Before the battle, the researchers started this device.

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Just like the previous description, this device did have an impact on the transpiration, and the transpiration retreated before hitting it.
Only then did the leaders believe that the creature was telling the truth, but the creature also said that it had to pay a price if it wanted to help, but it didn’t say what the price was, but it said to drive away the transpiration.
Driving the transpirators away because they don’t want the public to know that they are helped by some unknown creature is called’ creating a powerful weapon that threatens the transpirators and makes them retreat’
The actual situation is only known by that small group of researchers and a few high-level robots.
Although the transpirators retreated, the situation was even more because …
The time has come to pay that price.
Chapter one thousand five hundred and ninety Requirements
The transpirator left, but it didn’t end.
Occasionally, the transpirators will send some troops to attack this gravel area to stop the transpirators from attacking the edge of the gravel area in Ershimin. Those transpirators often appear in places full of mines and arrange fleet patrols.
However, the transpirator did not pose much threat after that, and the greater threat mainly came from …
….. must pay the price … or wait for destruction.
That’s what the creature said
Although the researcher accidentally joined the organism to help drive away the transpirator from an attack, he said that he asked the robot people to pay a lot of money, which was to let the robot people do all kinds of things for it.
These things are not just one thing, but many things … It doesn’t say the exact number, just let them keep doing it.
Things range from simple to difficult, including soaking certain substances or beating a solidified organism.
Because there are many solidified organisms in the institute, these things are easier to do.
The difficulty is to catch solidified organisms somewhere in the gravel area, and now there are some wild solidified organisms in the gravel area
Some powerful species of these solidified organisms are required to be captured, and capturing such solidified organisms usually has great losses.
At first, the robot Ershi people worked hard to finish it because they thought that this creature could easily drive away transpiration … and maybe destroy them easily.
Therefore, they specially arranged a captain and the former group of researchers to do the release of the Institute of Biology.
However, with the passage of time, the threat that transpiration once caused has become smaller and smaller, and this biological requirement has been continuously flowing.
This makes the robot Ershi people, especially the researcher and the captain who are responsible for receiving it, feel more and more impatient. Many times, they have done so many things, and the price should be repaid.
But that creature said that it must continue to do it.
These creatures are all solidified creatures, and some of them are hard to say, and even the robots don’t understand the meaning. Because they often catch the creatures back, there is no step, and then there is no way to treat them.
This weirdness and difficulty made the captain in charge think it was unnecessary to continue. Although it didn’t say it, some of it deliberately dragged on or simply handled it.
For example, if you want to catch a big one, you just grab a small one to make a job, and the captain’s behavior leads to the anger of creatures.
Creatures say that if they can’t pay the price properly, they have to be punished … it’s quite special.
Lin saw in the data that the punishment was not to destroy anything, but to let some small places explode, causing some faults in warships, and also to make some areas like commercial streets break for a long time
It looks like a life punishment, but it still causes a lot of trouble to the robot people.
It also said that if we don’t continue to do it well, the fault will become more and more serious.
Therefore, the captain was able to finish everything, but it gave the captain some ideas.
It thinks that this creature may not have great power or technology to get something sneaky.
Although they can’t find out the cause of the fault, this line that caused the fault gave the captain the idea that it was weak
The captain really thought that maybe this creature was hiding in the gravel area, or maybe it was hidden in the city and decided to find it.
But before finding out … the captain still worked hard to finish it. After all, there will still be a lot of trouble in causing large-scale break.
It was this creature that became more and more demanding. Slowly, it was not satisfied with catching solidified creatures, but asked the captain to create some solidification points.
Actually, it is to make the original solidified weapons bomb some places, which will produce a lot of solidified creatures there.
The captain didn’t agree at first, but it soon caused breakdowns and large-scale failures. Finally, the captain went to … to finish this.
Fortunately, what came out later were all solidified creatures with no threat.

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