So the level is the real god.

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Facing the present situation, Antoine’s land source deeply felt the gap between diamond level and saying level.
This is the result of Antoine being limited by half of the French circle.
And this is not to mention the consumption of Antoine that has been sealed for thousands of years.
If it is a complete Antoine, Lu Yuan may not even have the courage to fight with each other at this time.
However, it is precisely because of so many favorable conditions that Liu Yuan has the courage to fight Antoine.
And make a feat of killing god.
With the high-altitude operation of the eye circle, a lot of information began to flood Lu Yuan’s mind.
Such a huge amount of information made Lu Yuan feel dizzy.
But even so, he tried to find the weakness of the sighing wall in front of him.
If they can’t get rid of this sighing wall, then there is no possibility for them to defeat Antoine.
Liu Yuan worked hard, and his expression began to get excited gradually.
But in sharp contrast to this excitement, Lu Yuan’s bloodshot pupil’s eyes are exposed and congested with blood vessels.
It can be seen how much load the Luyuan eye has suffered during this period.
But want to analyze the level of biological power.
Such a price must be borne
If it is someone else, it can’t be done by Lu Yuanxian.
There are also people who can do such amazing feats.
After all, the eye substance is the substance that can see through things.
On seeing through illusion or copying the opponent’s fighting skills
Are based on this principle.
At this time, the sigh wall in Liu Yuan’s eyes began to become tangible.
A lot of faith flooded Antoine’s side, forming this desperate and powerful barrier.
No matter how powerful the barrier is, it must have its own weaknesses.
Not to mention that Antoine’s strength has been weakened by more than half at this time.
"Don’t leave a hand when Xiao Jinli attacks Antoine’s left corner!"
Hear Liu Yuan Jin act immediately.
Lu Yuan guided Xiaojin to the left corner of Antoine.
It looked at the front wall and took a deep breath.
Door, door, door, door … Open!
The door to the armor has brought Xiaojin a terrible bonus.
If the seventh small gold energy is barely a medium diamond level.
Then opening the first door is equivalent to being a diamond-level strong person.
At this time, the energy fluctuation shown by Xiaojin is very shocking.
He didn’t expect Liu Yuan’s pet beast to be so powerful.
If all his pets have such strength, then he really has a great possibility to defeat Antoine in front of him.
If Liu Yuan knew Adolf’s idea at this time,
Then he’ll show that he’s the top three among all his pet animals.
Can be better than this period, it is in the special form of Tam and Xiaoguang.
The original land source used the opening of the first door as a card.
Be prepared to wait until a certain degree before letting it shoot.
But Liu Yuan didn’t expect that level creatures would have such a terrorist defense barrier.
If we don’t get rid of this barrier, everything will go up in smoke before the land source design.
So he made a choice in a short time.
Choose to let Xiaojin reveal his own strength here.
At this time, Jin slowly raised his fist by opening the first door.
The energy covered by the fist began to converge at a high concentration.
Before opening the seventh door, Xiaojin fist had almost reached the point where people could create small black holes.
Eye Xiaojin is more than ten times scarier than at the beginning.

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