn’t see what the Emperor was doing, and even if the Emperor was eccentric, they would keep their mouths shut, but the security guards did see it clearly at the moment Su Yu disappeared.
I’m afraid the whole palace is out of order now.
Su Yu gave me a weak smile at the corner of her mouth.
[drop! Please rest assured that the foundation of cultivation is based on unified virtual territory! The velocity of flow and the velocity of the principal plane of the square continent are different.
The flow rate is different?
Su Yu’s eyebrows eased slightly and he continued to ask, "Do I have to go out like this?"
[drop! According to the current territory level and territory scale, the host needs to cultivate to the minimum strength before he can leave the restricted cultivation]
[The meaning of limiting cultivation is to prevent the host from being too fast, and the territorial strength is too high to ignore its own strength, and to set the hidden protection measures for the host! Restricted cultivation can no longer enter restricted cultivation after the host leaves once.
[Limiting cultivation is full of a lot of aura, and the aura density is comparable to that of the celestial host in the higher plane, which can cultivate, comprehend, break through, create magic weapons and so on]
Before Su Yu appeared in the bullet window, the form of the shimmering diagram was very humanized. Explain to him the restrictions on cultivating all kinds of information.
Su Yu stared at the screen. Well, at present, Su Yu can look at the screen because it is dark beside her, and Su Yugen can’t see the surrounding scene.
Even if he is now able to do night vision, he still can’t see clearly around him.
"Hoo ~!"

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