Niannian pear flower

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Pear blossoms, thank you again, thank you again
But it has never borne fruit.
Fairy pear tree has one fruit in ten years.
In a blink of an eye, it has been ten years since the white pear was elegant and pure in full bloom, but there is still no result. Several female practitioners take care of several sword practitioners and edify the fairy pear trees, and they have become different from their own species.
Xiaoqing is looking forward to having grown into a big tree and a fairy pear tree that she often rests on, but it doesn’t bear fruit. Xiaoqing doesn’t complain that taking care of fruit trees has become their habit and nature for ten years.
Ten years is just a flick of a finger for the virtual battlefield, but it is enough to make monks forget many people and many things.
Except for a few people, grandson Hao and others have been completely forgotten.
Of course, ten years has made extraordinary gains for Sun Hao.
Sun Hao has got three of the five crystals.
Finally, a light blue crystal and a light red crystal were left.
For ten years, Sun Hao has forgotten how many drops of immortal blood he has cultivated, and even his own physical training has been polished once again and made a small step forward, reaching the ancient iron war body dzogchen, but without exception, his immortal blood has turned into a small flame nutrient.
After ten years of continuous cultivation, gas refining and cultivation, Sun Hao has also made great progress in nourishing the elixir. The three attributes of truth are close to the late stage of deification, and the price is that more than half of it is consumed by the silver shortage crystallization in the blind frog burial ground
The sword of the four seas is more and more round.
The killing potential is still in the stage of murderous look soaring, but the general trend of fighters has gradually condensed.
The most typical sign is that Sun Hao knows how to fight against the sky in the sea, and finally he has once again set up a golden island.
In the past ten years, Sun Hao has never raised his fighting spirit with a stick, nor practiced his fighting spirit with a stick.
It is fighting songs and agarwood swords that constantly hone themselves.
By now, fighting songs and agarwood swords have reached their peak.
Sun Hao has been unable to go any further for more than a month.
That is to say, it has almost really reached the Sun Hao limit.
At this time, there is still half a palm distance from the light blue crystal and half a foot distance from the last one.
Several women think that Sun Hao may find it difficult to get the last two golden crops.
Xiaoqing stuck out her tongue and said, "Hill, I feel that it may take a long time for you to polish it to break through the limit of the current situation. We have to fight a protracted war."
Sun Haoxiao stopped himself from clapping his hands again and said, "Girls, I’ll give you an advanced class six months later, and I’ll show my magic and get the last two crystals."
Several women laughed at the same time, and even Ji Ruxue’s face, which was as cold as the moon, showed a bright smile.
Before coming to Ranglin Island, they would never have thought that they would be promoted to the realm of Jian Jun so quickly, and they would never have thought that they would usher in the realm of senior swordsmen so quickly, that is, the level of Ling Tianjian Sword School Sword King.
But now, as Sun Hao said, they have made preparations for the breakthrough at this time and polished for two years less.
Over the years, the crystal refining and nourishing elixir of silver shortage has fallen into Sun Hao’s belly, while more crystal refining and nourishing elixir of iron shortage has been divided into four groups and fallen into their stomachs.
But let them a little confused. It is not hesitate to let them have different attributes to raise Yindan.
This method can indeed promote them to practice and quickly push them to the edge of deification, but naturally it also has bad results
In the end, according to Sun Hao’s plan, they need to transform their iron fetal pills into silver fetal pills and break the silver fetal pills to condense into their own sword souls.
In this process, it should not be difficult for Sun Hao to achieve enough energy with the help of a group of special nourishing Yindan.
However, the problem is that the property of nourishing Yindan is not pure, and the result is probably that the fit between sword and soul is not very high
In the cognition of sword cultivation of Ling Tianjian School, the theory that an iron tire pill produces a sword soul with high fit is stronger in potential and power than a silver tire pill produces a sword soul with low fit.
However, over the years, they have developed absolute trust in Sun Hao, which has made them selectively ignore this problem. As always, they have finally implemented Sun Hao’s cultivation arrangements and ushered in a magical machine today.
At this time, it is spring again.
White pear blossoms bloom again
Ji Ruxue accumulated the deepest first deification.
Sun Hao made a special advanced Dan, and the last one with a high grade raised Yindan Ji Ruxue.
Promoting deification and robbing Ji Ruxue easily broke through the barriers to repair and achieved deification.
In less than three days, the iron tire pill was successfully promoted to the silver tire pill to generate the sword soul. At this time, the problem appeared, and the fit of the sword soul was not ideal. It should have been pure and white, and the sword body was covered with variegated colors.
Just when everyone Ji Ruxue was a little sorry, Sun Hao reached out and took two chapters of strange characters and pressed Ji Ruxue’s forehead
Something amazing happened.
Ji Ruxue’s sword soul body was washed away, but half a day later, the sword body was as white as new, and the fit was 100%. Ji Ruxue woke up from the meditation and held his white sword soul in his hand. The surprise in his heart was inexplicable, and he hugged Sun Hao like a shameless Xiaoqing and kissed him yum.
Then things will be easy to handle.
With Ji Ruxue’s example, several ladies were very angry and made breakthroughs according to Sun Hao’s arrangement.
A case of four women broke through to a senior swordsman and produced a silver sword soul.
Sun Hao breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.

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